Guide to the Elizabeth Clarke Collection

Collection Title: Elizabeth Clarke Collection
Dates: 1980-1998
Identification: MS127
Creator: Clarke, Elizabeth, active 1980-1998
Extent: 17 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: Elizabeth Clarke, a resident of Lake Forest, Illinois, served on the Illinois Commission on the Status of Women and its successor, the Citizens Council on Women. Both councils reported to the Illinois General Assembly on issues important to women, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, employment discrimination, health and welfare. Reports and recommendations included information on legislative proposals dealing with Illinois agencies and associations that considered women’s needs.
Acquisition Information: Elizabeth Clarke donated her archive to the Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections in 1999.
Processing Information: Sigrid Pohl Perry, November 1999
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Biographical/Historical Information

Elizabeth Clarke, a resident of Lake Forest, Illinois, served on the Illinois Commission on the Status of Women and its successor, the Citizens Council on Women. Both councils reported to the Illinois General Assembly on issues important to women, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, employment discrimination, health and welfare.  She often worked alongside Phyllis Schlafly from a more conservative minority position on these committees; their recommendations were regularly filed as a “minority report” and reflect some criticisms of the feminist movement while still advocating for the welfare of women in general.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of Clarke’s working files for the Illinois Commission on the Status of Women from 1980 – 1986 and for the Illinois Citizens Council on Women from 1986 – 1998. Her primary alphabetical arrangement has been retained, so that there are basic chronological files for the work of each commission as well as subject files for interest areas or topics she researched for her subcommittee work. Files have not been rearranged to make one section more comprehensive than another, so both the chronological section for each group, as well as the subject files for particular topics should be consulted. Files include agendas, reports, memos, correspondence, minutes, hearing testimonies and reports, periodical issues and articles, newspaper clippings, brochures, and summaries of legislation and proposed bills. Annual reports to the Illinois General Assembly are also included.


Corporate Name

Illinois. Commission on the Status of Women

Illinois. General Assembly. Citizens Assembly. Citizens Council on Women

Personal Name

Clarke, Elizabeth, active 1980-1998


Women--Government policy--Illinois

Women--Illinois--Economic conditions

Women--Illinois--Social conditions

Container List / Contents

  • Agendas – Block Grants
    • Agendas, Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, including Family Committee (agendas, notices, minutes, correspondence, reports, voting tallies, etc., 1980Box 1, Folder 1
    • Agendas, etc.,1981, Illinois C.S.O.W., Education Committee, Minority Women, Midlife and Older Women Committee, Family CommitteeBox 1, Folder 2
    • Agendas, etc., I.C.S.O.W., Family Committee, Minority Women Comm., Policy Comm., Midlife and Older Women Comm., Labor Union Women Comm., 1982Box 1, Folder 3
    • Agendas, etc., incl. Citizens Council on Women, Chicago Women In Government Relations, 1986, 1987Box 1, Folder 4
    • Agendas, etc., incl. Citizens Council on Women, 1988, 1990Box 1, Folder 5
    • Alcohol and substance abuse – misc. brochures, correspondence Fact Sheet for Citizens Council on Women, Senate Bill, April 1990, 1685Box 1, Folder 6
    • American Association of University Professors – packet for 70th Annual meeting, June 1984Box 1, Folder 7
    • Battered women and domestic violence Domestic Violence: The Law and You, New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs, Division of Women [1982] Special Advocacy Report on Domestic Abuse and Neglect of Adults with Disabilities, submitted to the Illinois General Assembly. For Better Times, Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence [12 issues from vol. 1, 2, 7 – 14], April 1986, 1981, 1995Box 1, Folder 8
    • Battered women and domestic violenceBox 1, Folder 9
        contents:  Fact Sheet for Citizens Council on Women, 1990, House Bill 1269. Domestic Violence Services Report, Citizens Council on Women, 1989 Also includes data, correspondence, testimony, etc. for 1988-1989 Fact Sheet for Citizens Council on Women, 1990, Senate Bill 1719 Misc. brochures for services, programs, clippings I.C. S.O.W. Family Committee, minutes of April 6, 1981 meeting with Domestic Violence Service Providers and Advocates
    • Block Grants Illinois Women's Agenda, Melissa Pazen, “Illinois Women and the Block Grants” Bill Holland, statement to Illinois Commission on the Status of Women Federal FY funding projections for Illinois…new federal block grants. Preliminary list, block grants created by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of “The Tragedy of Block Grants”, Illinois Coalition Against Reagan Economics Block Grants: Consolidating Federal Government Programs, Will Women Maintain a Share? [1981], 1981, 1982, 1982, August 21, 1981, 1981, 1981Box 1, Folder 10
  • Child – Civil Rights
    • Child support and child abuse – Citizens Council on Women: minutes, memos, testimonies, legislation, Fact Sheets, etc. Fact Sheet, House Bill 3674, Expedited Child Support Act, 1982-1990, 1990Box 2, Folder 1
    • Child support: reports and serials “Benefits of Establishing Paternity”, L.T. McKillop, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services “Quasi-Judicial Procedures for Child Support Enforcement”, National Child Support Enforcement Reference Center, 1981, 1981Box 2, Folder 2
        contents:  Child Support Enforcement, Sixth annual report to Congress, 1981 Tenth annual report to Congress, 1985, 2 vol. Decade of Child Support Enforcement, 1975-1985, v. 1 Child Support Enforcement Statistics…1985, v. 2 Child Support Report, v. 4 #10-11, 1982 “The Administrative Adjudication of Child Support Obligations”, F. Silvester & D. Cooper, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, 1982 “The Plan of Action for Children”, prepared for The Colman Fund, 1987 “Expedited Process in Child Support Cases…”, R. Van Duizend & H.T. Rubin, National Center for State Courts, 1987 “Early Implementation of the Family Support Act…”, M. Greenberg, Center for Law and Social Policy, 1989
    • Child abuse: articles “Who Are the Child Abusers?” J. Wolcott “Relationship between Abortion and Child Abuse,” P. Ney “The Child Sexual Abuse Accomodation Syndrome,” R.C. Summit “New Weapons in the Battle Against Pornography,” P. Schlafly Photocopies of misc. clippings and articles, 1979, 1983, 1983, 1984Box 2, Folder 3
    • Civil Rights Restoration Act of: reports, statements, correspondence, memos, clippings, legislation, testimonies, 1985Box 2, Folder 4
  • Citizens Council on Women (Illinois General Assembly, Citizens Assembly), 1986 - 1990
    • Annual Reports, 1986-1988Box 3, Folder 1
    • Illinois Citizens Assemby,Citizens Council on WomenBox 3, Folder 2
        contents:  Illinois Women, v. 1, 1987 – v. 3, 1989 Illinois Women Report, v. 6, 1992 – v. 8, 1994
    • Illinois Women's Agenda, Illinois Women's Budget, 1990-1993Box 3, Folder 3
    • Citizens Council on Women: Agendas, minutes, correspondence, memos Illinois Governor's Coordination and Special Services Plan Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Community Affairs JTPA Management Information System reports Women's Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Summary…Job Training Partnership Act…Opportunities for Women, 1986, 1986-1987, 1982Box 3, Folder 4
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, minutes, agendas, 1987Box 3, Folder 5
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, notes Hearing background materials, 1988, 1988Box 3, Folder 6
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos Background materials on child care, child support, Medicaid service, legislation Report to Illinois General Assembly: The Financial Impact of Immediate Income Withholding Orders for Child Support Illinois Dept. of Public Aid, Proposal for Medicaid Reform Hearing background materials, testimonies Chicago Commons Association, The Commons Newsletter, 1989, October 1989, October 1989, 1989, August 1989Box 3, Folder 7
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, clippings, minutes Minutes of the Joint Hearing of the Citizens Council on Public Aid and Citizens Council on Women Contraceptive Technology Update, v. 11 no. 7 (re: teen sex, etc.) Fact sheet: The Nurse Practitioner in Illinois IL Nurses Assoc. Council of Nurse Practitioners, “Women's Health Concerns” Hearing recommendations, 1990, January 17, 1990, July 1990, 1991, 1990Box 3, Folder 8
  • Citizens Council on Women, 1991 – 1992
    • Elizabeth Clarke's letter of appointment to Citizens Council on Women; press ReleaseBox 4, Folder 1
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, Monthly council reports, agendas, notes, legislation AARP Position Paper on Long Term Care Hearing, including testimonies on community care, long term care, February - May, 1991, 1991Box 4, Folder 2
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, Monthly council reports, agendas, notes, legislation, minutes Illinois Dept. of Corrections, Five-Year Fiscal Plan for Female Inmates Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence testimony re: custody and visitation of children “Women's Health Care –In the News” (clippings packet), July – August, 1991, 1991, August 26, 1991Box 4, Folder 3
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, Memos, legislation, minutes of October hearing Gender bias task force executive summary Briefings, etc. on women's health concerns, September – October, 1991Box 4, Folder 4
    • Citizens Council on Women Additions and Responses to the October Hearing Illinois Human Rights Commission report to governor on HB 772 coalition, December 1991Box 4, Folder 5
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos Legislation, notes, clippings, agendas Fact Sheets on legislation: domestic violence, child custody, women's health Background materials and testimonies on teen pregnancy and parenting, January – June, 1992Box 4, Folder 6
    • Citizens Council on Women: Agendas, memos, press releases, correspondence, legislation, minutes, clippings, notes Background materials, testimonies for Hearing Testimonies: human rights and complaints, especially re: aging Report of the Illinois Human Rights Commission on the HB 772 Coalition, August – December, 1992, >August 26, 1992Box 4, Folder 7
    • Testimonies for Hearing for Citizens Council on Women Human Rights : Ronald B. Schwartz, Rose Mary Bombela, James Minor for AARP, Jay Dee Shattuck & James A. Spizzo for Management Assoc. of Illinois, Melissa Josephs for Women Employed Inst., Bridget Arimond for Women's Law Project, Mary Lee Leahy, August 26, 1992Box 4, Folder 8
    • Long Term Care legislation: correspondence, clippings Darlene Degenhardt, Toppling the Ladder to “The American Dream” Long-term Care Family Security Act of Private Long-term Care Insurance Financing Scope of Community Care, 1992Box 4, Folder 9
  • Citizens Council on Women, 1992 – 1993
    • : Correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes Briefing, backgrounds, testimonies for hearing: campus sexual assault Garry Johnson & Cari Sheets, “The Problem of Sexual Assault on Campus” Bonnie Buckley, “Campus Sexual Assault” Brochures, student handbooks, clippings, crime statistics, etc. on campus safety Illinois State Police, Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting, “Your Key to Crime Statistics” 88th General Assembly, State of Illinois bill synopsis, September – October, 1992, October 16, 1992, 1993-1994Box 5, Folder 1
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, agendas, fact sheets, legislative proposals, etc. Article photocopies on teen parenting, divorce, role of television on violence for Hearing topic: Mediation and Family Law Testimonies: Leslie Landis, Don Hammer, Judge Jane D. Waller Minutes of hearing on, January – September, 1993, September 8, 1993, September 8, 1993Box 5, Folder 2
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes Hearing: The Role of Midwifery in Today's Health Care Testimonies: Illinois Dept. of Health, Crystal S. Vandeventer, Jane R. Arbuthnot, Anne Nicholson Weber, Carolyn Bodewes, Yvonne Cryns, Debbie Fraedrich, Larry Ascenzo, Elizabeth Davis, Illinois Alliance of Midwives, Ann Rae Heitland Anne Rae Heitland, et al, “The Legal Limits of Advanced Nursing Speciality Practice in Illinois”, October – December, 1993, October 7, 1993Box 5, Folder 3
    • Appendix to Testimony of Anne Nicholson Weber re: costs, safety of home birth, midwives, medicalized birthBox 5, Folder 4
  • Citizens Council on Women, 1994
    • : Correspondence, memos, agendas, legislation Chicago Reporter, “The Judges Are Uneven, Justice Is Uncertain—and It Can Cost a Lot of Money” Hearing: More Opportunities for Working Women Briefing paper, testimonies, legislative recommendations, fact sheets Testimonies: Castle Construction, Women's Business Development Center, Diana Conley (National Association of Women Business Owners) Irene Cualoping (Minority and Female Business Enterprise) Jennifer Halperin, “Midwifery in modern age” (Illinois Issues) Legislation Fact Sheets: school code, youth employment, campus security, minority and female business, women's health, midwife certification, marriage and dissolution of marriage, women's business ownership, family mediation, human rights, vocational education House bills: 3169: Amends Human Rights Act 3223: Amends Minority and Female Business Enterprise Act 3224: Creates Women's Business Ownership Act 3256: Creates Midwife Certification Act 3353: Creates Family Mediation Act 3354: Amends Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act 3359: Amends Civil Administrative Code of Illinois…women's health 1497: Amends School Code…pregnant teens 1668: Creates Youth Employment Coordinating Act 1669: Amends Vocational Education Act, January – May, 1994, February 4, 1994, February, 1994Box 6, Folder 1
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, agendas, legislation Fact Sheets: campus security, public funds investment Working Women Count; a national questionnaire Hearing: Sentencing Alternatives for Female Offenders Briefing paper and “Women and Children Residential Program Feasibility Study” by Illinois Dept. of Corrections Testimonies: Neil J. Houston House telephone interview with Barbara Mola; ARC Community Services, Female Offender Programs; Karen Kinsey, “The Female Offender”; Howard A. Peters, III, “Sentencing Alternatives for Female Offenders” ; Joanne Archibald & Gail Smith, Chicago Legal Aid to Incarcerated Mothers); Monice Williams; Chuck Kinsey (Nurture Network); Jana Minor (Companions, Inc.—Journeying with Prisoners and their Families) Journey Notes (published by Companions, Inc.) and brochure Statement, Women of Faith for Prison Justice, June – July, 1994, July 15, 1994, May 1994Box 6, Folder 2
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, agendas Donna K. Metzler, “Neglected by the System: Children of Incarcerated Mothers” Hearing: Sports Equity for Women Briefing paper Testimonies: George M. Shur Fact Sheets: Children and Family Services Act Legislation: SB1803: Women's Business and Ownership Act Karol A. Kahrs, “Brief Historical Overview of Title IX and Its Impact Upon Intercollegiate Athletics” “Judicial Action Regarding Gender Equity” “Kelley v. Board of Trustees of Univ. of ILL.” Karen M. Smith, “Title IX and Gender Equity” U.S. Dept. of Education brochures: How to File a Discrimination Complaint With the Office for Civil Rights; Equal Opportunity in Intercollegiate Athletics: Requirements Under Title IX…; Federal Register issues on intercollegiate athletics for, and, on establishment of Title IX, August, 1994, August 26, 1994, December 11, 1979, May 9, 1980Box 6, Folder 3
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, agendas Hearing: Strategies for Effective Child Support Enforcement –briefing paper Testimonies: Esther M. Lock; Sandra Mendez-Green (Association for Children for Enforcement of Support); Mike Vicars; Robert Wright (Dept. of Public Aid); Tom Sweeney (Assistant State's Attorney) Aurelia Pucinski, Circuit Court, “Strategies for Effective Child Support Enforce- Ment” Dianna Durham-McLoud (Illinois Dept. of Public Aid, Division of Child Support Enforcement), “Strategies for Effective Child Support Enforcement”, September – October, 1994, September 22, 1994Box 6, Folder 4
    • Citizens Council on Women: Correspondence, memos, agendas, notes, legislative recommendations Hearing: Older Women: Concerns for Economic Security Briefing paper Testimonies: Marti Swanson (Illinois Retired Teachers' Assoc.); Marcelyn Creque (AARP); Karen L. Zander (OWL); Illinois Dept. on Aging; Keith Chase-Ziolek (Jane Addams Hull House Assoc.) Charles J. Budinger, “Long-term Care Insurance and Insurance Coverage For Community Services” Sharon Roberts, “Testimony on Board and Care”, November – December, 1994, November 18, 1994Box 7, Folder 5
        contents:  Older Americans Report, v. 18#41Span Dates: October 21, 1994 State Employees' Retirement System of Illinois, Your Rights and ResponsibilitiesSpan Dates: March 1, 1993 AARP, A Woman's Guide to Pension Rights AARP, Working Age, v. 10 #3-4Bulk Dates: Sept. – Dec., 1994 AARP, A Guide to Understanding Your Pension Plan
  • Citizens Council on Women – Education
    • Citizens Council on Women: correspondence, legislation, memos, fact sheets, recommendations (incl. letter from) Extensive handout on Senate Bill no. 464 for Child Support Information Act Women's Issues Network Foundation et al, Action Kit Illinois Dept. of Corrections, “Women and Children Residential Program, 1995, 4/27/99Box 7, Folder 1
        contents:  Feasibility Study,” January, 1990 Journey Notes (Feb, May, 1995) by Companions, Inc. for Journeying with Prisoners and their Families
    • Annual Reports Illinois Commission on the Status of Women Citizens Council on Women, 1969-1998, 1969-1985, 1986-1998Box 7, Folder 2
    • Day Care: correspondence, reports, articles Management Audit, Illinois D.C.F.S., Day Care Activities [] Management Audit, D.C.F.S., Day Care Activities Day Care Action Council of Illinois, Testimony, Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, Public Hearing T.I. Miller, “The Effects of Employer-Sponsored Child Care on Employee Absenteeism…” () Miscellaneous photocopies of articles on day care Citizens Council on Women, “Child Care in Illinois: a Update” Citizens Council on Women, “Child Care in Illinois” () E.F. Zigler, “School-based Daycare for All Children,” Testimony to the U.S. House Education and Labor Comm., 1979-1989, 1979, December 1980, 1/8/81, 1984, 1987, 1988, 2/9/89Box 7, Folder 3
    • Directory and Membership Lists Illinois Commission on the Status of Women (S.O.W.) Citizens Council on Women (C.O.W.) Illinois General Assembly, Research Response, Illinois Women in Congress and the General Assembly, c 1980 – c 1990, 1989Box 7, Folder 4
    • Disabilities Citizens Council on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Resolution, 3/31/89Box 7, Folder 5
    • Displaced Homemakers (S.O.W. & C.O.W.): correspondence, memos, minutes, legislation, fact sheets, reports, testimonies, etc. U.S. Dept. of Labor, Brief Highlights of Major Federal Laws on Sex Discrimination in Employment U.S. Dept. of Labor, Facts on Women Workers Testimony, C.O.W., Project New Start – Displaced Homemakers Chicago City-Wide College Testimony, C.O.W., Project Turning Point, Harper College Testimony, New Opportunities (Carbondale, IL) Testimonies: Kathy Sorensen, Jill Halvorson C.O.W. Hearing on Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Funds Testimony, Jane Olsen, Illinois Network for Displaced Homemakers C.O.W. Hearing, summary C.O.W., Displaced Homemaker Report, 1980-1989, August 1980, 1980, 6/16/87, 6/15/87, June 1987, June 1987, 6/6/8Box 7, Folder 6
    • Displaced Homemakers – conferences, ephemera Illinois Commission on the Status of Women Re-entry Conference, Springfield, Illinois: schedule, handouts, etc. Project on the status and education of women, Field Evaluation Drafts: Obtaining a Degree: Alternative Options for Re-entry Women Campus Child Care: A Challenge for the 80's Recruitment and Admissions: Opening the Door for Re-entry Women The Counseling Needs of Re-entry Women Barriers to Re-entry Women: College Transfer Policies, Residency and Graduation Requirements Illinois Network for Displaced Homemakers, vol. 8#4, Miscellaneous brochures, 11/24/80, summer 1987Box 7, Folder 7
    • Education, Illinois Commission on the Status of Women Minutes, correspondence, agendas Reports of the Education Committee Testimony of the N.O.W. Legal Defense and Education Fund Testimony, Pat Boehnke and Renata Hayes, Stop ERA, 1980-1982, 8/13/81, 4/13/82Box 7, Folder 8
    • Education, Citizens Council on Women: correspondence, IL State Board of Education, Education for Employment Progress Report Women Employed Institute, The Midwestern Women's Vocational Education Monitoring Project Illinois Community College Board, Female Student Participation at Illinois Public Community Colleges Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act Job Training Partnership Act Chicago Community Trust, The Trust Quarterly; The State Plan for Implementing Education for Employment in Illinois Miscellaneous brochures and clippings, 1986-1990, 1986, 1/12/88, May 1987, 1987, 1987, fall 1988, 1992, 1989-1990Box 7, Folder 9
  • Elderly, 1980 - 1993
    • Elderly and Widows (S.O.W. and C.O.W.) IL Comm. S.O.W. committee correspondence, minutes, notes (), 1980-1987, 1980-1981Box 8, Folder 1
        contents:  Illinois Comm. on the Status of Women, Options for a New Beginning; a Handbook for Midlife and Older Women, July 1982 Illinois Comm. on the Status of Women, Adjusting to Widowhoodn.d. Women and National Health Insurance reportSpan Dates: 5/2/80 National Council on Aging, 32nd Annual Conference, Mar. 31 – Apr. 3, 1982 Citizens C.O.W.: correspondence, memos, minutes (1986 – 1987) Task Force on Older Women in Illinois, The Status of Older Women in Illinois Today, November 1986 Select Committee on Aging, House of Representatives, Exploding the Myths: Caregiving in America, January 1987
    • Elderly and widows (C.O.W.): memos, agendas, correspondence, testimonies, etc. for Subcommittee on Older Women Testimonies: Sr. Jean Juliano, Peggy Montes, Lloyd Rice, Eugene Chapman, Joyce Hollingworth, Women's Bureau of U.S. Dept. of Labor, Eleanor Sampson (Suburban Cook County Area Agency on Aging) IL Housing Development Authority, The Retention and Transfer of Frail Elderly Living in Independent Housing () The Senior Advocate, on Medicare and long-term care insurance Generally Speaking—Senior Citizens () Guardianship and Advocacy Commission Annual Report Long Term Care and Personal Impoverishment: Seven in Ten Elderly Living Alone Are at Risk (Report…Select Comm. on Aging, House of Rep.) Minutes, Subcommittee on Older Women: Health Concerns public hearings and misc. testimonies attached, 1987, September – October, August 1987, 1986, fall 1987, 1986, October 1987Box 8, Folder 2
    • Elderly and Widows (C.O.W.):, correspondence, minutes, memos, agendas, etc. Testimonies: Howard Eisenberg (Legal Services to Older Persons), George Everingham (Egyptian Area Agency on Aging), Anna Raiser (Bond County Senior Center), William Keel, 1987, NovemberBox 8, Folder 3
    • Elderly and widows (C.O.W.): memos, correspondence, facts sheets Citizens Council on Women, House Joint Resolution 37 Special Report on Older women in Illinois (draft and final report) Eldercare in the 90's: Employee Responsibility, Employer Challenge (), 1989, May 1989Box 8, Folder 4
    • Elderly and Widows, State of Illinois publications Where to Turn for Help for Older Persons, IL Dept. on Aging Things You Need to Know about the Community Care Program IL Dept. on Aging's Community Care Program: Aging with the Times Community Care…helping older people to live independently, rev. When Death Us Do Part (rev.) Executive Summary: Elder Abuse, IL Dept. on Aging () IL Dept. on Aging, Annual Report Older Women in Illinois…Why they have special needs, IL Council on Aging And Task Force on the Status of Older Women Older Women in Illinois…A Test of Courage Network News, IL Dept. on Aging (), 1983, 1990, 1989, 1986, May 1988, 1994, August 1990, Fall 1987Box 8, Folder 5
    • Elderly, American Association of Retired Persons publications The Social Security Book (rev.) AARP, Women's Initiative, Mission Statement America's Changing Work Force; statistics in brief (c1992) Women, Pensions, and Divorce; small reforms that could make a big difference (), September 1991, 1989, 1993Box 8, Folder 6
    • Elderly, miscellaneous ephemera: clippings, press releases, etc. Labor Times, v. 6#3 Active Life Retirement Communities prospectus, 1981-1989, winter 1983Box 8, Folder 7
  • Employment – Health Care
    • Employment: S.O.W. & C.O.W. minutes, correspondence, Agendas, fact sheets Illinois Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC), Report Digest IL FEPC Presentation Outline (c1980) Susan Rosenblum, Chicago Mayor's Office of Employment and Training, “Women and JTPA,” testimony U.S. Dept. of Labor, Facts on U.S. Working Women State of IL Jobs Plan and IL Supportive Services Plan: packet of misc. testimonies, statements, clippings on women in business National Women's Business Council Annual Report, 1979-1992, 1979, August 26, 1986, 1987, 1988-1989, 1992Box 9, Folder 1
    • Environment, S.O.W. S.O.W., Labor Union Women Committee Hearing, Reproductive Hazards in the Work Place, agenda and minutes Environmental Science & Technology, “Effect of Pollutants on Human Reproduction”, 1981, September 25, 1981, June 1981Box 9, Folder 2
    • Family, S.O.W. & C.O.W. S.O.W., Family Committee: minutes, agendas, public hearing on one-parent families IL State Board of Education, Policy Statement and General Guidelines on Family Life and Sex Education () IL Fair Employment Practices Commission, Report Digest, Management and Program Audit Gallup Organization, American Families –: A Summary of Findings Families and Major Institutions C.O.W. Comm. on Children: minutes, agendas, notes, legislation, correspondence C.O.W., Minority Report on mandated parental leave, comparable worth, 1980-1988, 1980, c1980, 1980, 1986-1988Box 9, Folder 3
    • Family, C.O.W.: correspondence, agendas, fact sheets Family Support Act of Coalition on Human Needs Fact Sheets Women for Economic Security, Testimony, C.O.W. IL Caucus on Teenage Pregnancy, Testimony, C.O.W. Voices for IL Children, J. Stermer, Implementation of the Family Support Act in IL: Child Care and Support Services Life Skills Project, Earlie Washington, statement Chicago, Dept. of Human Services, Carol Ronen, Testimony Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, J. Tamayo, Testimony Testimony IL Task Force on Child Support, M.S. Morsch, Testimony Family Support Act on – Child Support Provisions, Addendum, 1989-1990, 1988, May 1, 1989, May 1, 1989, May 1, 1989, May 1, 1989, May 1,Box 9, Folder 4
    • Harassment, S.O.W. & C.O.W. Federal Register, Dept. H.E.W., Nondiscrimination on Basis of Sex Women Today, v. 10#26, “ Report of the President's Advisory Committee for Women” S.O.W., Minutes, Public Hearing on Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment in Educational Institutions Sharon Sharp, Special Assistant to the Governor on Women, Testimony on Sexual Harassment Non-harassment Policy C.O.W., minutes, correspondence Lauren Sugerman, Chicago Women in Trades, Testimony on Sexual Harassment of Women in Male Dominated Workplaces, 1975-1990, June 1975, Dec. 1980, 1980, March 8, 1982, March 8, 1982, SeptemBox 9, Folder 5
    • Health Care, S.O.W. & C.O.W. Illinois Caucus on Teenage Pregnancy correspondence on legislation S.O.W.: Executive Director's Report, Minority Women Committee minutes Bernard J. Turnock, IL Dept. of Public Health, Report to the IL General Assembly U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Program Guidelines for Project Grants For Family Planning Services C.O.W.: memos, notes, minutes, legislation, correspondence, 1981-1988, 1981, 1986-1988Box 9, Folder 6
    • Health Care, C.O.W.: memos, notes, minutes, correspondence, agendas A. Levatino-Donoghue, The Legislative Session: Hospitals…, 1989, Spring 1989Box 9, Folder 7
        contents:  IL Caucus on Teenage Pregnancy (ICTP), Welfare and Teenagers: Guidelines for Evaluating Reform Proposals, March 1989 ICTP, Testimony on the Building Opportunity Program, Carl Perkins Vocational Education Act Provisionss on Single Parents, Homemakers, June 6, 1988 UIC, Women's Health Exchange, Testimony, September 11, 1989 to C.O.W. Robyn Gabel, IL Maternal and Child Health Coalition, Access to Prenatal Care Reproductive Health Services, et al, v. William L. Webster, et al, U.S. Dist. Court, Missouri, 1987, appendix A re: abortion Appendix B, U.S. Court of Appeals, 1988 IL Dept. of Public Health, Testimony to C.O.W., September 11, 1989 Nurse Practitioner in Illinois, 1989 Nurse Practitioner Registration Act
    • Health Care, C.O.W.: memos, correspondence, article copies C.O.W., Briefing and Background Materials, teenage pregnancy Saundra Lightfoot, testimony, Toward Teen Health… Ounce of Prevention Fund, Success for Every Teen American College of Nurse-Midwives, Certified Nurse-Midwives in Illinois Illinois Hospital Association, Accessible Care Today hand-outs Planned Parenthood Agency Services American Red Cross, Women, Sex, and Aids Misc. health care brochures, 1990-1993, April 13, 1992, April 13, 1992, 1993Box 9, Folder 8
    • Human Rights, S.O.W.; Illinois Human Rights Act, 1980-1981, July 1, 1980Box 9, Folder 9
  • Illinois Commission on the Status of Women (S.O.W.), 1980 - 1983
    • S.O.W.: legislation, agendas, memos, correspondence, commmittee minutes, executive director's report Frances Krasnow, Chicago Council of Lawyers Women's Rights Comm., Testimony on Feminization of Poverty, 1980-1981Box 10, Folder 1
    • S.O.W.: legislation, agendas, memos, correspondence, committee minutes, executive director's report, 1982Box 10, Folder 2
        contents:  Illinois Women's Advocate, v. 1#5 Midwest Women's Center, Testimony on Sexual Harassment, 1982 IL Dept. of Public Health, IL Comprehensive Plan for Adolescent Parent Support Services, June 1982
    • S.O.W.: correspondence, memos, agendas, minutes, executive director's reports, budget report, legislation, committee minutes, 1983, January – MayBox 10, Folder 3
    • S.O.W., Task Force on Children Investment in an Independent Future for Our Children and Youth, January 1983Box 10, Folder 4
    • Gannon Proctor Commission Gannon Proctor Commission Final Report (Barbara Gardner Proctor and Sr. Ann Ida Gannon) re: women in Illinois Dolores Gruss, Organization of Career Homemakers Report (to Gannon Proctor Commission), 1983Box 10, Folder 5
    • S.O.W.: agendas, minutes, notes, correspondence legislation, fact sheets, committee minutes, executive director's report Bylaws of the Illinois Commission on the Status of Women Summary of the Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Act General Assembly, State of Illinois, Commission on the Status of Women (act), 1983, June – SeptemberBox 10, Folder 6
        contents:  Margaret Butler, Education Committee Presentation
    • S.O.W., Pay Equity Hearing S.O.W. Testimony prepared for the House Labor and Commerce Comm. IL Association for the Education of Young Children, Testimony Testimonies: Barbara Hildebrand, Cheryl Redfield, Kathleen Quinn (IL Coalition Against Domestic Violence), Madelynn DiGirolamo, Lebby Cutler, Rita Davis (IL Network for Displaced Homemakers), Patricia Langley, Peggy Pool (IL Women's Political Caucus), Camille Compo (AFSCME), Springfield N.O.W., John M. Abowd Eagle Forum, Equal Pay for Comparable Worth Pay Equity: what is comparable worth? 59 cents [Labor Union Women Comm.], September 1983, Sept. 1983Box 10, Folder 7
    • S.O.W.: minutes, committee minutes, agendas, Correspondence, memos, membership lists Hearing on Pay Equity, minutes Report of the Labor Union Women Committee, with recommendations S.O.W. Committee Structure outline Education Committee Recommendations Executive Director's Report Proposed Minority Women Committee Recommendations Proposed Family Committee Recommendations Proposed Midlife and Older Women Committee Recommendations, 1983, October – December, September 13, 1983Box 10, Folder 8
    • Coalition of Labor Union Women, Pay Equity Conference Co-sponsored by S.O.W.: brochures, legislation, fact sheets, flyers Carolyn Jacobson, “Women Workers: Profile of a Growing Force” Coalition of Labor Union Women, Statement of Purpose, adopted Wisconsin Steelworkers of South Chicago Fight for Survival Winn Newman, Equal Pay for Similar Jobs: A Women's (sic) Right Pay Equity. What is Comparable Worth? Bargaining for Your Child's Health; health insurance coverage for children AFSCME, Pay Equity on Trial, December 10, 1983, 3/23/1974Box 10, Folder 9
  • Illinois Commission on the Status of Women (S.O.W.), 1983 – 1984
    • S.O.W. Minority Reports (3 copies); submitted by Elizabeth Clarke, Laura Kent Donahue, Phyllis Schlafly, Pat Trowbridge Topics: education, Title IX, child support, domestic violence, comparable worth, homemakers, unisex insurance S.O.W. Minority Report: teenage pregnancies, child pornography, education, community property, homemakers, widow's tax equity, pay equity; submitted by E. Clarke, P. Schlafly, P. Trowbridge, Maria Crawford, Laura Kent, 1983, 1982Box 11, Folder 1
    • S.O.W., Committee Recommendations Education Committee, Family Committee, Labor Union Women Comm., Midlife and Older Women Comm., Minority Women Comm. Commission Data Analysis, state by state, 1983, 1983-1984Box 11, Folder 2
    • S.O.W.: correspondence, membership lists, agendas, notes, executive director's report, minutes CIStems, A Matter of Sex; viewer's guide Labor Union Women Comm. testimonies: Lauren Kronenberg (Rockford Junior League) S.O.W. employment policies, proposed bylaws change E. Pleck, J. Pleck, M. Grossman, P. Bart, The Battered Data Syndrome: a Reply to Steinmetz, 1984, January – FebruaryBox 11, Folder 3
    • S.O.W.: correspondence, agendas, minutes, notes, legislation, committee recommendations, executive director's report Bev Tyler, “Permissiveness and the Family Structure” S.O.W. tentative budget Report on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women Illinois Campaign for Family Stability S.O.W. Summary [Hearing] with trends and recommendations League of Women Voters, Public Aid: Facts and Fallacies Family Comm., S.O.W., Resident Interviews: Dwight Correctional Center Miscellaneous clippings, especially on pornography, violence and video games, 1984, March – May, 1985, 1984, 1984Box 11, Folder 4
    • S.O.W. Public Hearing: Feminization of Poverty Agenda, notes, correspondence, clippings Testimonies [see large packet or individual copies]:, February 23, 1984Box 11, Folder 5
        contents:  Dorothy Collier, Diana Pearce, Jean Patterson Boone (Children's Defense Fund), Judy Goldsmith (N.O.W.), Helene Colvin-Wallace (Chicago Mayor's Office), IL Dept. of Public Aid, Women Employed, Shirley Buttrick (LAC on Public Aid), Mary Smart (Junior League's Child Watch), Virginia Martinez (Latino Inst.), Pat Smith-Pierce (Illinois Women's Agenda), Susan Katz (United Charities), Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children, Priscilla Metoyer (Illinois Caucus on Teenage Pregnancy), Lutheran Social Services, Illinois Task Force on Child Support, Phoebe Telser (League of Women Voters), Linda Miller (Parents Too Soon Program), Fran Gamwell (Center for Community Research and Assistance), Women's Truth Squad on Reagan Vikki Gregory & Christine Kaplan, “The Feminization of Poverty: an update” Hearing Summary with trends, testimony, recommendations, strategies IL Task Force on Child Support, Income Withholding and Child Support: a New Illinois Law
    • S.O.W., June – August: minutes, committee minutes, agendas, memos, correspondence, executive director's report, clippings D.C. Commission for Women, A Case for the Voting Rights Amendment National Women's Party, Equal Rights, v. 7#3 S.O.W., Report on the NACW 15th Annual Convention, 1984, May/June 1984Box 11, Folder 6
        contents:  S.O.W., FY 85 budget, commission/committee major activities ReportSpan Dates: 7/11/1984, meeting on apprenticeship and women in skilled trades Secretariat for Futures Studies, Sweden, “Care and Welfare at the Crossroads” [copy from abridged version of 1978-1982 study]
  • Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, 1984 – 1988
    • National Association of Commissions for Women (NACW) 15th Annual Convention, Washington, D.C. Convention handbook: Women Speak: Securing and Using Power Resolutions for Conference NACW, NACW Breakthrough, v. 13#2 Convention related correspondence, flyers, agendas, registration, budgets, Commission data analysis Convention packet: minutes, rules of order, by-laws, parliamentary procedure, event flyers/agendas, registration, misc. brochures from state commissions on women; Cambridge C. S.O.W., Opening Doors, v. 1 NACW Maxi-memo to Executive Directors, June 12 – 16, 1984, 1984, 1984, Fall 1983, May 1984Box 12, Folder 1
    • National Association of Commissions for Women, Commission update sheets prepared for conventionBox 12, Folder 2
    • NACW Convention ephemera: misc. interest group brochures, flyers, etc. Women of Color Task Force, On the Move New Times The Washington Woman The Changing Lives of Hawaii's Women; Hawaii State Comm. on the Status of Women, Ikaika na Wahine…[packet of publications] The Networker, Austin, Texas, v. 5#5, May/June 1984, June 1984, 1984, May 1984Box 12, Folder 3
    • S.O.W.: minutes, committee minutes, agendas, correspondence, memos, committee recommendations, 1984, September – DecemberBox 12, Folder 4
    • S.O.W., Public Hearing: Pornography and Violence Against Women: agenda, clippings, notes, executive director's report, Minutes, press release The Legal Process: Preparation and Trial of an Obscentiy Case Draft: Pornography and Violence Against Women Testimony: Northern Illinois Citizens for Decency through Law, Inc. Claudia Young, Illinois Citizens for Family Life Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum, “Does Pornography Cause Domestic Violence?” (with list of other Eagle Forum speakers) Ferdinand Jones, “X-Rated: The Destructive Effects of Pornography on Society” E. Clarke, P. Schlafly, P. Trowbridge, “The Feminization of Poverty” “Domestic Violence,” Minority Report of S.O.W., September 11, 1984, 1984Box 12, Folder 5
    • Background materials on pornography: clippings [legislation against pornography proposed in “Gov Ops”] Testimony: Marian Henriquez Neudel, Legislative and Judicial Approaches to Pornography P. Bart, L. Freeman, P. Kimball, “The Different Worlds of Women and Men: Attitudes toward Pornography and Responses to 'Not a Love Story— A Film about Pornography' ”(with questionnaire) Phyllis Schlafly, “Domestic Violence against Women” City-County General Ordinance no. 35 [Indianapolis, Marion County, IN] House Resolution on pornography The Phyllis Schlafly Report, v. 13#10 (), v. 17#11 () Obscenity & Violence in the Mails, Movies & TV Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, Pornography Awareness, 1984, 6/20/84, 7/10/1984, 1984, May 1980, June 1984Box 12, Folder 6
    • Miscellaneous ephemera, clippings, 1984-1985Box 12, Folder 7
    • S.O.W., miscellaneous correspondence (political, fund-raising, support for legislation, etc.): Paul Simon, Alan Dixon, Virginia Fiester Frederick, Ronald Griesheimer, Donald T. Regan, Larry Pressler, George H. Ryan, Richard G. Lugar, Anne Higgins, Patrick J. Buchanan, Linas Kojelis, Ronald Reagan, Linda Perreault, Karen D. Fuller, James 'Pate' Philip, Denny Jacobs, William E. Peterson, Dave Hultgren, Beverly Fawell, Lee A. Daniels, Bill Bradley, John Porter, James R. Thompson, Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, 1985-1988Box 12, Folder 8
    • S.O.W., Recommendations Minority Women Committee; Midlife and Older Women Committee, 1985Box 12, Folder 9
    • Miscellaneous legislative reports Sen. David Barkhausen, Legislative Report (); Michael J. Madigan, Speaker's Report (;) Session Highlights Sen. Alan J. Dixon, Report to Illinois () Virginia Fiester Frederick's Legislative Report () Robert W. Churchill, Legislative Report () Lee A. Daniels, Circuit Breaker Benefits (), 1986-1988, winter 1986, April 1988, 1986, May – July, 1987, May, July, 1987Box 12, Folder 10
  • Illinois Commission on the Status of Women Report and Recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly; Pilot Project; Women and Their Children: Descent into Poverty (); Legislation of Interest to Women Final Report of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women in Illinois Economic Independence for Women: An Action Plan for Illinois, 1975-1976, 1979-1985, June 1983, February 1984, 1982-1984, 1998
    • Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, Newsletter, issues from v. 3-5, January 1982 – Summer 1984Box 13, Folder 1
    • Illinois General Assembly, Report from House Republican Lee A. Daniels The Week in Review, 1986Box 13, Folder 2
    • Daniels, The Week in Review, 1987Box 13, Folder 3
    • Daniels, The Week in Review, 1988-1989Box 13, Folder 4
  • International Women's Year – Marital Property Rights
    • International Women's Year: flyers, correspondence, brochures, clippings Illinois Women '77: Call for Action: conference schedule, brochures, agendas, seating of delegates, workshop guide Candidate List for National IWY Conference, Houston International Interdependence Task Force meeting for UN Decade for Women Congressional Record issue on IWY Minority Report of the Illinois IWY Conference, compiled by H. Manwaring, 1977, Nov. 18-21, 1977, June 8-10, 1977, July 1, 1977Box 14, Folder 1
    • Job Training [see also Displaced Homemakers file] Memos, correspondence, JTPA information target population characteristics Illinois Job Training Coordinating Council correspondence, membership Citizens Council on Women hearing: testimonies, notes JTPA, Women Employed, IL Job Training Coordinating Council IL State Board of Education, Building Fairness Building Opportunity, 1986-1987, October 8, 1986, 1987Box 14, Folder 2
    • Job Training: memos, correspondence Citizens Council on Women, testimonies: Women Employed, IL Dept. of Commerce and Community Affairs Job Training, Project Chance, IL, Office of the Auditor General, Program Audit of JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) in IL C.O.W., minutes, hearing C.O.W., Recommendations…General Assembly IL State Board of Education reports Vocational Education Program Improvement Teenage Single Parent Implications for Educational Policy Consumer and Homemaking Education Program Annual Report, 1988, 1988, 1988, October 24, 1988, 1988Box 14, Folder 3
    • Legislation: correspondence, clippings, flyers Workshop on the Legal Rights of Homemakers [Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois] IL Travel Regulations for Legislative Employees The Facts about the Equal Rights Amendment [packet includes flyers and issues of the Phyllis Schlafly Report], 1977-1981, 1977, 1977, 1980Box 14, Folder 4
    • Legislation: correspondence, C.O.W. IL General Assembly Legislative Information System synopses, 1987-1988Box 14, Folder 5
    • Legislation: correspondence, C.O.W. IL General Assembly Legislative Information System synopses National Conference of State Legislatures Conference packet Catalog; Guide to Programs and Services Flyers, correspondence, agendas, attendee list, 1989-1990, 1989, 1988-89Box 14, Folder 6
    • Marital Property Rights: correspondence, C.O.W. League of Women Voters of Illinois, Evaluating Marital Property Legislation C.O.W. recommendations, etc. on Marital Property Rights [c1988] C.O.W. hearing testimonies: J. Pitulla, League of Women Voters; E. Revelle, League of Women Voters; Homemakers' Coalition for Equal Rights; Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation, 1986, 1986Box 14, Folder 7
  • Minority – Public Aid
    • Minority Women Equal Opportunity IL Com. S.O.W. Minority Women Committee minutes with recommendations, attachments, etc. Organization of Chinese American Women, Speaks Illinois Hispanic Women's Conference Liz Wheaton, “Discrimination's Double Whammy” Recruiting Minority Women Women's Action Almanac, Minority Women Janie Sykes-Kennedy, Excel; Excellence in Black Organizations and Black Achievers, 1977-1984, Winter 1977/78, 1980, Oct/Nov, 1980, 1984Box 15, Folder 1
    • Minority and Female Business Enterprise (MAFBE) IL Dept. of Central Management Services, First Annual Report; the Minority And Female Business Enterprise Council MAFBE brochure C.O.W. report and recommendations: Minority and Female Business Enterprise Set-Aside Program (2 versions) C.O.W. minutes, legislation, correspondence, memos, fact sheets; testimonies: V.K. McMillan; National Assoc. of Women Business Owners; R.M. Bombela, Central Management Services L.C. Marshall, Report on the Constitutionality of Illinois' Minority and Female Business Enterprise Act…; prepared for the IL Citizens Assembly National Women's Business Council Annual Report U.S. Small Business Administration, Women and the SBA California, Assembly Bill no. 1488 re: business ownership by women, 1986-1991, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1998Box 15, Folder 2
    • Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act IL C.S.O.W. Hearing on the Evaluation of Textbooks…Sex Equity, Testimony Mary Lynn Brown and Dorie Gruss National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education, Vocational Task Force Working Toward Equity; a report on the implementation of…Perkins Vocational Education Act Women Employed Institute, Testimony on the Implementation… Testimony, Jane Olsen, IL Network for Displaced Homemakers C.O.W. Recommendations…General Assembly C.O.w. Fact Sheet IL State Board of Education, Building Fairness and Opportunity, March 20, 1981, April 1988, June 6, 1988, 6/6/88, 1988, 1988Box 15, Folder 3
    • Pornography IL C. S.O.W. Report… [pornography citation marked], February 1985Box 15, Folder 4
    • Public Aid Report on the Women in Poverty Conference C.O.W. memos, testimonies: S.F. Foster, Business Institute; D. Delong, IL Housing Development Authority IL Housing Development Authority “Developments” handouts IL Dept. of Public Aid, Ensuring a Child's Birthright: an Illinois Employers' Guide to Income Withholding IL General Assembly, legislation for public aid IL Dept. of Public Aid, implementation of Family Support Act of; Draft of Illinois State Plan for Jobs for, 1982-1989, May 19, 1982, 1986, 1989, 1987-1988, 1988, 1990-1992Box 15, Folder 5
    • Public Aid: C.O.W. memos, correspondence, testimonies, legislation Statewide Child Care Resource and Referral System [report c1990] testimonies to C.O.W.: I.J. Lach, IL Community College Board; J.P. Mueller, IL Dept. of Employment Security; J.M. Bouman, Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago; J. Poertner, Central Illinois Economic Development Corp.; D. Dobmeyer, Public Welfare Coalition; E. Crigler, United Charities; B. Willhoite, League of Women Voters; J. Wuest, Alternative Schools Network Women for Economic Security, Long Term AFCD Participants Illinois Caucus on Teen Age Pregnancy, Welfare and Teenagers IL Dept. of Public Aid, memos, press releases, 1990, 1990, 1990Box 15, Folder 6
    • Public Aid, C.O.W. Fact Sheets, incl. legislation synopses, memos, 1989-1990Box 15, Folder 7
    • Public Aid, Project Chance by IL Dept. of Public AidBox 15, Folder 8
  • Rape – Women Prisoners
    • Rape Rape Study Committee, Report to the House of Representatives and the 79th General Assembly of the State of Illinois Rape Study Committee, Report… .81st General Assembly…IL People of the State of Illinois vs. Brad Lieberman, Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois Issues (Sex Crimes: Revised) Sexual Assault Revisited (Citizens Council on Women report) C.O.W. Hearing on Sexual Assault Services packet: brochures, Statistics, etc.; J.R. Conte, Sexual Abuse and the Family…, 1976-1988, December 1976, December 1980, June 29, 1982, February 1984, c198Box 16, Folder 1
    • Rural American Women American Agri-Women, The Voice of the American Agri-Woman, v. 3#5 Photocopies of correspondence, information sheets, clippings from Rural American Women, Inc. IL State Medical Society, Rural Health: Reaping the Benefits of Community Action, 1977-1979, 1993, 1977, 1993Box 16, Folder 2
    • Social Workers –Political Action for Candidate Election: correspondence with Survey, 1986Box 16, Folder 3
    • Taxes Older Women and Widows Committee report on inheritance and tax law, 1981Box 16, Folder 4
    • Vocational Education: memos, committee minutes Testimony: Single Parent/Homemaker and Sex Equity by IL State Board of Education, 1981-1988, 1988Box 16, Folder 5
    • Wage Laws: legislation synopses, S.O.W. fact sheets, memos Pay Equity [] State Employee Compensation: The Pay Equity Debate [], 1981-1989, c1986, c1988Box 16, Folder 6
    • Welfare Mothers: correspondence, clippings, testimonies, reports IL Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation re: impact of new AFDC Policies on working mothers [] Women in Poverty, conference brochure The Family Welfare Reform Act of, 1981-1990, 1982, 1982, 1987Box 16, Folder 7
        contents:  L. Clayton, T. Brown, “Women for Economic Security re: Life Skills Training Program,”Span Dates: 1989 G. Veicht, IL Dept. of Public Aid re: implementing Family Support Act [Span Dates: 1990] IL Dept. of Public Aid, Low-Income Child Care [Span Dates: 1990] Chicago Jobs Council, Joint Legislative Comm. on Welfare ReformSpan Dates: 1990 Women for Economic Security, WES/CAP Recommendations for Implementation Of the JOBS Program Eddye Owens, Women for Economic Security, testimonySpan Dates: 1990 C.O.W. memo with briefing materials forSpan Dates: January 17, 1990 hearing
    • Women Prisoners, S.O.W. and C.O.W.: memos, correspondence, Fact sheets, reports, clippings, legislation, minutes Sherrye Henry, Women in Prison, Parade Magazine The National Prison Project Journal Planning for Illinois' Incarcerated Women and Their Children [] [C.O.W.] Incarcerated Women [] Dwight: Women Behind Bars, Today's Living C.O.W. hearing minutes IL Dept. of Corrections re: female offenders, 1981-1990, April 10, 1988, Spring 1987, c1989, c1989, April 19, 1988, NovemBox 16, Folder 8
    • Women Prisoners Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, Sentencing Alternatives for Illinois Female Offenders, 1987Box 16, Folder 9
        contents:  B. Bloom and D. Steinhart, Why Punish the Children? [National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1993] State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Corrections, Electronic Monitoring Policies and Procedures, October 1993 Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections, Division of Intensive Sanctions, Inmate Handbooks, 1993 and 1994
  • Women's Rights
    • Women's Rights, S.O.W.: agendas, minutes, correspondence, executive director's report, budget, bylaws, clippings, employment policies U.N., Division for Economic and Social Information, UN Adopts Convention Barring Discrimination Against Women Minority and Female Business Enterprise Act Working Women's Conference N.O.W., Metro-East Chapter, Decision on Sex Discrimination Charges Against DCCA IL Com. S.O.W., Minority Women Committee hearing [packet re: laws and surrogate mothers] Midwest Women's Center, Testimony for Hearing on Sexual Harassment, 1980-1982, 1980, March 30, 1981, October 1, 1981, 1982Box 17, Folder 1
    • Women's Rights, C.O.W.: minutes, agendas, correspondence, legislation, fact sheets, annual report Illinois Minority and Female Business Enterprise Act, rev., 1983-1987, 1987, 1984Box 17, Folder 2
        contents:  Academic Collective Bargaining Information Service, Fact Sheet, #105-106, 109-110, 1983 1984 Women's Legal Rights conference Series, workshop flyer Dennis Whetstone, Jobs Training, DCCA, Testimony re: discrimination, 1986 C.O.W. memo re: Funding for Domestic Violence Services
    • Women's Rights, C.O.W.: legislation, agendas, memos, fact sheets IL State Board of Education, Sex Equity C.O.W. memo re: Women Business Ownership Currie/Jones/Hasara House Joint Resolution Facts about Women-owned Small Businesses Candida Lund, Recognizing the Validity of Different Roles for Women, 1988-1990, May 1990Box 17, Folder 3
    • Women's Rights – Equal Rights Amendment: clippings, brochures, flyers The Equal Rights Amendment: What's in it for Black Women? Dorothea Sager, Testimony re: ERA The Equal Rights Amendment [packet of photocopies] [E.R.A. – Opposed] Packet of brochures, photocopies re: ERA opposition with names of signers, including Elizabeth Clarke Books Advocating Women's Liberation [list with brief reviews] Books Advocating the Traditional Role of Women [list with brief reviews] League of Women Voters, What You Should Know about Equal Rights Amendment, April 13, 1982, 1971-1978, 1977Box 17, Folder 4