Guide to the Herman Pines (1902-1996) Papers

Collection Title: Herman Pines (1902-1996) Papers
Dates: 1935-1996
Identification: 11/3/8/4
Creator: Pines, Herman, 1902-
Extent: 7 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: Correspondence, teaching files, speeches, legal documents, teaching manuals, technical drawings, lecture and class notes, drafts and published copies of essays of Herman Pines, Research Chemist and Coordinator of Exploratory Research at Universal Oil Products (UOP) in Chicago part-time lecturer, Assistant Research Professor, and Associate Professor of Chemistry in the Chemistry Department at Northwestern University.
Acquisition Information: The Herman Pines Papers were received by the Northwestern University Archives on June 28, 1994 as Accession #94-84 from Professor Herman Pines, and on January 18, 1996 as Accession #96-15 from Lou Allred, Chemistry Department, Northwestern University.
Processing Information: Michael Geeraedts, July-August 1998.
Separated Materials: Two cubic feet of duplicate materials and extraneous materials were separated and discarded. One file was separated and added to Series 11/3/8/3 (the Robert Burwell Papers). Four files and two bound books relating to Vladimir Ipatieff were added to the Vladimir Ipatieff Papers, Series 11/3/8/2. Sixty photographs were separated and added to the University Archives General Photographic Collection. Four 16mm films and eleven reel-to-reel recording tapes relating to the 1967 Ipatieff Centenary Symposium were separated, accessioned as Accession #98-172, and added to the University Archives Audio/Visual Collection.
Conditions Governing Access: None.
Repository: Northwestern University Archives
Deering Library, Room 110
1970 Campus Dr.
Evanston, IL, 60208-2300
Phone: 847-491-3354

Biographical/Historical Information

Herman Pines was born on January 17, 1902 in Lodz, Poland. Because he was Jewish, he was prohibited from attending the university in Poland. He attended the École Supérieure de Chimie Industrielle in Lyon, France, completing his undergraduate studies in Chemistry and receiving his Chemical Engineering degree (Ch.E) in 1927. In 1930, he emigrated to the United States and accepted a position as Research Chemist and Coordinator of Exploratory Research at Universal Oil Products (UOP) in Chicago, a position he held until 1952. In 1935, he completed his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Chicago.

From 1941-1952 (concurrent with his employment at UOP), Pines held the positions of part-time lecturer, Assistant Research Professor, and Associate Professor of Chemistry in the Chemistry Department at Northwestern University. During this period, he became associated with the pioneering Russian chemist Vladimir Ipatieff with whom he conducted numerous experiments and made valuable discoveries in the fields of catalysis and hydrocarbon conversion reactions. The most important of these resulted in the creation of a high-octane aviation fuel used by Allied airplanes during World War II. In 1953, after Ipatieff's death, Pines became the Ipatieff Research Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Ipatieff High Pressure and Catalytic Laboratory at Northwestern University. In 1970, he became Ipatieff Professor, Emeritus, and after his retirement from Northwestern University, he was a Visiting Professor at various institutions in Israel, Brazil, and the United States. Herman Pines died on April 10, 1996 in San Rafael, California.

Pines was the author of over 266 papers and 2 books on various aspects of catalysis and hydrocarbon conversion reactions, held over 145 U.S. patents, and was co-editor of Advances in Catalysis for over twenty years. He received numerous awards based on his extensive and ground-breaking research, including the American Chemical Society (ACS) Fritsche Award in 1956, the ACS Midwest Award in 1963, and the Houdry Award in Applied Catalysis in 1981. Pines was made a member the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon (Honorary Chemical Society) on June 6th, 1946.

Pines' early discoveries of conjunct polymerization, of paraffin alkylation, and the elucidation of the mechanism of isomerization of saturated hydrocarbons resulted in commercial realization of the process for the production of unleaded gasoline. This was followed by studies of catalytic properties of aluminas as catalyst and support, the mechanism of dehydration of alcohols, the mechanism of aromatization of alkanes over chromia, and the hydrogen transfer reaction of aromatic hydrocarbons. He was a pioneer in establishing the field of base-catalyzed hydrocarbon reactions.

Scope and Content

The Herman Pines Papers fill six and one-half boxes and are arranged in eight categories: Awards; General Correspondence; Subject Correspondence; Ipatieff Centenary Symposium; Ipatieff Estate; Ipatieff Laboratory; Teaching Files; and Papers, Writings, Publications. These are preceded by four folders of biographical materials.

The Awards files document the awards and award nominations Pines received during his career. Records include correspondence, awards criteria, and selected award-based biographical information.

The General Correspondence files contain correspondence concerning personal and professional matters.

The Subject Correspondence files contain correspondence concerning specific, identified subject-related personal and professional matters. The Northwestern University file [Box 3, Folder 1] contains teaching contracts, appointments, salaries; grants information; and Ipatieff Lab director verification.

Because of Pines' close connection with Vladimir Ipatieff, he was involved in organizing the 1967 Ipatieff Centenary Symposium and was an executor of Ipatieff's estate. The Ipatieff Centenary Symposium files contain correspondence concerning the planning, organizing, and presentation of the Symposium and Dinner honoring the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Ipatieff's birth. Also included in the files are Symposium and Dinner financial information, registration forms, programs and related informational brochures, speeches, and recollections of Ipatieff. The Ipatieff Estate files contain legal correspondence concerning the Ipatieff estate and its executors. Also included are legal copies of estate-related forms: Power of Attorney, Executor's Account.

The Ipatieff Laboratory files contain correspondence and related information concerning the formation and operation of the Ipatieff Laboratory at Northwestern University. Also included are the teaching manual with related drawings and other Lab-oriented drawings, as well as The Catalysis Center's Charter and Mission Statement.

The Teaching files contain lectures notes and outlines for three classes taught by Pines at Northwestern University. Also included in the Chemical Engineering (D-11) file is a class list.

The Papers, Writings, Publication files contain correspondence and copies relating to lectures and conference presentations given by Pines both at Northwestern and elsewhere. Included are speeches, speech abstracts, notes, drafts, essays, reports, and original lecture and conference programs. Also included are originals and copies of subsequently published and unpublished papers; typed correspondence, drafts, revisions, and reviews relating to both of Pine's books; and bound volumes of published papers and patents held.

Arrangement of Materials

Awards files are arranged chronologically. General correspondence files are arranged chronologically. Subject correspondence files These files are arranged alphabetically by subject within each box and chronologically within each folder. Ipatieff Centenary Symposium and Ipatieff Laboratory files are arranged chronologically, with Speakers files arranged alphabetically. Teaching files are arranged alphabetically; chronologically, where applicable. Papers, Writings, Publication files are arranged chronologically.


Corporate Name

Ipatieff Catalytic Laboratory--History

Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Department of Chemistry--Faculty

Personal Name

Ipatieff, Vladimir N. (Vladimir Nikolaevich), 1867-1952--Anniversaries, etc.

Pines, Herman, 1902-


Chemistry--Study and teaching (Higher)

Container List / Contents

  • Awards
    • Award nominations, 1963-1992Box 1, Folder 5
    • Midwest Award, 1947-1964Box 1, Folder 6
    • Fitzsche Award, 1955-1956Box 1, Folder 7
    • Houdry Award, 1980-1981Box 1, Folder 8
    • Petroleum Award, 1980-1982Box 1, Folder 9
    • Chemical Pioneer Award, 1981-1982Box 1, Folder 10
    • Murphree Award, 1981-1983Box 1, Folder 11
    • University of Chicago Alumni Award, 1986Box 1, Folder 12
  • General Correspondence
    • General correspondence, 1944-1959Box 1, Folder 13
    • General correspondence, 1960-1969Box 2, Folder 1
    • General correspondence, 1970-1979Box 2, Folder 2
    • General correspondence, 1983-1990Box 2, Folder 3
  • Subject Correspondence
    • Argentina/Brazil, 1962Box 2, Folder 4
    • Brazil, 1962-1973Box 2, Folder 5
    • Brazil, 1973-1979Box 2, Folder 6
    • École Supérieure de Chimie, 1982-1984Box 2, Folder 7
    • Europe, 1961Box 2, Folder 8
    • Europe, 1962-1963Box 2, Folder 9
    • Europe, 1970Box 2, Folder 10
    • Israel, 1946-1962Box 2, Folder 11
    • Israel, 1963-1988Box 2, Folder 12
    • Israeli trainees, 1951-1952Box 2, Folder 13
    • Northwestern University, 1947-1989Box 3, Folder 1
    • Universal Oil Products, 1935-1981Box 3, Folder 2
    • University of California, 1984-1986Box 3, Folder 3
    • Venezuela, 1967-1975Box 3, Folder 4
  • Ipatieff Centenary Symposium
    • General correspondence, 1965-1967Box 3, Folder 5
    • General correspondence, 1968-1972Box 3, Folder 6
    • Dinner, 1967Box 3, Folder 7
    • Speakers A-K, 1966-1967Box 3, Folder 8
    • Speakers L-S, 1966-1967Box 3, Folder 9
    • Speakers T-Z, 1966-1967Box 3, Folder 10
  • Ipatieff Estate
    • Correspondence and legal copies, 1952-1965Box 3, Folder 11
    • Power of Attorney, Executors' Account, 1954-1965Box 3, Folder 12
  • Ipatieff Laboratory
    • General correspondence, information, 1938-1987Box 4, Folder 1
    • Apparatus drawings, n.d.Box 4, Folder 2
    • Manual with related drawings, n.d.Box 4, Folder 3
    • Micro reactor design drawings, 1968Box 4, Folder 4
    • Catalysis Center: Charter, Mission Statement, 1980-1988Box 4, Folder 5
  • Teaching Files
    • Catalysis C-15: notes, 1959Box 4, Folder 6
    • Catalysis C-15: outlines, n.d.Box 4, Folder 7
    • Chemical Engineering (D-11), 1976-1977Box 4, Folder 8
  • Papers, Writings, Publications
    • Lectures: text, correspondence, 1944-1963Box 4, Folder 9
    • Lectures: text, abstract, correspondence, 1965-1979Box 4, Folder 10
    • Lectures: text, correspondence, program, 1980-1985Box 4, Folder 11
    • Lectures: correspondence, program, 1986-1987Box 5, Folder 1
    • Lectures: text, drafts, notes, n.d.Box 5, Folder 2
    • Lecture: History of Catalysis, n.d.Box 5, Folder 3
    • “Final report covering research…”, n.d.Box 5, Folder 4
    • Draft and essay on Robert L. Burwell, Jr., n.d.Box 5, Folder 5
    • "Base-Catalyzed Reactions…" : corr., revisionsBox 5, Folder 6
    • "Base-Catalyzed Reactions…" : references, revisions, 1976-1982Box 5, Folder 7
    • "Chemistry of Catalytic…" : correspondence, reviews, 1979-1981Box 5, Folder 8
    • "Publications 1933-1947 Vol. 1"Box 5
    • "Herman Pines Publications 1948-1955"Box 6, Item 1
    • "Herman Pines Publications 1956-1963"Box 6, Item 2
    • "Herman Pines Publications 1964-1971"Box 6, Item 3
    • "Herman Pines Publications 1972-1987"Box 6, Item 4
    • "Herman Pines Patents 1933-1958"Box 7, Item 1
  • Biographical information, 1976-1996Box 1, Folder 1
  • Contributions, gifts to Northwestern University, 1980-1987Box 1, Folder 2
  • Articles, clippings, 1941-1990Box 1, Folder 3
  • News releases, 1947-1981Box 1, Folder 4