Guide to the Records of the Graduate Medical Education Program

Collection Title: Records of the Graduate Medical Education Program
Dates: 1962-1978
Bulk Dates: 1971-1976
Identification: 18/2/1
Creator: Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Office of Graduate Medical Education
Extent: 4 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: This series consists of four boxes of records relating to the administration of traineeships (internships and residencies) for medical school graduates in the participating hospitals of the McGaw Medical Center. The records span the period from 1962 through 1978, with the great bulk dating from 1971 through 1976.
Acquisition Information: These records were transferred to the University Archives by Shawn Nichols, Administrative Manager, Clinical Training , Graduate Medical Education Program, on December 1, 1983 (Accession #83-197).
Processing Information: James G. Carson, November 20, 1984.
Separated Materials: None.
Conditions Governing Access: None.
Repository: Northwestern University Archives
Deering Library, Room 110
1970 Campus Dr.
Evanston, IL, 60208-2300
Phone: 847-491-3354

Biographical/Historical Information

The Office of Graduate Medical Education was established in 1969.  Under its aegis were gathered the several hospital-administered residency programs which had formerly comprised the Northwestern University Medical School residency programs.  The new program, introduced formally in 1973 as the Northwestern University Housestaff Program, was the first private, integrated, inter-hospital residency program in the country.  It provided uniform admission and administration and permitted a rich curriculum with numerous clinical options for trainees.

When first introduced in 1969, the program offered residency training in internal medicine, ophthalmology, general surgery, orthopedics, urology, otolaryngology, neurology, psychiatry, and anesthesiology.  The program is administered by the Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education, who reports to the Dean of the Medical School. 

The program relies extensively on the various facilities which comprise the McGaw Medical Center (Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Childrens Memorial Hospital, Evanston Hospital, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the Veterans Administration Lakeside Medical Center, and the Chicago Maternity Center) and on the following affiliated hospitals: Columbus-Cuneo-Cabrini Medical Center, Cook County Hospital, Lutheran General Hospital, St. Francis Hospital of Evanston, and St. Joseph Hospital.

Prior to 1969, programs were administered by individual hospitals affiliated with the University's McGaw Medical Center.

Scope and Content

This series consists of four boxes of records relating to the administration of traineeships (internships and residencies) for medical school graduates in the participating hospitals of the McGaw Medical Center. The records span the period from 1962 through 1978, with the great bulk dating from 1971 through 1976. The series is arranged in three major categories, including contract authorization lists, A.M.A. Directory/Census forms, and health and disability insurance materials.

The lists of medical school graduates to whom trainee contracts were issued are arranged chronologically by academic year, with two folders per year from 1974-1975 through 1977-1978. Documents within folders are arranged alphabetically by medical specialty. The folders for 1974-1975 through 1976-1977 also contain occasional lists of trainee candidates furnished by the National Intern and Resident Matching Program; lists from this source are filed in a separate folder for 1977-1978.

Documents relating to reporting of data for the American Medical Association's Census of Interns and Residents (1962-1976) and its Directory of Approved Internships and Residencies (1972-1977) are arranged chronologically within each category. They consist largely of copies of completed report forms, interspersed with occasional correspondence.

Documents concerning the administration of disability and health insurance coverage for trainees are arranged in folders by type of material and chronologically therein. They include correspondence with actual and potential insurance carriers, and with trainees filing insurance claims; rate quotations and cost comparisons; ledgers and receipts documenting deposits in the Medical School's University accounts for insurance purposes; and Blue Cross Blue Shield remittance forms, remittance summaries, and quarterly reports listing persons covered, claims paid and premiums owed by the University.

The last folder of the series includes documents relating to a rent strike conducted by trainees residing in the Carriage House Apartments during the summer of 1973. The documents include copies of a form letter signed by tenants authorizing withholding of rent from their paychecks, and signed copies of a subsequent form letter rescinding these authorizations.


Corporate Name

Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Medical School. Office of Graduate Medical Education


Interns (Medicine)--Illinois--Chicago

Medical education--Illinois--Chicago

Residents (Medicine)--Education--Illinois--Chicago

Container List / Contents

  • Contract Authorizations
    • A - O, 1974-1975Box 1, Folder 1
    • P - U, 1974-1975Box 1, Folder 2
    • A - O, 1975-1976Box 1, Folder 3
    • P - R, 1975-1976Box 1, Folder 4
    • A - O, 1976-1977Box 1, Folder 5
    • P - U, 1976-1977Box 1, Folder 6
    • A - O, 1977-1978Box 1, Folder 7
    • P - U, 1977-1978Box 1, Folder 8
    • Matching Contracts, 1977-1978Box 1, Folder 9
  • American Medical Association
    • Census Report Forms, 1962-1969Box 2, Folder 1
    • Census Report Forms, 1970-1973Box 2, Folder 2
    • Census Report Forms, 1975-1976Box 2, Folder 3
    • Directory, Correspondence, 1972-1974Box 2, Folder 4
    • Directory, Hospital Reports, 1973Box 2, Folder 5
    • Directory, Descriptions of Residency Programs, 1974Box 2, Folder 6
    • Directory, Report Forms, 1974-1975Box 2, Folder 7
    • Directory, Hospital & Residency Reports, 1975Box 2, Folder 8
    • Directory, Hospital Affiliations, 1976-1977Box 2, Folder 9
  • Health Insurance Materials
    • Correspondence, Alexander and Alexander, 1971Box 3, Folder 1
    • Correspondence, Business Office, 1971-1972Box 3, Folder 2
    • Correspondence, Blue Cross Blue Shield, 1971-1973Box 3, Folder 3
    • Correspondence, Program Directors and Housestaff, 1971-1975Box 3, Folder 4
    • Correspondence, Student Claims, 1971-1974Box 3, Folder 5
    • Correspondence, Student Claims, 1975-1976Box 3, Folder 6
    • Cost Comparison - Blue Cross vs. John Hancock, 1971Box 3, Folder 7
    • Cost Comparison, 1972Box 3, Folder 8
    • Basis for Premium Adjustments, 1971-1973Box 3, Folder 9
    • Disability Insurance Deposit Ledgers, 1973-1976Box 3, Folder 10
    • Disability Insurance Deposit Receipts, 1973-1976Box 3, Folder 11
    • Health Insurance Deposit Ledgers, 1971-1974Box 3, Folder 12
    • Health Insurance Deposit Ledgers, 1974-1976Box 3, Folder 13
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Remittance Forms, June 1971 - December 1971Box 3, Folder 14
    • Remittance Forms, January 1972 - May 1972Box 3, Folder 15
    • Remittance Forms, June 1972 - December 1972Box 4, Folder 1
    • Remittance Forms, January 1973 - April 1973Box 4, Folder 2
    • Remittance Summaries, February 1974 - May 1974Box 4, Folder 3
    • Remittance Summaries, 1974-1975Box 4, Folder 4
    • Remittance Summaries, 1975-1976Box 4, Folder 5
    • Quarterly Reports, 1971-1972Box 4, Folder 6
    • Quarterly Reports, 1972-1973Box 4, Folder 7
    • Quarterly Reports, 1973-1974Box 4, Folder 8
    • Quarterly Reports, 1974-1975Box 4, Folder 9
  • Carriage House Rent Strike, 1973Box 4, Folder 10