Guide to the United States Army Base Hospital Number 12 World War I and II Records

Collection Title: United States Army Base Hospital Number 12 World War I and II Records
Dates: 1917-2006
Identification: 0/20/7
Creator: United States. Army. Base Hospital No. 12
Extent: 9 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 12 (Chicago Unit), frequently referred to as the Northwestern University Base Hospital, was organized in October 1916 to assist the Allied war effort in Europe, and revived in World War II. Records from various souurces include clippings, programs, poems, newsletters, journals, published articles, memorabilia, correspondence, photographs, and a scrapbook.
Acquisition Information: The U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 12 (Chicago Unit) Records were donated to the Northwestern University Archives by Roy A. Holmes (a private first class with the original staff) on April 15, 1983, as Accession #83-37. Most of the World War II material was donated by Dr. Ernest McEwen, long a member of the unit, on June 19, 1985 as Accession #85-116.
Processing Information: William K. Beatty, January, 1989.
Separated Materials: Two hundred and sixteen photographs, mainly 4″×6″, were added to the photograph collection under the subject heading World War I, Base Hospital No. 12. These consist primarily of hospital, base, city, and maritime scenes.Sixty-seven glass slides, 3 1/4″×4″, depicting similar and sometimes identical scenes as the photographs, were placed in a Hollinger box labeled World War I, Base Hospital No. 12, and added to the glass slides collection.A box of negatives of World War II photographs was transferred to the photograph collection.Approximately 20 linear inches of duplicate material was discarded.
Conditions Governing Access: None.
Repository: Northwestern University Archives
Deering Library, Room 110
1970 Campus Dr.
Evanston, IL, 60208-2300
Phone: 847-491-3354

Biographical/Historical Information

In October, 1916, Dr. Frederick A. Besley, a surgeon at the Northwestern University Medical School, began organizing a general hospital unit to assist the Allied war effort in Europe. Northwestern University contributed $5,000 to the unit. The medical officers came primarily from Northwestern with others from Rush and the University of Illinois. The nurses came from Cook County, Mercy, Augustana, and Evanston hospitals. Many of the enlisted men had been students at Northwestern and other universities in the Chicago area. Although officially called the U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 12 (Chicago Unit) it was frequently referred to as the Northwestern University Base Hospital.

Dr. Besley, commissioned a major, became director and chief of surgical services for the unit which left Chicago on May 16, 1917. It sailed on the Mongolia from New York on May 19, with a complement of 240.

On May 20, during gunnery practice aboard ship, portions of the brass cup of a shell boomeranged, killing two of the nurses (Edith Ayers and Helen Woods) and injuring a third (Emma Matzen). The Mongolia returned to New York, the two bodies and the injured nurse were removed, and new ammunition was loaded. The Mongolia set sai1 again on May 23.

The unit Landed at Falmouth, England on June 2 for a brief stay, during which the personnel were entertained by Sir Thomas Lipton and were greeted by King George V and Queen Mary.

On June 11 the unit Landed at Boulogne, France and was transported fifteen miles along the Channel coast to the Dannes-Camier area. Here the unit, as the second U.S. hospital unit to reach France, fulfilled the first part of its mission by taking over the position of the British Expeditionary Force's Base Hospital No. 18, thus freeing the British staff for duty closer to the front Line.

For the next 22 months the unit operated a 1,200 to 1,500 bed tent-and-hut hospital, treating some 60,000 patients, mostly British soldiers. Occasional German air raids in the area created dangers beyond the usual hazards of disease and accident. Most of the 330 officers, nurse, and enlisted men returned to the United States in April, 1919.

In World War II Northwestern, primarily through the efforts of Drs. Michael L. Mason and J. Roscoe Miller of the Northwestern University Medical School, revived the unit as the 12th General Hospital, in February, 1942. Mason had served with the unit in World War I as sergeant in charge of the orderlies.

The unit left the United States on December 12, 1942, and landed at Oran, Algeria on December 26. The unit then marched five miles to Ain-el-Turk where the hospital was set up and put in operation. After heavy activity the unit embarked from Oran on December 15, 1943, and landed at Naples on December 19.

In June, 1944, the unit took ship to Anzio and then moved to a position near Rome. On November 19 it was shipped to Leghorn and established the hospital on the coast just north of that port. The next three months were especially active. By July 7, 1945, the hospital had discharged its last patients and the unit itself came to its practical end on August 11, with just 19 of the original professional, group from Northwestern left. Final orders arrived on September 1, 1945.

Scope and Content

Boxes 1-3: The first box contains clippings, programs, poems, and the first (and only?) issue of a newsletter from the 1917-1919 period. Also here are issues of a later newsletter (mostly from the 1960s and 1970s) with information about individual members of the unit and their families and about the annual reunions. Of special interest is News Letters no. 31, May, 1973, the “56th Anniversary Album,” which contains many illustrations from the war years as well as from the 1970s.

World War II material in the first box includes several clippings and the first two parts (Feb. 15, 1942-Feb. 28, 1945) of a typescript of the unit's journal.

The second box contains the final part of the Journal (Mar. 2-Sept. 1, 1945), two folders of medical and historical articles (tear sheets from the Quarterly Bulletin of the Northwestern University Medical School), and three folders of mounted small black and white photographs of personnel & military and civilian buildings and scenes, and a few of operations arid wounds.

The third box contains a scrapbook of materials assembled by Jacob Edward Hunsinger (NU, BS, 1923). This contains many Clippings, postcards, letters, telegrams & documents, transportation and entertainment tickets, stubs, and programs, maps, and some insignia. Hunsinger, a private first class, was a member of the original staff of the unit.

Addition, Box 4: The five folders of this addition contain material related to the United States Army Base Hospital Number 12 during World War I. The first three folders contain official and individual correspondence and other personal documents such as work permits and travel visas for hospital personnel. The fourth folder contains programs for entertainment events organized and attended by the hospital staff. The fifth folder contains comments and poems written by hospital patients and staff during the war and reminiscences written later for the 1967 reunion.

Addition, Box 5: The additions include both original materials dating from the World War II era and materials documenting the lives of veterans of the Base Hospital, including the annual reunions held to commemorate their experiences. Records relate to the General Hospital in its various locations, including the hospital ship Emily Weder. Approximately half of the addition consists of memoirs or memorabilia contributed by individual veterans.

Correspondence from Ray and Mary Swantek sets the context for the addition, describing their efforts to collect news and memoirs from the remaining veterans of the Hospital.

Historical material includes a history, “6556-V: A Story of the 12th General Hospital,” by Burns Lewis; mimeographed sketches of the base hospitals in Leghorn, Italy, and Ain el Turck, Algeria; an unidentified roster; a postcard of the Vulcania, the ship that brought the 12th Base Hospital home; and a photocopy of a photograph from 1943. Newspaper clippings (some originals, some photocopies) relate mainly to the Italian locations and those who served there. Two issues of a January, 1945, newsletter document daily life in the camp.

Reunion files document the first reunion in 1946, reunions in 1967 and 1977, and most of the annual reunions between 1980 and 2006. Records include rosters of potential and actual attendees, information about the reunion site, and information about individual veterans. Some years are not documented. A separate file contains a list of veterans from the Italian and Algerian locations, circa 1989.

The Swanteks compiled a folder of obituaries of former members of the Base Hospital who died between 1988 and 2006. Files relating to specific veterans are arranged alphabetically by surname. Three veterans, Florence Keene Carlson, Al Veit, and Elmer White, contributed memoirs of their service at the Base Hospital. Walfred Carlson contributed a brief memoir, written by his wife, along with copies of his discharge papers and a photograph. Two other veterans contributed photocopied materials relating to their service and medals received; and Arthur and Hughlene Cole submitted two copies of a newsletter they published for veterans who served on the U.S. Army Hospital Ship Emily H.M. Weder.

Addition, Boxes 6-9: This addition to the records of the United States Army Base Hospital #12 consists primarily of autobiographical and biographical information about the men and women who served in the Hospital during World War I, including doctors, nurses, officers, and enlisted men. The records mainly document the lives of Base Hospital “alumni,” as they called themselves, after the war, but also include photographs and other items dating from the period of the war.

These records were collected by Roy A. Holmes (Northwestern Class of 1918). Holmes produced the BH12 newsletters for a ten year span, from 1967-1977, and also helped organize the BH12 reunions. Holmes, who was involved in both WWI and WWII, was the last surviving staff member of BH12. He passed away in 1996.

Administrative files, including copies of the alumni newsletters, records of the reunions, roster data from the War and from reunions, are organized alphabetically by title.

Autobiographical and biographical folders are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the individual, and material within each folder is organized chronologically by date. Materials in the folders may include correspondence, clippings from newspapers and the BH12 newsletter, and photographs.

Of nearly 150 participants in the Base Hospital, forty were alumni of Northwestern University. The Northwestern alumni are indicated on the container list by their school (Liberal Arts, Medical, Music, etc.) and class year in brackets.

The addition includes approximately 377 photographs and 80 WWI-era postcards. Most of the photographs date from 1917-1919 and include many pictures of the landscape of BH12 50 years after WWI, taken by “alumnus” Birt Frobish. Other pictures depict people and life in the Base Hospital and surrounding areas. One folder contains a small print (based on a painting by A.F. Bishop) of the sinking of the Mongolia in 1917.

A card file box contains the index cards that Holmes used to record contact information for Base Hospital alumni. Cards are divided into three categories: individuals with whom Holmes still corresponded in 1983, those with whom he had lost touch, and those who had died.

Addition, Box 8, Folder 32: One folder of material relating to L. Nadine Wagner Lindsay, who served as a nurse with the U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 12 during World War II, has been added to the series at Box 8, folder 32. A newspaper clipping and a chronology document Lindsay's life during and after her service in the War; also included is a copy of a poem written in her honor by her soldier-patients.

Addition, Box 8, folder 33 (ca. 1918): One folder of material relating to Lucile Pepoon, who served as a Red Cross nurse with the U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 12 during World War I, has been added to the series at Box 8, folder 33. The folder contains a copy of a newspaper obituary describing Pepoon;s service, starting in May 1917 until her death from trench fever in November 1918. Pepoon was the daughter of noted Chicago-area botanist Herman S. Pepoon.

Arrangement of Materials

Arranged alphabetically by subject. Autobiographical and biographical folders in the additions are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the individual, and material within each folder is organized chronologically by date. Photographs are arranged by subject and date.


Corporate Name

United States. Army--Medical personnel

United States. Army. Base Hospital Number 12


World War, 1914-1918--Medical care

World War, 1914-1918--Veterans

World War, 1939-1945--Medical care

World War, 1939-1945--Veterans

Container List / Contents

  • Annual Reunions, 1932-1967Box 1, Folder 1
  • Base Talk v.1 no.10, 1917, May 25Box 1, Folder 2
  • Clippings, 1917Box 1, Folder 3
  • Clippings, 1918-1919Box 1, Folder 4
  • Clippings, 1963-1974Box 1, Folder 5
  • Clippings, n.d.Box 1, Folder 6
  • Correspondence, 1917-1919Box 1, Folder 7
  • Correspondence, 1942-1963Box 1, Folder 8
  • News Letter nos.1-10, Oct 1967-Dec 1969Box 1, Folder 9
  • News Letter nos.11-20, Apr 1970-Feb 1971Box 1, Folder 10
  • News Letter nos.21-30, Apr 1971-Mar 1973Box 1, Folder 11
  • News Letter nos.31-44, May 1973-May 1977Box 1, Folder 12
  • Poems, 1917-1918Box 1, Folder 13
  • Programs, 1917-1918Box 1, Folder 14
  • Rosters, 1967Box 1, Folder 15
  • World War II, Clippings & Correspondence, 1942-1945Box 1, Folder 16
  • Journal, Part I, Feb, 1942-Dec, 1943Box 1, Folder 17
  • Journal, Part II, Dec, 1943-Feb, 1945Box 1, Folder 18
  • Journal Part III, Mar 2-Sept 1, 1945Box 2, Folder 1
  • “Historical Notes” (tear sheets from Quarterly Journal of the Northwestern University Medical School), XIX-XXVIII, 1951- 1953Box 2, Folder 2
  • “Historical Notes”: “The Dungeon,” XXXVII, 1953-1956Box 2, Folder 3
  • Mounted Photographs-Africa, 1942-1943Box 2, Folder 4
  • Mounted Photographs-Africa & Italy, 1943-1944Box 2, Folder 5
  • Mounted Photographs-Italy, 1944-1945Box 2, Folder 6
  • Scrapbook, compiled by Jacob Edward Hunsinger, 1917-1919Box 3, Folder 1
  • Additions: World War I
      Acquisition information:  This addition, separated from Accession #99-60, was donated to the University Archives by the Evanston Historical Society in March, 1999. Restrictions:  None. Separated materials:  Approximately 70 photographs were separated and transferred to the University Archives' General Photographic Collection under the subject heading World War I, Base Hospital No. 12. In addition, almost two inches of duplicate material were discarded. Processor:  Kate Mazurek, April 21, 1999
    • General, 1915-1919Box 4, Folder 1
    • General, 1931-1976Box 4, Folder 2
    • General, no dateBox 4, Folder 3
    • Programs, 1917-1918, n.d.Box 4, Folder 4
    • Recollections, poems, 1917-1919, n.d.Box 4, Folder 5
  • Addition: World War II, 1942-2006
      Acquisition information:  The additions to the World War II Records of Base Hospital # 12 were donated to the Northwestern University Archives by Mary Swantek on August 15, 2006, as Accession Number 06-109. Restrictions:  None. Separated materials:  Photographs, dating from World War II as well as from recent reunions, were separated and added to the University Archives’ Photographic Collection (see World War II, Base Hospital # 12). One videocassette documenting the group’s 1992 reunion was separated to the University Archives’ Audio-Visual Collection. Processor:  Janet Olson, August 2006.
    • Correspondence relating to collection/transfer to Archives, 2006Box 5, Folder 1
    • History of Base Hospital # 12: “6556-V”, 1970Box 5, Folder 2
    • Historical Materials (including photocopies), 1942-1945Box 5, Folder 3
    • Newspaper Clippings (including photocopies), 1942-1945Box 5, Folder 4
    • Weekly Newsletter (2 issues), 1945Box 5, Folder 5
    • Reunions, 1946, 1967, 1977, 1980-1999Box 5, Folder 6
    • Reunions, 2000-2006Box 5, Folder 7
    • Roster of Veterans, Africa-Italy General Hospital, ca. 1989Box 5, Folder 8
    • Obituaries, 1988-2005Box 5, Folder 9
    • Carlson, Walfred: Memoir, etc., 1945, 1953, 2006Box 5, Folder 10
    • Cole, Arthur (“Red”) and Hughlene: USAHS Emily Weder Newsletters, 1998Box 5, Folder 11
    • Inks, Russell: Purple Heart Application (copies), 1997Box 5, Folder 12
    • Keene Carlson, Florence: Memoir, ca. 1995Box 5, Folder 13
    • Ostrander, Harry P.: Memorabilia (photocopies), ca. 1945-1986Box 5, Folder 14
    • Veit, Al: Memoir, 1989-1997Box 5, Folder 15
    • White, Elmer: Memoir, n.d.Box 5, Folder 16
  • Addition: World War I, 1917-1983
      Cross reference:  See also the description of the Base Hospital and lists of names in the Northwestern University President’s Report, 1917-1919 Acquisition information:  The U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 12 (Chicago Unit) Records Addition was donated to the Northwestern University Archives by the Evanston Historical Society on 11/22/1996 as accession #96-209.  The records were donated to the Historical Society by Roy A. Holmes in 1983. Restrictions:  None. Separated materials:  One cubic feet of duplicate materials was discarded. Processor:  Alison Kanosky, September 2006.
    • Administrative Files
      • Holmes Donation, April 1983Box 6, Folder 1
      • Newsletters, 1930-1966Box 6, Folder 2
      • Newspaper Coverage of U.S.S. Mongolia Accident, n.d. [1917]Box 6, Folder 3
      • Print of A.F. Bishop Painting “America's First Shot”, 1917Box 6, Folder 4
      • Records of Alumni Meetings, Newsletters, 1930-1973Box 6, Folder 5
      • Rosters and Reunion Materials, 1917-1973 (incomplete)Box 6, Folder 6
    • Base Hospital 12 “Alumni”
      • Alexander, May, 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 7
      • Archibald, U.S., 1960-1977Box 6, Folder 8
      • Baker, Donald W., 1972-1974Box 6, Folder 9
      • Baker, Florence Edna, 1967-1968Box 6, Folder 10
      • Baker, Mrs. William J. (Dr. Eloise Parsons), 1967-1980, n.d.Box 6, Folder 11
      • Barnett, Alexander H. (M.D.), 1971-1972Box 6, Folder 12
      • Barteau, Sidney and Nellie (Stahl) [D 1917], 1967Box 6, Folder 13
      • Bustable, Frank G., 1966-1967Box 6, Folder 14
      • Beck, Stella Maude Judy, 1967Box 6, Folder 15
      • Besley, Frederick A. (Dr.), 1944-1972Box 6, Folder 16
      • Bennett, Reuben R. (Edith) [LA 1918], 1967-1972Box 6, Folder 17
      • Bollman, Fred K. [LA 1917], 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 18
      • Bradley, Earl G., 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 19
      • Burchan, Daisy, 1971Box 6, Folder 20
      • Busby, Wesley G. [LA 1917], 1970-1975Box 6, Folder 21
      • Cahn, Mrs. Norman W. (Bobie), 1970-1975Box 6, Folder 22
      • Cahn, Roy R., 1957Box 6, Folder 23
      • Carlson, Mrs. Oscar (Emma Applegren), 1967-1976Box 6, Folder 24
      • Carson, Harold Paul [MU 1917], 1967-1976Box 6, Folder 25
      • Chase, Martin R. (Grace) (M.D.) [Alum], 1967Box 6, Folder 26
      • Clauson, Frank L. [LA 1916], 1967-1976Box 6, Folder 27
      • Cohen, Rebecca, 1967-1975Box 6, Folder 28
      • Collier, Clarence C. (C.C.), 1967-1974Box 6, Folder 29
      • Coon, Mrs. Harold M. (May Morrissey), 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 30
      • Dale, Philip Marshall (M.D.), 1967-1980Box 6, Folder 31
      • Dean, Frederick T., 1967-1973Box 6, Folder 32
      • Dean, Mrs. Harry A., 1967-1976Box 6, Folder 33
      • Dean, Myrtle, 1967-1975Box 6, Folder 34
      • Deuel, Marguerite, 1967-1969Box 6, Folder 35
      • Devereaux, John R. (Frances), 1967Box 6, Folder 36
      • Devol, James C., 1972-1974Box 6, Folder 37
      • Doble, N.M.L. (Son of William S. [LA 1918]), 1967-1976Box 6, Folder 38
      • Dunlap, Robert, 1971Box 6, Folder 39
      • Edwards, Robert W. [Alum], 1973Box 6, Folder 40
      • Emmert, James A. [LA 1923], 1967-1973Box 6, Folder 41
      • Erwine, Wright H., 1972-1974Box 6, Folder 42
      • Evans, Mack, 1970Box 6, Folder 43
      • Ferguson, Mrs. H.J. (Ada Crawford), 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 44
      • Forbes, Ray, 1969Box 6, Folder 45
      • Freeman, Chas., 1967Box 6, Folder 46
      • Friel, Mrs. Thomas (Julie Wilson), 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 47
      • Frobish, Birt [LA 1920], 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 48
      • Fulcher, Mrs. Melvin D. (Rean Jane Anderson), 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 49
      • Fuller, Bessie Mabel, 1965Box 6, Folder 50
      • Furbeck, Lyman, 1971-1974Box 6, Folder 51
      • Furbeck, Stanley M. (Marie), 1967Box 6, Folder 52
      • Furness, Franklin, 1969Box 6, Folder 53
      • Gambee, Bessie, 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 54
      • Gibson, Mrs. (Ella Pawlison), 1970-1976Box 6, Folder 55
      • Gibson, Willis Stanley [GM 1912, M 1913], 1964Box 6, Folder 56
      • Gilmore, Harold J., 1968-1974Box 6, Folder 57
      • Glaspel, Cyril J. (M.D.), 1967-1977Box 6, Folder 58
      • Griffin, Robert J., 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 1
      • Grundy, Pheobe M., 1967-1969Box 7, Folder 2
      • Hall, Mrs. Arthur R. (Helen), 1967-1973Box 7, Folder 3
      • Hall, James Pendleton, 1973Box 7, Folder 4
      • Hamre, Mrs. Christopher J. (Ernestine Kandel), 1976-1977Box 7, Folder 5
      • Harry, J. Roscoe (M.D.), 1965, 1967Box 7, Folder 6
      • Hartesema, Mrs. H. (Aileen Jensen), 1967, 1969Box 7, Folder 7
      • Hawkins, Mrs. L. Abbott (Bertha Alexander), 1968-1977Box 7, Folder 8
      • Henkin, John (M.D.) [M 1915], 1970, 1972Box 7, Folder 9
      • Hinton, Florence, 1975Box 7, Folder 10
      • Hoffman, Clara [LA 1913], 1967-1974Box 7, Folder 11
      • Holmes, Roy A. [LA 1918], 1966-1977Box 7, Folder 12
      • Horowitz, Gabrielle, 1961-1982Box 7, Folder 13
      • Hoskyn, Emma, 1967, 1972-1974Box 7, Folder 14
      • Hostman, Louisa, 1969-1972Box 7, Folder 15
      • Hunsinger, J. Edward [LA 1923, M 1924], 1967-1973Box 7, Folder 16
      • Jacobs, David [MU 1916], 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 17
      • Jardine, Ronald K. (M.D.), 1969, 1976Box 7, Folder 18
      • Johnson, Lester L., 1967, 1978Box 7, Folder 19
      • Keeler, Raymond H. [LA 1918], 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 20
      • Kellams, Mrs. Edward L. (Clara Beehler), 1967-1975, n.d.Box 7, Folder 21
      • Kidd, Harold F. (DDS) [LA 1923], 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 22
      • Kimball, Mrs. John (Edith Maude Murray), 1969, 1971, 1973Box 7, Folder 23
      • Knight, Margaret [LA 1922], 1967-1970Box 7, Folder 24
      • Koch, Sumner L. (M.D.) [GM 1914, M 1914], 1968-1977Box 7, Folder 25
      • Krieger, Mrs. (Mabel Nigley), 1967Box 7, Folder 26
      • Krost, Gerard N. (M.D.) [Faculty], 1969-1975Box 7, Folder 27
      • Landwer, Milton F. [LA 1920], 1967-1979Box 7, Folder 28
      • Leary, Mrs. William A. (Barbara), 1967Box 7, Folder 29
      • Lebowitz, Joseph (M.D.) [M 14], 1968Box 7, Folder 30
      • Lent, Louis L. (Light Duty Man), 1970-1972Box 7, Folder 31
      • Lewis, Mrs. R.A. (Freeda Larson), 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 32
      • Lindgren, David, 1967-1972Box 7, Folder 33
      • Lyon, Elizabeth C., 1967-1978, n.d.Box 7, Folder 34
      • MacGregor, John, 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 35
      • Magee, James C., 1973-1976Box 7, Folder 36
      • Mason, Francis (Frank), 1967-1976Box 7, Folder 37
      • Mason, Mrs. Michael (Alice) [LA 1917], 1963-1977Box 7, Folder 38
      • Matzen, Emma, 1967-1980Box 7, Folder 39
      • Maudsley, Mrs. (Emily Lyon), 1970-1971Box 7, Folder 40
      • McCracken, Gordon, 1969-1974Box 7, Folder 41
      • McIntyre, Melvin C., 1967-1972Box 7, Folder 42
      • McKenzie, Ola F. [L 1920], 1969-1977Box 7, Folder 43
      • McKesson, Harley D. [LA 1918], 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 44
      • McKone, Mrs. John (Edith Bartlett), 1967-1975Box 7, Folder 45
      • Millner, Walker [LA 1918, L 1922], 1967Box 7, Folder 46
      • Mitchell, Mrs. Laurence M. and Katheryne (Kitty) Mahoney, 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 47
      • Morris, Leslie, 1973-1977Box 7, Folder 48
      • Neal, Marcus Pinson (M.D.), 1917, 1964, 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 49
      • Norman, Fred I. [LA 1919], 1967-1976Box 7, Folder 50
      • Nusbaum, Mrs. Paulson L. (Janis), 1966-1977Box 7, Folder 51
      • Olson, Anna J., 1967-1973Box 7, Folder 52
      • Olson, Roy H. [LA 1919], 1967-1977, n.d.Box 7, Folder 53
      • Parrish, Rusell L. and Hazel, 1967-1976Box 7, Folder 54
      • Pattison, Philip R. [LA 1919], 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 55
      • Pearson, Signe, 1973-1977Box 7, Folder 56
      • Peckham, Mrs. William M. (Elizabeth), 1967, 1969Box 7, Folder 57
      • Penney, Maurice D. [LA 1917, M 1923], 1967-1974Box 7, Folder 58
      • Peterson, Mrs. Lindell (Dorothy), 1967-1974Box 7, Folder 59
      • Pierik, Mrs. Herman T., Jr. (Elizabeth Greenwood), 1967-1980, n.d.Box 7, Folder 60
      • Pierik, John C., 1917, 1967-1976Box 7, Folder 61
      • Pirola, Charles [LA 1920], 1967-1980Box 7, Folder 62
      • Pope, Chester A. [LA 1920], 1970Box 7, Folder 63
      • Purcell, Ray, 1973-1977, n.d.Box 7, Folder 64
      • Radcliffe, Alice M., 1967-1977Box 7, Folder 65
      • Rauhoff, Mrs. Millard A. (Edna), 1973-1977Box 7, Folder 66
      • Raun, Erling O., Sr. (M.D.), 1967, 1972Box 7, Folder 67
      • Rettke, Minnie, 1958Box 7, Folder 68
      • Richter, Thelcla, 1967-1979Box 7, Folder 69
      • Rist, Martin (Ph.D. Dr.), 1967-1977Box 8, Folder 1
      • Roberts, Elmer C., 1967-1977Box 8, Folder 2
      • Roden, Clara D., 1967-1973Box 8, Folder 3
      • Sellers, Rodney J. [LA 1920], 1967-1968Box 8, Folder 4
      • Simon, Bill, 1974Box 8, Folder 5
      • Singleton, Mrs. Shelby M. (Emma), 1967-1971Box 8, Folder 6
      • Singleton, William, 1967-1977Box 8, Folder 7
      • Sloan, John, 1968-1973Box 8, Folder 8
      • Smith, Mrs. Potter (Nadine), 1970-1971Box 8, Folder 9
      • Stern, Victor, 1970Box 8, Folder 10
      • Strange, Willis, 1958Box 8, Folder 11
      • Sweet, Mrs. Arthur B. (Helen) [LA 1922], 1970-1973Box 8, Folder 12
      • Swick, Edwin E. [LA 1919], 1967-1978Box 8, Folder 13
      • Umberger, Grace, 1967, 1970Box 8, Folder 14
      • Vance, Mrs. Edward D. (Beletta Paulson), 1967-1976Box 8, Folder 15
      • Van Winkle, Helena [LA 1924], 1967-1972Box 8, Folder 16
      • Walsch, Percy N., 1967, 1970Box 8, Folder 17
      • Wanamaker, Mrs. Byron (Ellen Thomsen), 1969Box 8, Folder 18
      • Weedon, Hardy [EB 1923], 1968Box 8, Folder 19
      • Weekes, Mrs. Thomas B. (Bess L. Prouty), 1967-1977Box 8, Folder 20
      • West, Mary K., 1967-1975Box 8, Folder 21
      • Wilson, Viola, 1968-1970Box 8, Folder 22
      • Wright, John T., 1967-1979Box 8, Folder 23
    • Photographs
      • BH12 French Scenery Pictures (Birt Frobish), 1917-1919Box 8, Folder 24
      • Photos of 50th Reunion of BH12, 1967Box 8, Folder 25
      • Pictures of Dannes-Camiers Area, 1972Box 8, Folder 26
      • WWI Era Postcards from France, c.a. 1917Box 8, Folder 27
      • Photographs of BH12 and Staff during WWI, 1917-1919Box 8, Folder 28
      • Photographs of France during WWI, 1917-1919Box 8, Folder 29
      • Photographs on Board of U.S.S. Mongolia, May 1917Box 8, Folder 30
      • Photographs of Hospital after Bombing, n.d.Box 8, Folder 31
  • Addition
      Acquisition information:  These items were donated to the Northwestern University Archives by L. Nadine Wagner Lindsay in February, 2007. Conditions governing access:  None Processor:  Janet Olson, April 2007.
    • Lindsay, L. Nadine Wagner, 1943-2005Box 8, Folder 32
    • Pepoon, Lucile, 1918Box 8, Folder 33
    • Card FileBox 9