Guide to the Winifred Ward (1884-1975) Papers

Collection Title: Winifred Ward (1884-1975) Papers
Dates: 1917-1978
Identification: 20/8
Creator: Ward, Winifred, 1884-
Extent: 10 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: Winifred Louise Ward began her studies as an undergraduate student at Northwestern University's Cumnock School of Oratory. After two years of directing plays and declamation contests, and teaching grade school she attended the University of Chicago. She received her Ph.D. in education in 1918. Soon after, Ward was asked to teach at Northwestern University's School of Oratory and that year began as an instructor and assistant professor, a career which was to last until her retirement in 1950. She opened a new field of education: the teaching of drama with and for children (creative drama and children's theater) to prospective teachers. In 1924, the elementary schools of Evanston, Illinois made the creative dramatics course a curricular subject, and Ward became the first supervisor, a position she held until her retirement in 1950. Ward wrote four books: Creative Dramatics, Theater for Children, Playmaking With Children, and Stories to Dramatize. The Winifred Ward Papers are divided into eleven main categories and also include additions: Biographical and Genealogical Material, General Correspondence, Northwestern University Material, Honorary Awards and Degrees, Children's Theater, Creative Dramatics Material, Books and Pamphlets Material, Conferences and Conventions, Speeches and Articles, Trips and Tours Material, Addenda, and Photographs.
Note: Other Information:NOTE:  All oversized materials separated from the Winifred Ward Papers, including Packages 1, 2, and 3; a folder containing set designs and sketches for the Children's Theater of Evanston and an acknowledgment of Ward's work from Zeta Phi Eta fraternity; and three folders containing posters from the Children's Theater of Evanston, have been shelved in Archives' Room 111B, Range U, Shelf 9.  (Kevin Leonard, April 27, 1981.)NOTE: The Winifred Ward Papers include an honorary doctor of humane letters degree presented to Ward in 1953 by Adelphi College. The degree is contained in an oversized folder and shelved in Archives' Roam 111B, Range U, Shelf 0. (Kevin Leonard, April 28, 1981.)Note: Nine posters for productions of the Children's Theatre of Evanston were added to the Ward Papers as accession #82-24. The Posters were donated by Anne Thurman, Professor of Theatre.  The posters are shelved in Room 111B, Range U, Shelf 0. (Debby Wright, March 11, 1982.)
Processing Information: M. S. Moss, 1974
Separated Materials: 10 Books - 1)Theater for Children, Winifred Ward, first edition, 1939.2)Theater for Children, Winifred Ward, second printing, 1944.3)Stories to Dramatize, Winifred Ward, 1952.4)Playmaking With Children, Winifred Ward, second edition, 1957.5)Creative Power: The Education of Youth in the Creative Arts, Hughes Mearns, paperback edition, second revised edition, 1958.6)Creative Power, Hughes Mearns, 1929.7)Creative Youth, Hughes Mearns, 1928.8)Creative Dramatics in Home, School and Community, Ruth Lease and Geraldine Brain Siks, 1952.9)Creative Dramatics - An Art for Children, Geraldine Brain Siks, 1958.10)Children's Literature for Dramatization - An Anthology, Geraldine Brain Siks, 1964. All in University Archives, Room 110. 1 Hardbound Thesis - “The Contribution of Winifred Ward to the Children's Theater Movement in the United States,” Mimye Wilson Bradley, M.A. Thesis, Speech and Drama, January 8, 1969. Room 110. 3 Disc Recordings - “A Dream Come True,” six sides, 78 rpm, clay cut by Northwestern School of Speech. In Artifacts Cabinet. 2 Plaques - Two wooden triangular plaques with brass plates: 1. Theta Alpha Phi Award, presented to Winifred Ward, 1964, possibly the Medallion of Honor, for “unheralded teaching in the theater.” 2. Zeta Phi Eta (Drama) Society, “Zeta of the Year Award to Winifred Louise Ward, Beta, August 30, 1961, For a Career of Outstanding Service in the Field of Speech.” in the Artifacts Cabinet. 1 Award The Winifred Ward Papers include an honorary doctor of humane letters degree presented to Ward in 1953 by Adelphi College. The degree is contained in an oversized folder and shelved in Archives' Roam 111B, Range U, Shelf 0. (Kevin Leonard, April 28, 1981.)- In Room 110. “Citation - Winifred Ward - Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters - Adelphi College, August 26, 1953 …” c. 26“x18”. Photographs - All photographs, except those in albums, scrapbooks or the addenda box, Box 91, have been removed from the collection and filed in the Archives' Photograph File under “Ward, Winifred Photographs - General,” “Ward, Winifred Photographs - Children's Theater” and “Ward, Winifred Photographs - Creative Dramatics.” Set Designs and Sketches - The set designs and sketches for the Children's Theater of Evanston productions, mostly done by Wm. McCreary, have been removed from the collection and may be found in the Archives ma case, in a labelled portfolio. Included in the portfolio is the Zeta Phi Eta Acknowledgement to W. Ward for Children's Theater of Evanston, with her signature, n. d.
Repository: Northwestern University Archives
Deering Library, Room 110
1970 Campus Dr.
Evanston, IL, 60208-2300
Phone: 847-491-3354

Biographical/Historical Information

Winifred Louise Ward was born October 29, 1884 in Eldora, Iowa, the youngest daughter of Allena Dimmick and George W. Ward, prominent Eldora lawyer. She had two sisters, Ethel Ward and Mrs. Marian Nuckolls, and a brother, Clinton, who was killed at age 21. Ward graduated from Eldora High School in 1902 and in 1903 began her studies as an undergraduate student at Northwestern University's Cumnock School of Oratory under the direction of Dean Robert McLean Cumnock and Miss Agness Law. She received her diploma in 1905. After two years of directing plays and declamation contests in Iowa, Ward was a special teacher of reading, drama and physical education in the public schools of Adrian, Michigan from 1908 to 1916. From 1916 to 1918, she attended the University of Chicago, receiving her Ph.D. degree with honors, in education, on August 30, 1918.

In 1918, Ward was asked to teach at Northwestern University's School of Oratory and that year began as an instructor and assistant professor, a career which was to last until her retirement in 1950. She opened a new field of education: the teaching of drama with and for children (creative drama and children's theater) to prospective teachers.

In 1924, the elementary schools of Evanston, Illinois made the creative dramatics course a curricular subject, and Ward became the first supervisor, a position she held until her retirement in 1950.

In 1925, with Ralph Dennis (later dean of the School of Speech) and Alexander Dean (the head of theater at Northwestern), Ward founded a children's theater, with the double purpose of providing a worthy service to Evanston and giving the Speech students a laboratory in the study of theater for youth. The first full-length production was the play “Snow White,” performed in 1925 under the auspices of Northwestern University's Thalian Dramatic Club of the School of Speech. Two years later, in 1927, the elementary schools joined the School of Speech in sponsoring the theater and a board of directors was appointed, consisting of Dean Ralph Dennis, the superintendents of the north and south and intermediary schools, members of the P.T.A. and Ward. The result was The Children's Theater of Evanston, one of the pioneer theaters for children in America. Winifred Ward went on to direct the Children's Theater of Evanston for twenty-five years, retiring in 1950. In 1944, she founded the national Children's Theater Conference.

Each of Ward's two separate programs served a different purpose: the creative dramatics classes in the schools were for the purpose of giving the children in the classes an opportunity for self-expression and training in oral English and literature appreciation. The Children's Theater of Evanston was for the audience, for its entertainment and for the development of discriminating appreciation in the theater, as well as serving the Northwestern University's School of Speech as a laboratory for training directors of children's dramatics.

Ward wrote four books: Creative Dramatics, 1930, published by D. Appleton & Co., N.Y.; Theater for Children, 1939, second edition 1948, published by D. Appleton-Century Co., Inc., N.Y.; Playmaking With Children, 1947, second edition 1957, published by Appleton-Century-Crofts, N.Y., and Stories to Dramatize, 1952, published by the Children's Theater Press, Cloverlot, Anchorage, Kentucky. Ward also wrote two pamphlets, “Choice and Direction of Children's Plays,” 1928, published by L.D. Horner, Redfield, Iowa, and “Drama with and for Children,” written for publication by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Office of Education, 1960. In addition, she has written numerous articles, essays, speeches and lectures for publication in many local, national and international magazines, journals and newspapers.

Ward also made four European tours, including a trip to the 1936 Russian Theater Festival, trips to Europe in 1923 and 1930, as well as an extended trip to the Hawaiian Islands in 1952.

In 1950, Winifred Ward retired as director of the Children's Theater of Evanston and from her posts at Northwestern University and in the Evanston elementary school systems. For over twenty years afterwards, she continued writing, teaching in drama workshops throughout the country, and attending and organizing numerous conferences and conventions.

Ward was a member of the First Methodist Church of Evanston, the American Educational Theater Association, the American National Theater and Academy, Zeta Phi Eta Speech Fraternity, Zonta International Business & Professional Executives (Honorary) and the Drama Club of Evanston (Honorary). She received honorary degrees and awards from numerous universities and organizations, including the Medallion of Honor from Theta Alphi Phi, the Zeta Phi Eta (Drama) Society “Zeta of the Year” Award, and an honorary degree of doctor of humane letters from Adelphi College, New York, in 1953.

Scope and Content

The Winifred Ward Papers are divided into eleven main categories and also include additions:

1. Biographical and Genealogical Material, 1 folder, Box 1. This folder contains early newspaper clippings about the Ward family, some of Ward's high school and college programs, and biographical sketches written about Ward.

2. General Correspondence, 8 folders, Box 1. Winifred Ward's personal correspondence, arranged chronologically from 1920 to 1974. This includes letters from Dean Ralph Dennis, Agnes Haaga, Geraldine Brain Siks, William McCreary, Sara Spencer, Payson Wild, Jr., James McBurney, Robert E. Gard, and various local and national drama organizations; also, letters of appreciation and congratulations (especially 1949-1950 retirement, "fan letters" and mail from Norway, India and Great Britain.

Also included are two separate folders of correspondence with author Hughes Mearns and Sinead de Valera, wife of the former president of Ireland.

Box 1 also contains a folder of correspondence and printed materials dealing with Ward's personal charities, including the World Clothing Drive and the Near East Foundation.

3.    Northwestern University Material, 4 folders, Box 2. This category includes correspondence from Agnes Law, Walter Dill Scott, Robert M. Cumnock, Ralph Dennis and J. Roscoe Miller. It also includes articles about the School of Speech, business papers relating to Ward's position at Northwestern, pamphlets for courses and newspaper clippings relating to them, as well as publicity material, correspondence and clippings about the Northwestern-sponsored film, "Creative Dramatics: The First Steps." There is also an early scrapbook of plays and productions in which Ward was involved at Northwestern, 1919-1923. Among the more prominent materials of this part of the collection are: a speech about R. M. Cumnock and a copy of a letter from Francis Willard to R. M. Cumnock.

4. Honorary Awards and Degrees, 2 folders, Box 2. See also Separation Record. These folders contain correspondence, speeches of acceptance, commencement and award-night brochures and clippings, all relating to Ward's honorary degrees and awards, as well as the actual degrees and awards themselves, alphabetically arranged, mostly hand-lettered, signed and sealed. Note: See also Package 2, Citation of Honor presented by Racine Children's Theater. Some of the plaques and larger degrees have been separated from this collection, as noted in the Separation Record.

5. Children's Theater, Box 3 and Box 4. These boxes contain two histories of the Children's Theater of Evanston, one by Winifred Ward and one as a master's thesis by Kenneth Hosie, 1972. Box 3 also contains Children's Theater of Evanston play programs, including Marco Polo, The Blue Bird and Uncle Tom's Cabin; hand-written production notes by Ward, promotional material, newspaper and magazine clippings and letters from children to Ward, 1932-1940. Box 4 contains, in alphabetical order, Winifred Ward's Children's Theater of Evanston play scripts, annotated and with stage directions written in by Ward. Set designs for the Marco Polo play are in Package 2;  also a 1925-1965 Children's Theater of Evanston scrapbook. Note: The set designs, posters and sketches for the Children's Theater of Evanston productions, mostly done by Wm. McCreary, have been removed from the collection and are in a labeled portfolio in the Archives mapcase, as noted in the Separation Record. Packages 2 and 3 also contain oversize set designs and posters, respectively.

6. Creative Dramatics Material, 3 folders, Box 5. This category includes creative dramatics material written by Winifred Ward, projects drawn up by Ward for teachers of creative dramatics, clippings about creative dramatics, as well as playscripts, exercises and projects by Ward's graduate students; also two plays submitted to  Ward for creative dramatics courses: “Escape to Freedom" and "The Quest of the Hammer."

7. Books and Pamphlets Material, 9 folders, Box 5. This group consists of reviews, articles, orders, letters of congratulations, testimonials and royalty reports regarding Ward's four books and three pamphlets; also included is the chapter she wrote for a book to be published in 1975.

8. Workshops and Lectures Correspondence, 1951-1966, 3 folders, Box 6. Included here are the letters and publicity material about the many workshops, tours and lectures which Winifred Ward participated in after her retirement in 1950.

9. Conferences and Conventions, 3 folders, Box 6. Although a relatively small grouping, this is distinct from the others in that it contains the correspondence, clippings, lists, brochures and some speeches relating to such conferences and conventions as the Children's Theater Conference, which Ward helped to found, the Zonta Club of Evanston's conventions and the Language Arts Conference.

10. Speeches and Articles, 7 folders, Box 7. Included in this category are Winifred Ward's handwritten speeches and speech notes, mostly undated, all annotated or rewritten, most on small notepaper or index cards; published magazine articles written by Ward; published magazine articles written about Ward and creative dramatics or children's theater throughout the country, and "working ideas"-- typescript copies of articles written by others, which Ward used as guides or inspiration in writing her articles. These last are unrelated in general to Winifred Ward or the children's theater; among them are a Samuel Clemens letter and typed copies of letters about Isabel Garghill Beecher, William McCreary and an article about John Dewey.

11. Trips and Tours Material, 5 folders, Box 8. This material consists of Winifred Ward's passports, trip diaries and scrapbooks from her four European tours and her trips to Hawaii and Mexico. Also included is a scrapbook of early activities, c. 1910-1920, including family photos,  Ward's teaching years at Michigan and play productions given there, high school and college years photos, photos of friends,  teachers and fellow-teachers, as well as photos of  Ward's brother Clinton and his college days; however, no dates are given. The second scrapbook contains photos, postcards, clippings, memos and play programs from Ward's Russia-London trip in 1936. See also the scrapbooks in Package 1.

12. Addenda, 12 folders, Box 9. The Addenda are contributions to the Winifred Ward Papers by individuals, by the committee set up to receive and solicit those papers and by the Northwestern University Archives. These papers were put together after the Archives received Ward's papers from her.  The collection includes correspondence from Ward to these individuals, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, children's letters to Ward, and slides of the posters done by William McCreary for the Children's Theater of Evanston productions. Also included is a folder of the material from the 1974 Northwestern University Archives' Winifred Ward Exhibit, including photographs, an outline, and layout and diagrams for the exhibit, and a folder of Archives acquisitions, 1975-.

Photographs, except for those in albums, scrapbooks, or the addenda box, Box 9, from the Winifred Ward Papers have been separated from the collection and may be found in the Archives' Photograph File under "Ward, Winifred." These include photographs of the creative dramatics exercises for children, photographs of Ward at various functions, and photographs of the Children's Theater of Evanston productions.

In addition, five pieces of correspondence from Winifred Ward to Anne Thurman, Professor of Drama at the Northwestern University School of Speech have been added to the Papers. This correspondence (Accession #81-164) has been inter-filed with the General Correspondence, Box 1, Folder 6.  The added correspondence is dated: May 11, 1967; September 23, 1971; October, 1971; November, 1971; and January 23, 1973. (Kevin Leonard, July 31, 1981.)

Another addenda box, Box 10, includes correspondence and other material, some relating to the Winifred Ward Scholarship. This box continued to receive additions and was still open as of 1978.

Arrangement of Materials

The Winifred Louise Ward papers are primarily arranged alphabetically. Correspondence files are organized chronologically.


Corporate Name

Children's Theatre of Evanston

Personal Name

Ward, Winifred, 1884-


Children's theater--Illinois--Evanston

College teachers--Illinois--Evanston

Theater--Study and teaching (Higher)--Illinois--Evanston

Women college teachers--Illinois--Evanston

Container List / Contents

  • Biographical/GenealogicalBox 1, Folder 1
  • General Correspondence, 1920-1929Box 1, Folder 2
  • General Correspondence, 1930-1939Box 1, Folder 3
  • General Correspondence, 1940-1949Box 1, Folder 4
  • General Correspondence, 1950-1959Box 1, Folder 5
  • General Correspondence, 1960-1974Box 1, Folder 6
  • General Correspondence, undatedBox 1, Folder 7
  • Correspondence with Hughes Mearns, 1943-1963Box 1, Folder 8
  • Correspondence with Sinead de Valera, 1952-1964Box 1, Folder 9
  • Charities, PersonalBox 1, Folder 10
  • Northwestern University CorrespondenceBox 2, Folder 1
  • Northwestern University Publications and ClippingsBox 2, Folder 2
  • Northwestern University-sponsored Film, “Creative Dramatics”Box 2, Folder 3
  • W. Ward's Northwestern University Scrapbook of Plays, 1919-1923Box 2, Folder 4
  • Honorary Awards and Degrees, CorrespondenceBox 2, Folder 5
  • Honorary Awards and DegreesBox 2, Folder 6
  • Thesis, “Theater 65” by Kenneth Hosie, June 1972Box 3, Folder 1
  • History of Children's Theater by W. WardBox 3, Folder 2
  • Children's Theater of Evanston Play ProgramsBox 3, Folder 3
  • Children's Theater of Evanston CorrespondenceBox 3, Folder 4
  • Children's Theater of Evanston Clippings and PublicityBox 3, Folder 5.10
  • Children's Theater, OrganizationBox 3, Folder 5.20
  • Letters to W. Ward from Children re. Children's Theater of EvanstonBox 3, Folder 6
  • 1)“The Chinese Nightingale” script, hardbound 2) “Prunella” script, hardboundBox 3, Folder 7
  • Children's Theater and Creative Dramatics in the U.S. and AbroadBox 3, Folder 8
  • “Aladdin”Box 4, Folder 1
  • “The Blue Bird”Box 4, Folder 2
  • “The Boy Titian”Box 4, Folder 3
  • “Eagle's Nest Ranch”Box 4, Folder 4
  • “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”Box 4, Folder 5
  • “The Hole in the Wall” (two copies)Box 4, Folder 6
  • “Katrinka”Box 4, Folder 7
  • “The Lost Princess”Box 4, Folder 8
  • “The Maid of the Nile”Box 4, Folder 9
  • “Mary Poppins” (two copies)Box 4, Folder 10
  • “Mr. Popper's Penguins”Box 4, Folder 11
  • “The Poor Little Rich Girl”Box 4, Folder 12
  • “The Princess and the Vagabond”Box 4, Folder 13
  • “The Seven-League Boots”Box 4, Folder 14
  • “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”Box 4, Folder 15
  • “The Stolen Prince”Box 4, Folder 16
  • “Titian”Box 4, Folder 17
  • “Uncle Tom's Cabin”Box 4, Folder 18
  • “Youth's Highway”Box 4, Folder 19
  • Creative Dramatics Material written by WardBox 5, Folder 1
  • Creative Dramatics Skits, Plays and Exercises for ChildrenBox 5, Folder 2
  • Creative Dramatics Projects by Graduate Students of WardBox 5, Folder 3
  • Pamphlet by Ward, “Choice and Direction of Children's Plays”, 1928Box 5, Folder 4
  • Review of Ward Book, “Creative Dramatics”, 1930Box 5, Folder 5
  • Reviews, Articles and Letters re. Ward Book, “Theater for Children”, 1939-1940Box 5, Folder 6
  • Reviews, Articles and Letters re. Ward Book, “Playmaking with Children”, 1947-1948/ 2nd Edition, 1957Box 5, Folder 7
  • Reviews, Articles and Letters re. Ward Book, “Stories to Dramatize”, 1952-1971Box 5, Folder 8
  • Outline, Essays and Letters re. Ward's AETA Pamphlet, 1952Box 5, Folder 9
  • Reviews, Orders and Letters re. Ward's Pamphlet, “Drama With and For Children” with Copy, 1961Box 5, Folder 10
  • Royalty Reports from Book Sales, 1951-1973Box 5, Folder 11
  • Chapter Written By W. Ward for Book Published in 1975Box 5, Folder 12
  • Workshops, Lectures Correspondence, 1951-1956Box 6, Folder 1
  • Workshops, Lectures Correspondence, 1957-1966, n.d.Box 6, Folder 2
  • Workshop Letters from Seattle, Washington Workshop, June-July, 1963Box 6, Folder 3
  • Children's Theater Conferences, AETA, 1944-1968Box 6, Folder 4
  • Conferences and Conventions FileBox 6, Folder 5
  • Zonta Club of Evanston FileBox 6, Folder 6
  • Outlines, Drafts of Speeches, Articles Written By W. WardBox 7, Folder 1
  • Outlines, Drafts of Speeches, Articles Written By W. WardBox 7, Folder 2
  • Published Magazine Articles Written by W. WardBox 7, Folder 3
  • Published Magazine Articles Not by Ward About Children's Theater, Creative Dramatics and WardBox 7, Folder 4
  • “Working Ideas” - Magazine Articles, Etc.Box 7, Folder 5
  • Handwritten Speeches and Notes by W. Ward, n.d.Box 7, Folder 6
  • Handwritten Speeches and Notes by W. Ward, on index cardsBox 7, Folder 7
  • Winifred Ward Passports, 1923-1952Box 8, Folder 1
  • Winifred Ward Trip Diaries, 1923 and 1930 (Europe), 1936 (Russia), 1941(Mexico), 1952 (Hawaii), 1923-1952Box 8, Folder 2
  • Scrapbook, black, 7″x10″, Early Activities, C. 1910-1920Box 8, Folder 3
  • Scrapbook, Fourth Theater Festival, Moscow-Leningrad, Sept.1-10, 1936Box 8, Folder 4
  • Additions to the Winifred Ward Papers, mostly by Individuals, 1974-1975
    • 1974 Committee Papers (Aurand Harris)Box 9, Folder 1
    • Professor E. K. Buehler, Correspondence, two scrapbooksBox 9, Folder 2
    • Fitzroy Davis, Correspondence, 1969, 1972Box 9, Folder 3
    • Elinor Rice Fuchs, Correspondence, 1971, 1973Box 9, Folder 4
    • Emily Pribble Gillies, Correspondence, 1938-1972Box 9, Folder 5
    • Jan Guffin, CorrespondenceBox 9, Folder 6
    • Professor Coleman Jennings, xeroxed Correspondence, 1968-1971Box 9, Folder 7
    • Virginia Koste, Correspondence, BookletBox 9, Folder 8
    • Paul Kozelka, Correspondence, 1957-1974Box 9, Folder 9
    • Alvina E. Krause (via Hazel Easton), Correspondence, 1973Box 9, Folder 10
    • Helen Lee, Articles and PhotographsBox 9, Folder 11
    • Nellie McCaslin, Correspondence, n.d.Box 9, Folder 12
    • William McCreary, Correspondence, Children's Letters, 1Box Slides of Set Designs and Posters for Children's Theater of Evanston Productions (see also Packages 2 and 3)Box 9, Folder 13
    • Geraldine Brain Siks, Correspondence; Scrapbook, n.d., 1939-1974Box 9, Folder 14
    • Geraldine Brain Siks, Correspondence; Scrapbook, n.d., 1939-1974Box 9, Folder 15
    • Geraldine Brain Siks, Correspondence; Scrapbook,, n.d. 1939-1974Box 9, Folder 16
    • Sarah Spencer (via Hazel Easton), Correspondence, 1971,1973Box 10, Folder 1
    • Dean Roy V. Wood, School of Speech, Correspondence, Articles, 1917-65Box 10, Folder 2
    • Elizabeth Worrell, Correspondence, Photographs, 1956, 1965Box 10, Folder 3
    • Outline and Layout for the Winifred Ward Exhibit in N.U. Library by Northwestern University Archives, 1974Box 10, Folder 4
    • 1975 Archives Material, including Obituary Notices, 1975 Archives Exhibit and Memorial Service for Winifred Ward., 1975Box 10, Folder 5
    • Dorothy Schwartz Correspondence, 1950sBox 10, Folder 6
        Note:  Folders 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 are from 1977 Additions
    • Dorothy Schwartz Correspondence, 1960-1973Box 10, Folder 7
    • Hazel Easton File: Speech, notes, clippings, 1944-1977Box 10, Folder 8
    • Linnie Mae (Mrs. W.E.) Brobston Correspondence, 1958-1959Box 10, Folder 9
    • Edward J. Crowley Correspondence, 1928-1934, n.d.Box 10, Folder 10
    • Paperback book: Go Adventuring! A Celebration of Winifred Ward: America's First Lady of: Drama for Children, Ed. By Ruth Beall Heinig, 1977, Anchorage Press., 1977Box 10, Folder 11
    • Winifred Ward Scholar material, 1978; donated by Donna Stone Pesch, May 1978, 1978Box 10, Folder 12
    • Winifred Ward Scrapbook, also n.d. photographs., 1950-1952Item 1
    • Children's Theater of Evanston Scrapbook, 1925-1965Item 2
        Description:  Framed oversize award, April 24, 1971, Racine Children's Theater to Ward.
    • One set of 23 posters for play productions of the Children's, n.d.Item 3
        Description:  Theater of Evanston, all done by Wm. McCreary. Poster board, mostly serigraphs.