Guide to the Fred Basolo (1920-2007) Papers

Collection Title: Fred Basolo (1920-2007) Papers
Dates: 1941-2006
Identification: 11/3/8/6
Creator: Basolo, Fred, 1920-2007
Extent: 24 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: Fred Basolo was an inorganic chemist who lived from 1920 – 2007. He was awarded a PhD from University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign in 1943. In 1946, Basolo joined the Northwestern University faculty in the chemistry department. Basolo was a highly regarded faculty member and educator, served as chair of the chemistry department from 1969 through 1972 and was named the Charles and Emma Morrison Chair in the department of chemistry in 1980, and ended his career as an Emeritus Professor in 1990. Basolo's teaching inspired many chemists and the large number of great minds that he influenced evidenced his commitment to education. Aside from his excellent teaching record and extensive service to the chemical community, Basolo's impact on chemistry is most tangible in his more than 380 publications. The Fred Basolo papers consist of biographical, correspondence, teaching, and publication files. Correspondence files dating between 1942 and 2006, and publications comprise the majority of the papers.
Acquisition Information: The Fred Basolo Papers comprise three accessions. Accession numbers 96-36 and 02-19 were donated to the University Archives by Fred Basolo on February 9, 1996 and February 19, 2002. Accession number 07-55 was donated by Basolo's daughter, Margaret Silkaitis, on May 17, 2007. Materials from the Archives' Faculty Biographical Files were incorporated into the Papers.
Processing Information: Keegan Lannon, Summer 2007
Separated Materials: The books which Fred Basolo authored were separated and added to the Archives' Faculty Authors collection; editions in foreign languages were placed in Archives Room 103. Photographs were added to the University Archives' Photograph Collection. Four cubic feet of duplicate or extraneous materials were separated and discarded. An oversized award from the Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela) was added to the Diplomas and Certificates Collection. Three-dimensional awards and plaques were added to the Artifacts Collection. Audio and videocassettes were added to the University Archives' multimedia collection, as documented below. Awards and Plaques: All Located in University Archives Artifacts Collection Oesper Award (Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society), October 25, 1983 American Chemical Society: 20th anniversary ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry, 1984 North Dakota State University: 11th Broberg Lecturer, 1985 University of South Florida: R.P. Scherer Chemistry Lecturer, 1985 Societa Chimica Italiana: Paolo Chini Lecturer, October 3, 1990 American Chemical Society, Santa Clara Valley Section: Harry and Carol Mosher Award, 1990 American Chemical Society: 20 Years of Service as a member of the ACS Council, August 26, 1998 Utkal University, Vanivihar Bhubaneswar (n.d.) Audio Cassettes Fred Basolo Interview (accession #03-171) - AC #1622 Fred Basolo and William Beranek on "Saturday Edition," 9/10/85 (accession # 07-55) ) - AC #1753 Public Radio: Fred Basolo with Host Mark Hilan, ACS Chicago Meeting, 10/85 (accession # 07-55) ) - AC #1754 Video Cassettes Fred Basolo Interview, October, 1983 (accession #02-19) ) - VC #880-883 Fred Basolo Interview (?), n.d. (accession #02-19) ) - VC #884-891 “Basolo 70,” 1990 (accession # 07-55) ) - VC #1059-1061
Conditions Governing Access: Files pertaining to letters of recommendation (box 5, folders 6 through 8), as well as any referee reports for submitted manuscripts (box 5, folders 9 and 10) are restricted and may be used only with permission of the University Archivist.
Repository: Northwestern University Archives
Deering Library, Room 110
1970 Campus Dr.
Evanston, IL, 60208-2300
Phone: 847-491-3354

Biographical/Historical Information

Chemist Fred Basolo came from modest surroundings. He was born in 1920 to Italian immigrant parents in Coello (registered as North Town in Jackson County, Illinois, but later changed to Coello by the town to commemorate the first postmaster). The small mining town in southern Illinois was almost exclusively home to other immigrant families from the Piemonte region of Italy, and thus Basolo spoke a rare dialect of Italian, “piemontese,” before he really spoke English. Most of the community was uneducated coal miners, and Basolo was the only one for generations who went to college (and is still the only former Coello resident to hold a PhD).

When the Great Depression of the 1930s crippled the country, Basolo was not old enough to work and was afforded the luxury of primary education; his older brother and sister, being nearly a decade older, were forced into labor to help the family make ends meet. Basolo's early education was not remarkable: the school had four rooms with two classes in each room and one teacher for each room. As the economy began to even out, Basolo graduated from grade school and was able to attend the community high school in nearby Christopher, Illinois. Like most early twentieth century rural school districts, Basolo was forced to walk a mile through several fields to nearby Christopher, Illinois, due to a lack of busing. That aside, while in high school, Basolo was introduced to chemistry by the most unlikely of sources. A first year teacher with her degree in home economics was the only person capable enough to teach chemistry classes, despite hating the discipline and refusing to teach outside the book. She did concede to opening the lab early Saturday and promising to attend to any injuries. Basolo was then allowed free reign to experiment how he wanted, which he attributes as a key moment in his life in Chemistry. He also notes that spending Saturdays with a young, blond and attractive teacher did not hinder him in anyway.

From there he went to Southern Illinois Normal school (later Southern Illinois University). Because his family was so poor, he worked several odd jobs, some of which provided by President Franklin D. Roosevelt's WPA program, and often more than one at a time. At SIN, Basolo studied with the famous chemists Jim W. Neckers and Ken van Lente - it was off the advice of Neckers that Basolo would go on to graduate school, rather than return to Christopher to teach high school chemistry. Also, while working in the health lab performing blood and urine tests, Basolo met Mary Nutley, the woman he would marry. After four years, he graduated with a B.Ed. in chemistry and math, and following Necker's advice, applied to University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign.

UIUC boasted a much larger faculty than SIN, many of whom were famous within their field - including John C. Bailar in inorganic chemistry. The heavily awarded Bailar was, at his roots, an organic chemist, but did his work primarily in inorganic chemistry. He is often attributed as being the “father of coordination chemistry” here in the U.S. Under Bailar, Basolo did his graduate work on platinum complexes. When World War II started, Bailar pushed many of the graduate students through their degrees so that they might finish and help the war cause. In 1943, Basolo graduated with a PhD in chemistry after only three years of study.

Looking to help the war cause as best he could, Basolo interviewed with the University of Chicago, to work on the classified Manhattan Project, and also with Rohm-Haas Company in Philadelphia, and their classified work with Zirconium. While at Rohm-Haas, Basolo did work on Zirconium and mica substitutes, and played for the R-H city league baseball teams. Because his contribution to the war efforts was not large, Basolo questioned in his autobiography whether staying in Philadelphia was the best choice, rather than shipping over seas to join the fighting.

While working in Philadelphia, he would visit Mary Nutley from his undergraduate days at SIN. By 1946 they were engaged, the war was ending and Basolo had taken a job at Northwestern University. They were married on June 14, 1947.

In 1946, Basolo joined the Northwestern University faculty in the chemistry department, sharing an office and apartment with Bernard H. Adelson, who would later go on to the Northwestern School of Medicine, garnering many awards and treating Basolo as his general physician for the remainder of Basolo's life. Basolo's tenure at NU was marked by achievement. He was a highly regarded faculty member and educator, served as chair of the chemistry department from 1969 through 1972 and chaired the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee from 1976 to 1977, was named the Charles and Emma Morrison Chair in the department of chemistry in 1980, and ended his career as an Emeritus Professor in 1990, though still coming to the office every morning there after to help out as best he could. Basolo's correspondence files indicate a good relationship between faculty members, including Ralph G. Pearson, James Ibers and Tobin Marks - three other acclaimed chemists - and University Administration. During his career, his teaching was highly regarded by students; many would send letters later in life reminiscing about how much they enjoyed his lectures (particularly on the history of coordination chemistry, especially Alfred Werner and Sophus J⊘rgensen). As a graduate advisor, several of his PhD students would go on to accomplish great things in academia and industrial chemistry, such as Harry Gray, Andrew Wojcicki, and Earl Muetterties. Many of these same graduate students would return to NU to visit or seek Basolo's advice. Basolo's teaching and lectures were so lauded that he was named a NATO Distinguished Professor in 1969, won the James Flack Norris award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching of Chemistry in 1981, the ACS George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education in 1992, and was asked to give dozens of guest lectures across five of the seven continents. Probably the greatest signifier of his teaching ability was the “Basolo 70” symposium, which celebrated the concurrent achievements of turning 70 and being named emeritus. The symposium was attended by 200 former students, colleagues and friends, several from foreign countries. A collection of cards and letters can be found in the biographical section of this collection. Unfortunately, the Archive's collection is lacking most of his teaching materials as he donated them to colleagues around the time he was named emeritus and his teaching load was diminished.

Aside from his teaching responsibility, Basolo operated a successful lab and research group. Many of his graduate students published findings of experiments run while under his tutelage. Basolo also hired dozens of post-doctorates to help around his lab. In his correspondence files, there are several folders for the post-graduate research assistants, many of whom are from foreign countries. The majority of Basolo's own publications stem from research done while running the lab.

Basolo's work in chemistry also extended beyond NU. Basolo belonged to several professional organizations tied to chemistry, most notably the American Chemical Society (the largest scientific society in the world) and the National Academy of Sciences. Basolo regularly attended and presented at meetings, sat on committees (ranging from periodic table nomenclature committees to task forces charged with studying the general chemistry curriculum, to award committees) and even co-founded the Gordon Research Conferences in Inorganic Chemistry (which the Chemical Heritage Society published a book about). Basolo sat on the editorial board for nearly every major chemistry publication devoted to inorganic chemistry, including some foreign language publications. Internationally, his ability as a chemist gained enough recognition for him to join several foreign chemical societies (two in his native homeland, Italy) and helped to forge a scientific community between the United States and the People's Republic of China. He was a fellow of the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, touring and giving lectures in 1979, and NATO Senior Scientist in Italy in 1981, and a Humboldt Senior Scientist in Germany.

One of his greatest accomplishments was his election to presidency of the ACS. After serving as the chair of the inorganic division in 1970 and serving the division's executive board in 1971, and despite initially not declaring himself in the race, Basolo ran as a petition candidate and won by an overwhelming majority. Between 1982 and 1984, Basolo was president and made education the theme of his term. He worked to close the gap between high school and college curriculums, to rework the national curriculum, and raise awareness of chemical education throughout the nation. For the society, he took the bold, and unpopular, initiative to reduce the number of national meetings and committees. Basolo tried to implement regulations that would allow new chemist to hold positions and committee chairs, and that would increase the overall membership. Though he was largely unsuccessful at untrenching the stalwart chemists, he made a stance that other presidents would try to follow. As the face of the ACS, Basolo often met with several high ranking members of the American political system, including President and Mrs. Reagan. When President Reagan's scientific advisory board was formed, Basolo made sure that chemist were well represented. Basolo also spearheaded a campaign to have the term “chemical people” removed from a PBS special Mrs. Reagan was running on drug use. Though most of his large scale changes were met with resistance and eventually defeated, Basolo's time in office saw membership raise and the beginnings of change.

Aside from his excellent teaching record and extensive service to the chemical community, Basolo's impact on chemistry is most tangible in his more than 380 publications. Beside a multitude of articles co-authored by colleagues, research assistants and graduate students, Basolo also co-authored Mechanisms of Inorganic Reactions, with Ralph G. Pearson and Coordination Chemistry with R.C. Johnson. Both books have been extensively translated with Coordination Chemistry being translated into eight languages alone. Coordination Chemistry, a first year text book, had two editions - 1964 and 1984 - and was widely used in introductory chemistry courses for many years. In 2003, John Burmeister and Basolo edited a collection of his published articles for volume 13 in a series on well known chemist titled, On Being Well-Coordinated: A Half Century of Research. Outside of scientific publications, Basolo has been extensively interviewed, the most notable of which was published by The Chemical Heritage Foundation, as well as having written several articles on issues pertaining to education, chemistry's reputation, and chemistry's impact on society. Basolo's published research garnered him several notable honors including several fellowships and grants for the National Science Foundation, the ACS Award for Research in Inorganic Chemistry, the first Bailar Medal, Southern Illinois Alumni Achievement Award, the ACS Award for Distinguished Service in Inorganic Chemistry, Italian Chemical Society Award for Research in Inorganic Chemistry, the Harry and Carol Mosher Award, the Padova University Medal, the Chinese Chemical Society Medal, the Chemical Pioneer Award, the American Institute of Chemist Gold Medal, the Willard Gibbs Medal, the SIU Obelisk Leadership Award, and the Priestly Medal (The American Chemical Societies highest honor).

Until health concerns kept him from coming to campus, Basolo was a loyal member of Northwestern's faculty. Despite several competing offers, Basolo only considered leaving once when Texas Christian University offered him the Robert A. Welch chair in chemistry. At the last minute, NU offered him a comparable package and he gladly accepted. Northwestern University was important to Basolo: he spent his whole career here, donated thousands of dollars to the University, and was an avid football fan, often closing many of his letters with remarks about how NU's team was going to beat whatever school with which he was corresponding. Over the course of his life, Basolo amassed a considerable number of contacts, many of who he kept in touch with until his last days here, often times refusing the ease of email for a typed or hand written letter. Among his individual contacts one will find several prominent chemists including some Nobel Prize winners (namely Henry Taube, Richard Ernst and E.O. Fischer).

Basolo's wife, Mary, died in a car accident in 1997. Fred Basolo died on February 27, 2007 leaving behind four children: Mary Catherine, Fred Jr., Elizabeth and Margaret, and several grandchildren.

See also:

Basolo, Fred. From Coello to Inorganic Chemistry: a Lifetime of Reactions. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum, 2002.


Scope and Content

The Fred Basolo papers consist of biographical, correspondence, teaching, and publication files. Correspondence files dating between 1942 and 2006, and publications (bound and loose) comprise the majority of the papers. While there is little documentation of Basolo's teaching, the awards and commemorative letters he received (especially for his seventieth birthday) reflect his impact on his students. Basolo's extensive correspondence documents his personality and his interactions with other scientists and scientific organizations such as the ACS.

The biographical material, spanning from 1941 to 2005, is arranged into categories with the general biographical files first. This section holds his curriculum vitae, publication lists, date books, assorted news paper clippings, certificates and information regarding his national security clearances. Following that is a section of files pertaining to “Basolo 70”, a symposium dedicated to Basolo's concurrent 70th birthday and being named emeritus professor. These files contain several letters pertaining to the creation of the symposium and the eventual transformation into an award series, dozens of congratulatory cards and letters, and some financial documents showing the funds raised to defer cost of foreign guests. Basolo's education is represented by a copy of his master's thesis. Individual files document the many awards he received and guest lectures he presented between 1959 and 2005. Two of the awards, namely the Willard Gibbs Award and the Priestly Medal are given to award the greatest achievement in the field of chemistry. The general biographical files are arranged with the most specific subject files first, while the other subcategories are arranged alphabetically.

The largest category of the collection is the correspondence files, which date between 1942 and 2006. These files demonstrate the wide variety of contacts Basolo kept, several of which are of some notoriety, including industrial, academic and governmental chemists, former students and post-doctorate research assistants. In this section, the files are arranged first by subject, then alphabetically; within each folder the contents are in chronological order. After a small personal correspondence section containing letters and emails to his cousins and children, as well as some correspondence relating to the upkeep of his house and the purchase of a boat, the section continues into correspondence files dealing with Northwestern University - the department of chemistry, the college of arts and sciences, and the committees on which he served. Following that is a section of offers made by other companies and universities, including Basolo's first job at Rohm-Haas. The collection progresses into the professional and scholarly contacts, which are subdivided into more specific subject files. The general professional and scholarly correspondence comes first, including any evaluations, letters of recommendation and referee reports for journals (the latter two are restricted). The next files pertain to any award committees on which Basolo sat, and some major awards he has nominated others for (including the Nobel Prize). The next section, and the largest section contained in boxes seven through eleven, is the individual correspondence files. Arranged alphabetically by the surname of the individual, the files pertain to colleagues (both here at Northwestern and other Universities around the country), former students, and corporate contacts. Some of these files are small and hold no more than correspondence surrounding a student's admittance into Northwestern University, or a post-doctorate's hire; while others are quite lengthy and include both professional and personal correspondence. Following that is the section holding correspondence related to any professional organizations to which Basolo belonged, again with the more general files first and the specific sections organized alphabetically. In the professional organization subsection, the correspondence files for the ACS, NAS and NSF can be found, arranged alphabetically by subject. Both the corporations and court cases Basolo acted as an advisor for follow the professional organization files. Lastly, this section contains files chronicling his extensive travels as visiting professor.

The teaching files are small for the nature of this collection, containing mostly general lectures, notes, overheads, and classes taught late in his career. This is not because Basolo did not teach much, but rather, as indicated in his correspondence files, he gave away much of his teaching material in 1990 when he was named emeritus professor. Much of the material present does pertain to his most popular lecture on the history of inorganic chemistry.

The last section of the collection is files pertaining to his impressive list of publications. For convenience, a list of publications in chronological order is filed at the beginning of this section. There are two subsections: the first contains reprints of all of his articles, most bound in four separate volumes organized chronologically by date of publication. Unbound articles are also organized chronologically, and some specific notes about a few articles that were more of a historical aspect follow the reprints. The second subsection contains files surrounding his books, including several files dealing with his autobiography, and the Chinese translation. In some cases, books or compilations dedicated to Basolo but not containing material written by him are represented by the cover and title page alone.

Addition, Sub-Series 1

This addition to the papers of Fred Basolo features biographical materials, including Basolo's Southern Illinois University undergraduate yearbooks, The Obelisk; records of his 1990 receipt of the Mosher Award; articles in the Southern Illinois Alumni publication, Southern Alumni, and in Chemical and Engineering News regarding his Priestly Medal award; and his comments as President of the American Chemical Society, as published in Chemical and Engineering News. Also included are: a photograph album documenting several of Basolo's trips to China and an oversized 85th birthday card from the participants in the Gordon Research Conference of 2005.

Arrangement of Materials

This collection is arranged first by subject, then alphabetically; within each folder the contents are in chronological order. Series include biographical, correspondence, teaching and publications.


Corporate Name

Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Department of Chemistry--Faculty

Personal Name

Basolo, Fred, 1920-2007


Chemistry, Inorganic--History--20th century

Chemistry--Study and teaching (Higher)

Chemists--United States

Container List / Contents

  • Biographical
    • Curriculum Vitae and Publication lists, 1950-2003Box 1, Folder 1
    • Date books, 2005-2006Box 1, Folder 2
    • Assorted Clippings, 1974-1997Box 1, Folder 3
    • Certificates, 1964-2001Box 1, Folder 4
    • Security Clearances, 1965-1971Box 1, Folder 5
    • Basolo 70
      • “Basolo 70” Symposium (folder 1), 1989-1990Box 1, Folder 6
      • “Basolo 70” Symposium (folder 2), 1990-1991Box 1, Folder 7
      • News clippings, 1990Box 1, Folder 8
      • Publications dedicated to “Basolo 70”, 1990Box 1, Folder 9
      • Financial Documents, 1989-1991Box 1, Folder 10
      • “Basolo 70” bound correspondence, 1990Box 1, Folder 11
      • Cards, 1990Box 2, Folder 1
    • Education
      • Education: University of Illinois (thesis), 1941-1942Box 2, Folder 2
    • Awards
      • General Awards, 1978-2001Box 2, Folder 3
      • General Nominations: Failed (including Nobel Prize), 1984-2000Box 2, Folder 4
      • ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry, 1975Box 2, Folder 5
      • ACS Award for Inorganic Chemistry, 1963-1964Box 2, Folder 6
      • AIC Gold Medal Award, 1993-2005Box 2, Folder 7
      • Willard Gibbs Medal, 1977-2000Box 2, Folder 8
      • Honoris Causa degree from Università di Palermo, 1997Box 2, Folder 9
      • Honoris Causa degree from Università di Turin, 1988Box 2, Folder 10
      • Humboldt Research Award for Senior U.S. Scientist, 1990-1993Box 2, Folder 11
      • Inorganica Chimica Acta Basolo Honor Special Edition, 1995Box 2, Folder 12
      • Mosher Award, 1990-1991Box 2, Folder 13
      • James Flack Norris Award, 1981Box 2, Folder 14
      • Pimental Award, 1991-1992Box 2, Folder 15
      • Priestly Medal (folder 1), 1992-2000Box 2, Folder 16
      • Priestly Medal (folder 2), 2001Box 3, Folder 1
      • Southern Illinois University Honorary Doctorate, 1984-1985Box 3, Folder 2
      • Southern Illinois University Foundation Obelisk Leadership Award, 2000Box 3, Folder 3
    • Lectures
      • General Guest Lectures (folder 1), 1959-1993Box 3, Folder 4
      • General Guest Lectures (folder 2), 1993-1996Box 3, Folder 5
      • General Guest Lectures (folder 3), 1997-2003Box 3, Folder 6
      • Basolo Lectures/Medal, Northwestern University, 1991-2003Box 3, Folder 7
      • Basolo Lectures/Medal Financial Documents, 1991-2003Box 3, Folder 8
      • Joel Broberg Lecture, North Dakota State University, 1996Box 3, Folder 9
      • Joseph Chatt Lecture, Royal Society of Chemist, London, 1996Box 3, Folder 10
      • Oesper Memorial Lecture, University of Cincinnati, 1983Box 3, Folder 11
      • Probst Lecture, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, 1996-1997Box 4, Folder 1
      • Zuffanti Memorial Lecture, 1981Box 4, Folder 2
  • Correspondence
    • General Personal Correspondence, 1984-2003Box 4, Folder 3
    • Northwestern Correspondence
      • Department of Chemistry, 1993-2004Box 4, Folder 4
      • College of Arts and Science (Liberal Arts) folder 1, 1946-1986Box 4, Folder 5
      • College of Arts and Science (Liberal Arts) folder 2, 1987-2002Box 4, Folder 6
      • Intercollegiate Athletic Committee (chair 1976-1977), 1975-1996Box 4, Folder 7
    • Job Offers
      • General, 1972-1986Box 4, Folder 8
      • Rohm and Haas Company, 1942-1946Box 4, Folder 9
      • Texas Christian University, Robert A. Welch chair in Chemistry, 1986-1987Box 4, Folder 10
      • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1979Box 4, Folder 11
    • Professional and Scholarly
      • General Contact Information, n.d.Box 4, Folder 12
      • PhD Advisee and Postdoc Lists, 1981-1991Box 4, Folder 13
      • General Professional Correspondence (folder 1), n.d.-1979Box 4, Folder 14
      • General Professional Correspondence (folder 2), 1980-1992Box 4, Folder 15
      • General Professional Correspondence (folder 3), 1993-1995Box 5, Folder 1
      • General Professional Correspondence (folder 4), 1996-2003Box 5, Folder 2
      • Evaluation: Various Chemistry Departments, 1973-1996Box 5, Folder 3
      • Evaluation: Carnagie-Mellon University, department. of Chemistry, 1972-1975Box 5, Folder 4
      • Evaluation: Chicago State University, Minority Research Center for Excellence, 1987-1988Box 5, Folder 5
      • Letters of Recommendation, 1981-1987Box 5, Folder 6
      • Letters of Recommendation, 1992-1995Box 5, Folder 7
      • Letters of Recommendation, 1996-2005Box 5, Folder 8
      • Referee Reports: Publication Manuscripts and Grant Proposals (folder 1), 1993-1995Box 5, Folder 9
      • Referee Reports: Publication Manuscripts and Grant Proposals (folder 2), 1995-2003Box 5, Folder 10
      • Referee Reports: NATO Research Grant Programme, 1968-1988Box 6, Folder 1
    • Award Committees
      • Alpha Chi Sigma (AΣX) Award, 1980-1985Box 6, Folder 2
      • John C. Bailer Award and Symposium, 1991-2005Box 6, Folder 3
      • Basolo Medal, 2000-2005Box 6, Folder 4
      • Basolo Medal and Basolo Discretionary Fund Documents, 1999-2006Box 6, Folder 5
      • Basolo-Oesper Award, 1983-1995Box 6, Folder 6
      • Chemical Pioneers Award (Chair, 1991-1996), 1991-2003Box 6, Folder 7
      • Willard Gibbs Medal (jury 1977-1981), 1977-2003Box 6, Folder 8
      • Inorganic Synthesis Award (Pres. of Inorganic Synthesis Inc. 1979-1981), 1979-1998Box 6, Folder 9
      • Japan Prize, 1995Box 6, Folder 10
      • Nobel Prize Nominations (folder 1), 1983-1996Box 6, Folder 11
      • Nobel Prize Nominations (folder 2), 1997-2004Box 6, Folder 12
      • Priestly Medal Committee, 1989-1990Box 6, Folder 13
      • Richards Medal Committee, 1991-1994Box 6, Folder 14
      • Waterman Award, 1985-1986Box 6, Folder 15
      • Welch Award (including nominations for Basolo), 1985-2002Box 6, Folder 16
      • Who's Who Publications (Board Member, America, 1983-1995Box 7, Folder 1
      • Wolf Prize (Chair, 1980), 1980-1991Box 7, Folder 2
    • Individuals
      • Ahrland, Sten, 1955-1968Box 7, Folder 3
      • Anderson, David, 1967-1998Box 7, Folder 4
      • Angelici, Robert J., 1964-2004Box 7, Folder 5
      • Ansari, M. Asim, 1994-1995Box 7, Folder 6
      • Baddley, William H., 1965-1998Box 7, Folder 7
      • Bader, Alfred, 1991-2006Box 7, Folder 8
      • Bailer, John C., 1971-1991Box 7, Folder 9
      • Bailey, William J., 1981-1982Box 7, Folder 10
      • Baker, Bernard R., 1966Box 7, Folder 11
      • Baker, Dale B., 1982-1986Box 7, Folder 12
      • Baker, R. Tom, 1986Box 7, Folder 13
      • Baldwin, Jack E., 1974-1983Box 7, Folder 14
      • Baldwin, Margaret, 1962-1971Box 7, Folder 15
      • Banerjea, D., 1973-2003Box 7, Folder 16
      • Bang, Hyochoon, 1989-1992Box 7, Folder 17
      • Bauer, Robert A., 1967-1973Box 7, Folder 18
      • Beattie, James K., 1966-1989Box 7, Folder 19
      • Belluco, Umberto, 1965-2006Box 7, Folder 20
      • Bjerrum, Jannik, 1964-1993Box 7, Folder 21
      • Bor, György, 1966-1995Box 7, Folder 22
      • Bounsall, Edwin J., 1961-1966Box 7, Folder 23
      • Brault, Albert T., 1962-2000Box 7, Folder 24
      • Breitschaft, Siegfried, 1964-1966Box 7, Folder 25
      • Broomhead, John, 1962-1997Box 7, Folder 26
      • Budge, John, 1976-1981Box 7, Folder 27
      • Burmeister, John L., 1968-2005Box 8, Folder 1
      • Busch, Daryle, 1993-1999Box 8, Folder 2
      • Butler, Ian S., 1966-2000Box 8, Folder 3
      • Carter, Mark J., 1970Box 8, Folder 4
      • Carter, Steven T., 1986-1987Box 8, Folder 5
      • Castor, William S., Jr., 1969-1998Box 8, Folder 6
      • Chang Chi-Yen, 1980-1981Box 8, Folder 7
      • Chatt, Joseph, 1954-2000Box 8, Folder 8
      • Chen Qiaquing, 1987Box 8, Folder 9
      • Chen Tian-Lang, 1980-1998Box 8, Folder 10
      • Chen Y.T. and family, 1980-2001Box 8, Folder 11
      • Cheong Minsek, 1986-1991Box 8, Folder 12
      • Chi Liang-Nien, 1982Box 8, Folder 13
      • Clarkson, Steve, 1969-1997Box 8, Folder 14
      • Cohen, Irvin, 1964-2003Box 8, Folder 15
      • Cotton, F. A., 1982-2005Box 8, Folder 16
      • Crumbliss, Alvin, 1967-2003Box 8, Folder 17
      • Dahn, Hans, 1989-1990Box 8, Folder 18
      • Day, J.P., 1966-1984Box 8, Folder 19
      • Diemente, Damon, 1987-1998Box 8, Folder 20
      • Dhor, S. K., 1963-1964Box 8, Folder 21
      • Dokiya Masayuki, 1967-1968Box 8, Folder 22
      • Druding, Leonard, 1960-1964Box 8, Folder 23
      • Edgington, David, 1960-1966Box 8, Folder 24
      • Ellis, Paul, 1990-1994Box 8, Folder 25
      • Ellison, Herbert, 1959-1960Box 8, Folder 26
      • Engelhardt, Lutz, 1970-1974Box 8, Folder 27
      • El-Awady, Abbas A., 1973-1984Box 8, Folder 28
      • Ernst, Richard, 1982-1998Box 8, Folder 29
      • Feinberg, Melvyn, 1960-1965Box 8, Folder 30
      • Fischer, E. O., 1958-1990Box 8, Folder 31
      • Freeman, Jeff, 1988-1998Box 8, Folder 32
      • Funke, Lawrence A., 1976-2001Box 8, Folder 33
      • Gafney, Harry D., 1972-1995Box 8, Folder 34
      • Gao Yici, 1986-1993Box 9, Folder 1
      • Goddard, John, 1969-1985Box 9, Folder 2
      • Gray, Harry, 1959-2006Box 9, Folder 3
      • Hallian, Noel, 1986-1990Box 9, Folder 4
      • Hamilton, James B., 1964-1994Box 9, Folder 5
      • Hashimoto, Toshiaki, 1979-1991Box 9, Folder 6
      • Hawthorne, Fred, 1991-2002Box 9, Folder 7
      • Heiber, Walter, 1969Box 9, Folder 8
      • Henry, Patrick, 1999Box 9, Folder 9
      • Hoq, M. Fazul, 1988-1994Box 9, Folder 10
      • Hughes, Russell P., 1991-1993Box 9, Folder 11
      • Ibers, James A., 1976-1998Box 9, Folder 12
      • Jensen, Arne, 1960-1971Box 9, Folder 13
      • Jezowska-Trzebiatowska, B., 1972-1973Box 9, Folder 14
      • Ji Liang-Nian, 1982-2004Box 9, Folder 15
      • Johnson, Ed, 1977-1982Box 9, Folder 16
      • Johnson, Ronald C., 1964-1983Box 9, Folder 17
      • Johnson, Stephen E., 1991-1995Box 9, Folder 18
      • Johnson, Susan A., 1962Box 9, Folder 19
      • Johnston, Ron D., 1968-1971Box 9, Folder 20
      • Jones, Bob, 1974-1979Box 9, Folder 21
      • Jouan, Michel, 1967-1971Box 9, Folder 22
      • Kane-Maguire, Leon A. P., 1969-1990Box 9, Folder 23
      • Keeton, David P., 1967-2003Box 9, Folder 24
      • Kennedy, J. Rory, 1983-1996Box 9, Folder 25
      • Kershner, David, 1984-1988Box 9, Folder 26
      • Kipp, Dale O., n.d.Box 9, Folder 27
      • Klabunde, Ulrich, 1964-1997Box 9, Folder 28
      • Knapp, Edward A., 1984Box 9, Folder 29
      • Kolis, Joseph, 1981-1998Box 9, Folder 30
      • Kowaleski, Ruth, 1985-1999Box 9, Folder 31
      • Lane, Bruce, 1970Box 9, Folder 32
      • Lange, Bruce A., 1974Box 9, Folder 33
      • Leal, Orlando, 1976-1991Box 9, Folder 34
      • Li, George Y., 1995-2003Box 9, Folder 35
      • Lichtenberger, Dennis L., 1987-1990Box 10, Folder 1
      • Linard, Jack E., 1983Box 10, Folder 2
      • Lofquist, Marvin, 1968-1973Box 10, Folder 3
      • Lynch, Thomas J., 1989-1991Box 10, Folder 4
      • Maggio, Francesco, 1963-1995Box 10, Folder 5
      • Magyar, John, 1969-1973Box 10, Folder 6
      • Maples, Peter K., 1989-1993Box 10, Folder 7
      • Marder, Todd B., 1988-2005Box 10, Folder 8
      • Marks, Tobin, 2005Box 10, Folder 9
      • Mawby, Roger, 1968-1972Box 10, Folder 10
      • McDonald, John W., 1964-1995Box 10, Folder 11
      • Meier, Max, 1966-2001Box 10, Folder 12
      • Messing, Aubrey F., 1967-1998Box 10, Folder 13
      • Minkel, Daniel T., 1975-1976Box 10, Folder 14
      • Monacelli, Fabrizio, 1960-1968Box 10, Folder 15
      • Moore, Peter, 1966-1984Box 10, Folder 16
      • Morelli, Giancarlo, 1987-1995Box 10, Folder 17
      • Morris, Donald E., 1968-1998Box 10, Folder 18
      • Morris, Melvin, 1958-1963Box 10, Folder 19
      • Muetterties, Earl, 1981-1984Box 10, Folder 20
      • Murmann, R. Kent, 1964-2004Box 10, Folder 21
      • Myers, Victor, 1967-1976Box 10, Folder 22
      • Nicolini, Mariano, 1967-2001Box 10, Folder 23
      • Palmer, Jay, 1964-2004Box 10, Folder 24
      • Palmer, Todd, 1982-1988Box 10, Folder 25
      • Panasyuk, V. D., 1965Box 10, Folder 26
      • Panunzi, Achille, 1966-2000Box 10, Folder 27
      • Pawson, David, 1973-1975Box 10, Folder 28
      • Pearson, Ralph G., 1965-2003Box 10, Folder 29
      • Petering, David, 1968-1992Box 10, Folder 30
      • Pionke, Robert, 1990Box 10, Folder 31
      • Pöe, Anthony J., 1960-1992Box 10, Folder 32
      • Poskozim, Paul S., 1986-1987Box 10, Folder 33
      • Raymond, Ken, 1973-2005Box 10, Folder 34
      • Reed, Jim, 1970-1998Box 10, Folder 35
      • Rerek, Mark, 1981-2003Box 10, Folder 36
      • Richmond, Thomas, 1980-1998Box 10, Folder 37
      • Rillema, D. Paul, 1973-1980Box 11, Folder 1
      • Roundhill, D. Mark, 1994-1997Box 11, Folder 2
      • Rund, John V., 1961-1973Box 11, Folder 3
      • Schäffer, Claus, 1993-2004Box 11, Folder 4
      • Schmidt, Steve, 1980-1998Box 11, Folder 5
      • Schmidtke, Hans-Herbert, 1960-1994Box 11, Folder 6
      • Schuster-Wolden, Hans George, 1964-2001Box 11, Folder 7
      • Seiden, Lester, 1966Box 11, Folder 8
      • Shen Jian-Kun, 1988-1999Box 11, Folder 9
      • Sheridan, Peter, 1973-1995Box 11, Folder 10
      • Shi Qi-Zhan, 1980-2004Box 11, Folder 11
      • Shimizu, Makoto, 1981-1984Box 11, Folder 12
      • Shriver, Duward F., 1964-1990Box 11, Folder 13
      • Stauffer, Kelly, 1984Box 11, Folder 14
      • Stephen, Keith, 1964-1996Box 11, Folder 15
      • Stone, Bobbi D., 1984Box 11, Folder 16
      • Studer, Tobias, 1966-1967Box 11, Folder 17
      • Sulfab, Yousef, 1987-1998Box 11, Folder 18
      • Summerville, David, 1975-1985Box 11, Folder 19
      • Szymanski, Thomas, 1974-1976Box 11, Folder 20
      • Tanner, Stephen Peter, 1965-1973Box 11, Folder 21
      • Taylor, Geneva S. (Hammaker), 1963-1965Box 11, Folder 22
      • Terrell, Richard, 1971Box 11, Folder 23
      • Thackray, Arnold, 2003-2006Box 11, Folder 24
      • Thompson, Mark A., 1972-1976Box 11, Folder 25
      • Thorsteinson, Erlind, 1966-1990Box 11, Folder 26
      • Venkatasubramanian, P. N., 1980-1995Box 11, Folder 27
      • Vlcek, Antonin A., 1963-2003Box 11, Folder 28
      • Voss, Erik J., 1993-1994Box 11, Folder 29
      • Wang, Frances, 1971Box 11, Folder 30
      • Wawersik, Henning, 1967-1968Box 11, Folder 31
      • Weaver, Thomas Ray, 1969-1999Box 11, Folder 32
      • Weick, Charles F., 1965-1972Box 11, Folder 33
      • Weidenbaum, Kevin Joel, 1964-1970Box 11, Folder 34
      • Weschler, Charles J., 1972-1997Box 11, Folder 35
      • Witherspoon, John F., 1990-1991Box 11, Folder 36
      • Wojcicki, Andrew, 1958-2001Box 11, Folder 37
      • Yamada Shoichiro, 1959-1961Box 11, Folder 38
      • Yamamoto Ken'ichi, 1978-1993Box 11, Folder 39
      • Yünlü, Kenan, 1983-1991Box 11, Folder 40
      • Zhang Songsheng, 1990-1994Box 11, Folder 41
      • Zingales, Frano, 1964-1993Box 11, Folder 42
    • Professional Organizations
      • Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Italian National Academy of Science), 1987-2001Box 12, Folder 1
      • Air Force: Headquarters Aeronautical Systems Division, 1972-1974Box 12, Folder 2
      • Air Force: Office of Science Research, 1965-1969Box 12, Folder 3
      • American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), 1980-2005Box 12, Folder 4
      • American Institute of Chemist (AIC), 1982-1983Box 12, Folder 5
      • Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), 1949-1971Box 12, Folder 6
      • Bioinorganic Chemistry/Inorganic Biochemistry editorial board, 1970-1979Box 12, Folder 7
      • Charles F. Kittering Research Laboratory, 1973-1974Box 12, Folder 8
      • Chemtracts (editor-in-chief 2000), 1986-2004Box 12, Folder 9
      • Committee on Scholastic Communication with the People's Republic of China (CSCPRC), 1980Box 12, Folder 10
      • Coordination Chemistry Reviews (CCR), 1970-2001Box 12, Folder 11
      • Gordon Research Conferences (chairman 1975-1976), 1970-2003Box 12, Folder 12
      • Inorganica Chimica Acta, Associate Editor, 1967-2003Box 12, Folder 13
      • Inorganic Synthesis, Inc. (President 1980), 1975-1999Box 12, Folder 14
      • International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC), 1982-1998Box 12, Folder 15
      • ICCC Presentation: “Early History of Metal Carbonyl Complexes”, 1998Box 12, Folder 16
      • Institute for Chemical Education (ICE), 1985-1989Box 12, Folder 17
      • Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), 1979Box 12, Folder 18
      • Kentucky Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), 1988-1995Box 12, Folder 19
      • Molecular Catalysis (editorial board 1976-1979), 1974-1985Box 12, Folder 20
      • National Institutes of Health (NIH): Grant “Synthetic Oxygen Carriers”, 1970-1982Box 12, Folder 21
      • National Institutes of Health (NIH): Medicinal Chemistry B Study Section, 1969-1972Box 13, Folder 1
      • National Italian American Foundation, 1999Box 13, Folder 2
      • Pew Science Program, 1987-1988Box 13, Folder 3
      • Phi Lambda Upsilon (F??), 1977-1985Box 13, Folder 4
      • Società Chimica Italiana (Italian Chemical Society, SCI) Honorary Member, 1980-1981Box 13, Folder 5
      • Third World Academy of Science (TWAS), 1989-1991Box 13, Folder 6
      • American Chemical Society (ACS)
        • General Correspondence, 1980-2005Box 13, Folder 7
        • Accounts of Chemical Research, Editorial Board, 1967-1995Box 13, Folder 8
        • American Chemical Society - Società Chimica Italiana joint lecture (task force chairman 1994-1996), 1994-1997Box 13, Folder 9
        • Award Committees and Policies, 1974-1985Box 13, Folder 10
        • Award Lists, 2000-2003Box 13, Folder 11
        • Award Nominations, 1982-1995Box 13, Folder 12
        • Board of Directors, 1982-1985Box 13, Folder 13
        • Business Newsmaker's Show, hosted by Ben Larson, 1983Box 13, Folder 14
        • Center for History of Chemistry (CHOC), 1981-1993Box 13, Folder 15
        • Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN), 1982-1984Box 13, Folder 16
        • Chemical Review, 1979-1997Box 13, Folder 17
        • Committee on Committees, 1982-1985Box 13, Folder 18
        • Committee on Professional Training (CPT), 1982-1985Box 14, Folder 1
        • Corporation Associates Committee, 1982-1983Box 14, Folder 2
        • Council for Chemical Research, 1981-1983Box 14, Folder 3
        • Council of Past Presidents, 1986Box 14, Folder 4
        • Council Reports, 1984-1985Box 14, Folder 5
        • Department of Energy (DOE), 1983-1984Box 14, Folder 6
        • Division of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 1982-1983Box 14, Folder 7
        • Division of Chemical Education: General, 1980-1984Box 14, Folder 8
        • Division of Chemical Education: Inorganic Chemistry in the Curriculum, 1978-1986Box 14, Folder 9
        • Division of Chemical Education: Task Force on General Chemistry Curriculum, 1989-1990Box 14, Folder 10
        • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 1983Box 14, Folder 11
        • Inorganic Chemistry Board of Editors, 1969-1980Box 14, Folder 12
        • International Activities, 1982-1984Box 14, Folder 13
        • Membership, 1982-1984Box 14, Folder 14
        • National Meetings (number of), 1981-1984Box 14, Folder 15
        • Periodic Table, 1963-1984Box 14, Folder 16
        • Petroleum Research Fund (PRF) Advisory Board, 1969Box 15, Folder 1
        • Petroleum Research Fund (PRF) Grant: “Kinetics and Mechanisms of Substitution Reaction of Metal Carbonyls”, 1980-1986Box 15, Folder 2
        • Political Correspondence: General, 1983-1996Box 15, Folder 3
        • Political Correspondence: Senate Hearing “US Science and Technology Budget Under Stress”, 1981-1982Box 15, Folder 4
        • Political Correspondence: Keyworth, G.A. (Science Advisor to Pres. Reagan), 1981-1984Box 15, Folder 5
        • Political Correspondence: President and Mrs. Reagan, 1981-1984Box 15, Folder 6
        • President-elect: Election, 1981Box 15, Folder 7
        • President-elect: Congratulations, 1981-1982Box 15, Folder 8
        • President-elect: Press releases and clippings, 1981-1982Box 15, Folder 9
        • President: General, 1983Box 15, Folder 10
        • President: Congratulations, 1983Box 15, Folder 11
        • President: Press releases and clippings, 1983-1984Box 15, Folder 12
        • Public Relations: Government/Industry/Academy, 1982-1983Box 15, Folder 13
        • Visiting Scholar, 1968-1969Box 15, Folder 14
        • Cotton, F.A., 1982-1983Box 15, Folder 15
        • Crum, John (ACS Executive Director 1983), 1981-1984Box 15, Folder 16
        • Hader, Rodeny H. (ACS Secretary), 1981-1983Box 15, Folder 17
        • Parry, Robert W. (ACS President 1982), 1982-1984Box 15, Folder 18
      • National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
        • General, 1979-2005Box 16, Folder 1
        • Board on Chemical Science and Technology (BCST)[former Committee on Chemical Sciences (CCS)], 1980-1999Box 16, Folder 2
        • Committee on Nuclear and Radiochemistry, 1992-1993Box 16, Folder 3
        • Pimentel Report, 1982-1992Box 16, Folder 4
        • Press, Frank (President NAS), 1984Box 16, Folder 5
      • National Science Foundation (NSF)
        • General File, 1961-1990Box 16, Folder 6
        • Fellowship, 1989Box 16, Folder 7
        • Grant: “The Preparation and Properties of Some Complex Compounds Containing Coordinated Fluoride Ions”, 1952-1954Box 16, Folder 8
        • Grant: “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Metal Complexes”, 1957-1958Box 16, Folder 9
        • Grant: “Carbon Monoxide Exchange and Substitution Reaction of Metal Carbonyls”, 1960-1971Box 16, Folder 10
        • Grant: “Synthesis and Mechanisms of Reactions of Organometallic Compounds of Transition Metals” (with E.O. Fischer), 1963-1970Box 16, Folder 11
        • Grant: “Metal Nitrene Chemistry and Complexes of Molecular Nitrogen”, 1970-1979Box 16, Folder 12
        • Grant: “Catalytic Reactivity of Dioxygen Metal Complexes”, 1976-1977Box 16, Folder 13
        • Grant: “Mechanistic Studies of Organometallic Complexes” (folder 1), 1982Box 16, Folder 14
        • Grant: “Mechanistic Studies of Organometallic Complexes” (folder 2), 1983-1987Box 16, Folder 15
        • Grant: “Kinetics and Mechanisms of Oxygen Atom Transfer Reaction to Metal Carbonyls”, 1985-1992Box 16, Folder 16
        • Grant: “Synthesis and Mechanisms of Ligand Substitution Reactions of Organometallic Complexes” (folder 1), 1986-1987Box 16, Folder 17
        • Grant: “Synthesis and Mechanisms of Ligand Substitution Reactions of Organometallic Complexes” (folder 2), 1987-1992Box 17, Folder 1
        • General Travel Grants, 1964-1971Box 17, Folder 2
    • Corporations
      • Abbott Labs, 1975-1982Box 17, Folder 3
      • Amoco Chemical Corporation, 1974Box 17, Folder 4
      • Eastman Kodak Company, 1971-1976Box 17, Folder 5
      • Matthey Bishop/Johnson Matthey, Inc., 1969-1987Box 17, Folder 6
      • Lever Research, Inc., 1986-1988Box 17, Folder 7
      • Travenol Laboratories, Inc., 1987Box 17, Folder 8
    • Legal
      • Engelhard Corporation v. Degussa Corporation, 1968Box 17, Folder 9
      • Patent Suit: Love, Henkle, Levstik, Coral, 1990Box 17, Folder 10
      • SafeCo (Basolo) v. Tyrrell/Dockery v. Basolo, 1984-1987Box 17, Folder 11
      • Stauffer Chemical Company v. Monsanto Company, 1985-1988Box 17, Folder 12
    • Travel Correspondence
      • General travel, 1988-2000Box 17, Folder 13
      • China (folder 1), 1978-1985Box 17, Folder 14
      • China (folder 2), 1988-1996Box 17, Folder 15
      • India, 1979-1980Box 17, Folder 16
      • Italy, 1981-2003Box 18, Folder 1
      • Japan, 1978-1979Box 18, Folder 2
      • Kuwait, 1984-1997Box 18, Folder 3
      • Russia, 1959-1996Box 18, Folder 4
      • Yugoslavia, 1986Box 18, Folder 5
  • Teaching
    • General handouts (folder 1), n.d.Box 18, Folder 6
    • General handouts (folder 2), n.d.Box 18, Folder 7
    • General lectures, n.d.Box 18, Folder 8
    • General lecture notes, n.d.Box 18, Folder 9
    • General overheads, n.d.Box 18, Folder 10
    • Lecture: “Coordination Chemistry in the USA since Alfred Werner”, n.d.Box 18, Folder 11
    • Lecture: “Renaissance and Frontiers in Inorganic Chemistry”, n.d.Box 18, Folder 12
    • Lecture: “Science is Not Magic: How Science Works”, n.d.Box 19, Folder 1
    • A02 (folder 1), 1989-1990Box 19, Folder 2
    • A02 (folder 2), 1989-1990Box 19, Folder 3
    • D35 General Lectures, n.d.Box 19, Folder 4
    • D35 Guest Lectures, 1971-1986Box 19, Folder 5
    • D35 (spring), 1988Box 19, Folder 6
    • D35 (spring), 1990Box 19, Folder 7
  • Publications
    • Publication List, n.d.Box 19, Folder 8
    • Articles
      • General, 1980-2005Box 19, Folder 9
      • Assorted Abstracts, n.d.Box 19, Folder 10
      • Reprints of publications, not found in bindings, 1954-1996Box 19, Folder 11
      • Reprints of publications in bindings but not the list, 1964Box 20, Folder 1
      • Bound Reprints, 1948-1963Box 20, Folder 2
      • Bound Reprints, 1964-1972Box 20, Folder 3
      • Bound Reprints, 1972-1984Box 20, Folder 4
      • Bound Reprints, 1985-1996Box 21, Folder 1
      • “Alfred Werner - Nobel Prize in 1903”, Fratelli Fabbri Editori, 1969Box 21, Folder 2
      • “'Cookers' in Chemistry” for Chemical Heritage Foundation, 2004Box 21, Folder 3
      • “Inorganic Chemistry” in Encyclopedia Britannica, Yearbook of Science, 1984-1990Box 21, Folder 4
      • “Scientific Meeting Explosion” in Accounts of Chemical Research Chemical and Engineering News, 1983Box 21, Folder 5
      • General Interviews, 1983-2001Box 21, Folder 6
    • Books
      • Collected Accounts of Transition Metals Vol. I & II, editor, 1973-1977Box 21, Folder 7
      • Coordination Chemistry (with Ronald C. Johnson), 1964-1971Box 21, Folder 8
      • From Coello to Chemistry General, 2002Box 21, Folder 9
      • From Coello to Chemistry Preface and Chapter 3, draft, 2000Box 21, Folder 10
      • From Coello to Chemistry Chapter 4, draft, 2000Box 21, Folder 11
      • From Coello to Chemistry Chapter 6, draft, 2000Box 22, Folder 1
      • From Coello to Chemistry Chapter 7 and Appendix, draft, 2000Box 22, Folder 2
      • From Coello to Chemistry (Chinese Edition), 2003-2005Box 22, Folder 3
      • Oral History Project Chemical Heritage Foundation, 1993-2003Box 22, Folder 4
      • Oral History Project bound edition, 1993Box 22, Folder 5
  • Addition
      Acquisition information:  Transferred to the University Archives by the Northwestern University Chemistry Department as part of Accession #07-137. Separated materials:  None. Conditions governing access:  One book authored by Basolo was removed and added to the University Archives Faculty Authors collection. Three plaques (American Chemical Society 15 years of membership, 1993; Floyd E. Bartell Memorial Lectureship, 1991; and Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary Chemical Society, 1977) were added to the artifacts collection. Nine large certificates and diplomas, including Basolo's Priestly Medal citation, were removed and added to the Archives' Diploma and Certificate files. A large number of photographs were also removed and added to the Archives' photograph files. Processor:  Robert F. Carlton; November 29, 2007 Description of the addition:  This addition to the papers of Fred Basolo features biographical materials, including Basolo’s Southern Illinois University undergraduate yearbooks, The Obelisk; records of his 1990 receipt of the Mosher Award; articles in the Southern Illinois Alumni publication, Southern Alumni, and in Chemical and Engineering News regarding his Priestly Medal award; and his comments as President of the American Chemical Society, as published in Chemical and Engineering News. Also included are: a photograph album documenting several of Basolo’s trips to China and an oversized 85th birthday card from the participants in the Gordon Research Conference of 2005.
    • Biographical Materials
      • Chemical and Engineering News, January 3, 1983Box 23, Folder 1
      • Chemical and Engineering News:Priestly Medal Address, April 9, 2001Box 23, Folder 2
      • Henry and Carol Mosher Award, 1990Box 23, Folder 3
      • The Obelisk, 1937Box 23, Folder 4
      • The Obelisk, 1938Box 23, Folder 5
      • The Obelisk, 1939Box 23, Folder 6
      • The Obelisk, 1940Box 23, Folder 7
      • Southern Alumni: The Right Chemistry, 2001Box 23, Folder 8
      • Certificates, Plaques and Photographs
          Contents:  Photo Album prepared by Professors Qizhen Shi, Liangnian Ji, and Yici Gao; Needlepoint of 13 cent “Chemistry” stamp; Certificate from Gordon Research Conference; Poster announcing the 2005 John C. Bailar, Jr. Chemistry at the University of Illinois; Poster announcing the 25th Bailar Award Symposium; and 85th birthday card.
        • Photo Album, Certificates, Plaques, n.d.Box 24