Guide to the Department of Neurosurgery Administrative Records

Collection Title: Department of Neurosurgery Administrative Records
Dates: 1973-1985
Identification: 18/2/19
Creator: Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Department of Neurosurgery
Extent: 3 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: The Department of Neurosurgery administrative records fill three boxes and span the years 1973-1985. The records files related to Alumni Day, American Board Exams, annual reports, capitation grants, clerkships, clinical statistics, rotations (residents), students, and visiting professors.
Acquisition Information: These records were transferred to the University Archives on March 27, 1986 by Phyllis Brice of the Department of Neurosurgery as Accession #86-41.
Processing Information: Jennifer Young, April 1995; Mandy Koppen, May 1995.
Separated Materials: Approximately three inches of duplicates were discarded. A little less than one half inch of extraneous materials were removed.
Conditions Governing Access: Access by the permission of the University Archivist.
Repository: Northwestern University Archives
Deering Library, Room 110
1970 Campus Dr.
Evanston, IL, 60208-2300
Phone: 847-491-3354

Scope and Content

The Department of Neurosurgery administrative records fill three boxes and span the years 1973-1985. The records are organized alphabetically by subject into nine main categories: Alumni Day, American Board Exams, Annual Reports, Capitation Grants, Clerkships, Clinical Statistics, Rotation (Residents), Students, and Visiting Professors. All are arranged chronologically by date within folders.

The Alumni Day files, spanning the period 1981-1983, are divided alphabetically into six subjects. Abstracts consist of both invitation and return letters, as well as various abstracts. The Awards folders consist of letters, mailing lists, descriptions of teaching activities, research projects, and publications, award proposals, preference cards, grade sheets, and certificates. Catering folders consist of bills, check requests, guest and R.S.V.P. lists, and letters relating to reservations, request, plans, and confirmations regarding the events. Both invitations and acceptance/rejection letters are included in Correspondence. Draft and Final Program folders consist of drafts of the Neurosurgery Annual Alumni Day booklet and instruction son how to prepare it, a Neurosurgery Alumni Report, alumni lists, and a program. Invitations and Guest Lists folders consist of invitations and replies, mailgrams, Print Shop forms, mailing, guest and faculty lists, memos, menus, R.S.V.P. cards, and programs.

The next section, American Board Exams, covers the years 1975, 1977-1978, and 1980-1983, is arranged chronologically and consists of memos regarding the shipment and use of testing materials, lists of registered subjects, payment notices, Chief Proctor's manuals, Test Administration Handbooks, score cards, rosters of standard scores, tables of norm, and letters of general information.

The Annual Report files, spanning the years 1979-1980 and 1983-1984, are arranged chronologically and consist chiefly of completed Professional Activity Questionnaires, statistics, and reports on clinical and academic activities of the staff. Correspondence, schedules, exam records, information on various programs, descriptions of staff honors, faculty and resident status and publication lists are also included in the files.

The fourth section, Capitation Grants, includes one document: an instruction booklet for medical residency program directors attached to a half-completed application form and an instruction letter.

Clerkship files cover the years 1973, 1976, 1979, and 1981 and are divided into two categories: personal assessments, arranged alphabetically by last name, and Ratings. The personal files generally include requests for credit, elective preference and evaluation forms, transcripts, applications, abstracting outlines, general correspondence, and a plethora of recommendations. Ratings consist of Course Rating Report Forms, completed for a spring quarter Neuroanatomy Lab.

Clinical Statistics, spanning the years 1976-1984, are divided alphabetically into three categories and are arranged chronologically within each division. Files not labeled by a sub-name consists of weekly, monthly, and yearly statistical reports, and also conference schedules and residency information. Northwestern Memorial Hospital files include residency information forms, analysis of hospital service, postoperative complications forms, resident schedules, and statistics for the hospital. The VA Lakeside files consist of weekly and monthly statistical reports, as well as complications reports.

The Rotation (Residents) section covers the year 1978 and generally consists of correspondence between Dr. Anthony Raimondi, Chairperson, and Associate Dean Jacob Suker. Various memos and weekly and monthly statistical reports are also included.

Student files, spanning the years 1979-1985 and arranged chronologically by date, include statistics, program change forms, surgery and surgical seminar schedules, evaluation and grade sheets, patient's progress notes, juniors student clerkship evaluations, and correspondence regarding student rotation.

The final category, Visiting Professors, is arranged into a miscellaneous folder, a payment folder, and folders arranged alphabetically by surname of the visiting professors. The Miscellaneous file consists of a dictation, a rough-draft schedule, correspondence, and a list of visiting professors from January 1983 to June 1983. Payments consist of documentation of the expenses of visiting professors. The remaining folders consist of documents regarding the plans of each visiting professor, invitation and acceptance letters, presentation announcements, itineraries, curriculum vitae, requisitions, travel expense reports, and general memos.


Corporate Name

Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Department of Neurosurgery--Administration


Medical education--Illinois--Chicago

Container List / Contents

  • Alumni Day
    • Abstracts, 1982Box 1, Folder 1
    • Abstracts, 1983Box 1, Folder 2
    • Awards, 1981Box 1, Folder 3
    • Awards, 1982Box 1, Folder 4
    • Awards, 1983Box 1, Folder 5
    • Catering, 1982Box 1, Folder 6
    • Catering, 1983Box 1, Folder 7
    • Correspondence, 1981Box 1, Folder 8
    • Draft and Final Program, 1982Box 1, Folder 9
    • Draft and Final Program, 1983Box 1, Folder 10
    • Invitations and Guest Lists, 1982Box 1, Folder 11
    • Invitations and Guest Lists, 1983Box 1, Folder 12
  • American Board Exams
    • American Board Exams, 1975Box 1, Folder 13
    • American Board Exams, 1977Box 1, Folder 14
    • American Board Exams, 1978Box 1, Folder 15
    • American Board Exams, 1980Box 1, Folder 16
    • American Board Exams, 1981Box 1, Folder 17
    • American Board Exams, 1982Box 1, Folder 18
    • American Board Exams, 1983Box 1, Folder 19
  • Annual Reports
    • Annual Report, 1979-1980Box 1, Folder 20
    • Annual Report, 1983Box 2, Folder 1
    • Annual Report, 1984Box 2, Folder 2
  • Capitation Grants
    • Capitation Grants, 1978Box 2, Folder 3
  • Clerkships
    • D.B., 1979Box 2, Folder 4
    • M.P., 1973-1975Box 2, Folder 5
    • B.S., 1973-1976Box 2, Folder 6
    • Ratings, 1981Box 2, Folder 7
  • Clinical Statistics
    • Clinical Statistics, 1976Box 2, Folder 8
    • Clinical Statistics, 1978-1979Box 2, Folder 9
    • Clinical Statistics, 1980-1981Box 2, Folder 10
    • Clinical Statistics, 1982-1983Box 2, Folder 11
    • Clinical Statistics, 1983-1984Box 2, Folder 12
    • Northwestern Memorial Hospital, 1977-1978Box 2, Folder 13
    • Northwestern Memorial Hospital, 1983Box 2, Folder 14
    • VA Lakeside, 1977-1978Box 2, Folder 15
  • Rotation
    • Residents, 1978Box 2, Folder 16
  • Students
    • Students, 1979-1980Box 2, Folder 17
    • Students, 1981Box 2, Folder 18
    • Students, 1982Box 2, Folder 19
    • Students, 1983Box 2, Folder 20
    • Students, 1984Box 2, Folder 21
    • Students, 1985Box 2, Folder 22
  • Visiting Professors
    • Miscellaneous, 1981-1983Box 3, Folder 1
    • Payments, 1980-1983Box 3, Folder 2
    • John Alksne, M.D., 1980-1981Box 3, Folder 3
    • Donald Becker, M.D., 1980-1982Box 3, Folder 4
    • Shelley Chou, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 5
    • William Collins, M.D., 1980-1981Box 3, Folder 6
    • Robert Crowell, M.D., 1983-1984Box 3, Folder 7
    • Patrick Derome, M.D., 1980Box 3, Folder 8
    • Thomas Ducker, M.D., 1981-1982Box 3, Folder 9
    • Charles Fager, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 10
    • Robert Grossman, M.D., 1981-1982Box 3, Folder 11
    • Julian Hoff, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 12
    • Robin Humphrey, M.D., 1983Box 3, Folder 13
    • John Jane, M.D., 1980Box 3, Folder 14
    • Ted Kurze, M.D., 1983-1984Box 3, Folder 15
    • Thomas Langfitt, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 16
    • Edward Laws, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 17
    • Donlin Long, M.D., 1983-1984Box 3, Folder 18
    • M. Stephen Mahaley, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 19
    • Leonard Malis, M.D., 1983Box 3, Folder 20
    • Robert McLaurin, M.D., 1981-1982Box 3, Folder 21
    • William Meecham, M.D., 1983-1984Box 3, Folder 22
    • Sean Mullan, M.D., 1978-1982Box 3, Folder 23
    • Dwight Parkinson, M.D., 1977-1982Box 3, Folder 24
    • Russell Patterson, M.D., 1977-1982Box 3, Folder 25
    • S.J. Peerless, M.D., 1983Box 3, Folder 26
    • Phanor Perot, M.D., 1980-1982Box 3, Folder 27
    • Joseph Ransohoff, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 28
    • Estaban Rocca, M.D., 1979-1980Box 3, Folder 29
    • Michael Saleman, M.D., 1981-1982Box 3, Folder 30
    • Frederick Simeone, M.D., 1980-1981Box 3, Folder 31
    • Thoralf Sundt, M.D., 1980Box 3, Folder 32
    • George Tindall, M.D., 1981-1982Box 3, Folder 33
    • Clark Watts, M.D., 1982-1983Box 3, Folder 34
    • Martin Weiss, M.D., 1983-1984Box 3, Folder 35
    • Robert Wilkins, M.D., 1981-1982Box 3, Folder 36
    • Nicholas Zervas, M.D., 1979-1980Box 3, Folder 37