Guide to the Carl Weissner Archive

Collection Title: Carl Weissner Archive
Dates: 1965-1973
Identification: MS 22
Creator: Weissner, Carl
Extent: 9 Boxes
Language of Materials: English
Abstract: The Carl Weissner Archive consists of correspondence, tapes of poetry readings, manuscripts and graphic materials by international avantgarde writers of the 1960s, and some monographs and serials related to these authors. Included are works by such authors as William Burroughs, Harold Norse, Ezra Pound, Charles Bukowski, Claude Pélieu, Mary Beach, Dan Georgakas, Donatella Manganotti, and Jan Herman, as well as Carl Weissner himself. Many of these artists were part of the Fluxus movement.
Acquisition Information: All materials in the Carl Weissner Archive were acquired from Carl Weissner in 1973.
Processing Information: The Carl Weissner Archive was processed by McCormick Library staff in 1975, and revised by Sigrid Pohl Perry in 1981, 1995 and 2007.Machine readable finding aid encoded in EAD 2002 by TechBooks on November 18, 2005.
Separated Materials: Some of the monographs and serials which were originally part of the collection have been cataloged for the McCormick Library. The list in this finding aid contains call numbers for these items. For related material see the following collections: Jan Herman, Dick Higgins, Agentzia, Outsider and Loujon Press, and Hungry Generation.
Conditions Governing Use: Copyright for materials resides with the literary executors of individual letters and manuscripts. All users must comply with federal copyright regulations.
Conditions Governing Access: Available for research.
Preferred Citation: Carl Weissner Archive, Manuscript Series XXII, Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University Library
Repository: Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections
Deering Library, Level 3
1970 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL,
Phone: 847-491-3635

Biographical/Historical Information

Carl Weissner (1940- ), German writer and translator of experimental fiction, published the avantgarde newspaper, Klactoveedsedsteen (1965-1969), and established a Beat Generation scene in Germany after living in New York and San Francisco between 1968 and 1970. Weissner translated the works of various avantgarde authors, including William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, Nelson Algren, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Lowry, Harold Norse, Jack Micheline, Andy Warhol, Denton Welch and Frank Zappa. Weissner’s own books of experimental fiction include So Who Owns Death TV? (1967 with William Burroughs and Claude Pélieu), The Braille Film (1970), The Louis Project (1970 with Jan Herman), Cut Up or Shut Up (1972 with Jan Herman and Jürgen Ploog), and Burroughs (1994 with Michael Köhler).

Scope and Content

The Weissner Archive consists of correspondence, tapes of poetry readings, manuscripts and graphic materials by international avant-garde writers of the 1960s. Included are works by such authors as William Burroughs, Harold Norse, Ezra Pound, Charles Bukowski, Claude Pelieu, Mary Beach, Dan Georgakas, Donatella Manganotti, and Jan Herman, as well as Carl Weissner himself. Many of these artists were part of the Fluxus movement. Some of the monographs and serials, which published work by these writers and were originally part of the collection have been cataloged for the McCormick Library; a list is included in this finding aid. All materials were acquired by the Library directly from Carl Weissner in 1973. The Carl Weissner Archive consists of 4 parts: correspondence, typescripts and other forms of original work by several authors, tapes of poetry readings, and monographs and periodicals.


Personal Name

Beach, Mary, 1919-

Beiles, Sinclair Simon Maurice

Belart, Gerard

Bergé, Carol, 1928-2006

Blazek, Douglas, 1941-

Bukowski, Charles

Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997

Choudhuri, Pradip

Clays, Gino

Di Prima, Diane

Dowden, George

Georgakas, Dan

Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997

Gysin, Brion

Herman, Jan, 1942-

Higgins, Dick, 1938-1998

Johnson, Ray, 1927-1995

Knowles, Alison, 1933-

Manganotti, Donatella

Norse, Harold

Nuttall, Jeff

Paik, Nam June, 1932-2006

Pélieu, Claude

Vostell, Wolf, 1932-1998

Weissner, Carl

Williams, Heathcote


Fluxus (Group of artists)

Container List / Contents

  • Correspondence
      Note:  All of the following folders contain correspondence; notes refer to additional materials.
    • Ave, Walter, 1969-1970Box 1, Folder 1
    • Bakken, Dick, 1967Box 1, Folder 2
        Note:  Invoice and order form for the Salted Feathers special issue, "Hungry Generation".
    • Ballard, J.G., 1969Box 1, Folder 3
    • Basak, Subimal, 1967-1971Box 1, Folder 4
        Note:  "Bangladesh" and other poems included, most in Bengali.
    • Beagle, Peter S., 1966Box 1, Folder 5
    • Beiles, Sinclair, 1969-1971Box 1, Folder 6
        Note:  Poems and photograph; clippings "Notes on Contributors" and "The New Exiles".
    • Belart, Gerard, 1967-1971Box 1, Folder 7
        Note:  Two photographs. Sleutelgaten Snuffen by Harold Norse, De Harige Tafel by Ed Sanders, Anemiese Cineac by Carl Weissner, issued in one volume by Cold Turkey Press. Oprit, no 3.
    • Belasco, Leonard A., 1965-1966Box 1, Folder 8
    • Berge, Carol, 1966-1970Box 1, Folder 9
        Note:  Poems included. "Carol Berge reads from her writings" on verso of letter.
    • Berner, Jeff, 1967Box 1, Folder 10
        Note:  Stolen Paper Editions Review .
    • Blackburn, Paul, undatedBox 1, Folder 11
    • Blaine, Julien, 1966-1967Box 1, Folder 12
        Note:  Invitations for release of Robho numero 1, "Premier Inventaire International de la Poesie Elementaire" and "Six Recherches" at Galerie Denise Davy.
    • Blazek, Douglas, 1966-1968Box 1, Folder 13
        Note:  Photograph and poems; "I am sorry sir, this is the end," Dr. Wagner; "Song" written by Tuli Kupferberg and sung by The Fugs.
    • Bloom, Gene, 1967Box 1, Folder 14
    • Bory, J.F., 1966-1967Box 1, Folder 15
        Note:  Notes written on verso of poem cards by Bory.
    • Bremser, Ray, 1968Box 1, Folder 16
    • Bukowski, Charles, 1966-1971Box 1, Folder 17
        Note:  Poems, including "The Absence of the Hero," 3pp. 1969.
    • Burroughs, William S., 1966-1970Box 1, Folder 18
        Note:  "Scrambles," The International Times, no. 83, July 17-30, 1970; The International Times, no. 3, Nov. 14-27 [1966]; typescripts: "Cutup of scanned page" and "Bits scanned out", 2pp.
    • Butterick, G., 1967-1968Box 1, Folder 19
        Note:  "A Charles Olson Checklist," West Coast Review. Typescripts: "Mythology/Poetry," 3pp.; "Pleistocene Mythology, a bibliographic beginning," 2pp.
    • Calder, John, 1965Box 1, Folder 20
    • Chatterji, N., 1967Box 1, Folder 21
    • Chopin, Henri, 1967Box 1, Folder 22
    • Choudhuri, Pradip, 1968-1971Box 1, Folder 23
        Note:  Excerpt from "PPHOO/69," 10pp.; poems included.
    • Choudhuri, Malay Roy, 1968Box 1, Folder 24
        Note:  "Poetry of Alienation," Link, June 9, 1968. Two photographs.
    • Clays, Cino, 1966-1967Box 1, Folder 25
        Note:  "Join the psychedelic air command today!"
    • Cohen, Ira, 1965Box 1, Folder 26
    • Cunliffe, Dave & Tina, 1966-1967Box 1, Folder 27
    • Beach, Mary (see Pélieu, Claude)Box 1
    • Darrell (Poetry X/change), 1967-1968Box 2, Folder 1
    • DeLoach, Allen, 1967-1970Box 2, Folder 2
        Note:  "The Process," The Spectrum, February 13, 1960.
    • Di Prima, Diane, 1966-1967Box 2, Folder 3
        Note:  Order form from The Poets Press. Broadsides: "Benefit #5: Klacto 23," "Benefit #6: John Wieners reading from his journals," "Runesmith Caravan," "Monuments."
    • Di-Dio, Francois, 1969-1970Box 2, Folder 4
    • Dowden, George, 1966-1973Box 2, Folder 5
        Note:  69 Ghost's Ferry by Pradip Choudhuri (in Bengali). New York; First Poems by George Dowden (1971). Mukteshwari by Swami Muktanandra (1972). Poems included.
    • Eigner, Larry, 1967Box 2, Folder 6
        Note:  Photograph, poems included.
    • Esam, John, 1966Box 2, Folder 7
    • Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, 1968-1969Box 2, Folder 8
    • Fowler, Gene, 1967Box 2, Folder 9
        Note:  Poems included.
    • Fowler, John, 1966-1967Box 2, Folder 10
    • Friedman, Ken, 1972Box 2, Folder 11
        Note:  Poems included. Thomas Albright, "A Guerrilla Attack on Traditional Art Ideas," The San Francisco Chronicle, February 9, 1972.
    • Gay, Reginald, 1967Box 2, Folder 12
    • Georgakas, Dan, 1966-1971Box 2, Folder 13
        Note:  Poems. Excerpts from: What of the Night, 26pp. Interview: "William Burroughs rapping on revolutionary techniques," summer 1970, 10pp.
    • Ghosh, Shaileswar, 1968-1969Box 2, Folder 14
        Note:  Two photographs. "Poetic Licence," The Statesman, April 6, 1968. "'Hungry' poets get mixed reception," The Statesman, April 15, 1968. "Poets' pub, " The Statesman, February 26?
    • Ginsberg, Allen, 1966-1970Box 2, Folder 15
        Note:  Photograph. Copy of letter from Allen Ginsberg to Angela Farfalla.
    • Giorno, John, 1967-1970Box 2, Folder 16
        Note:  "Throw away your glasses" by Giorno Poetry Systems, 2pp.; untitled typescript, 2pp.
    • Girodias, Maurice, undatedBox 2, Folder 17
        Note:  Incomplete letter
    • Gysin, Brion, 1969-1970Box 2, Folder 18
        Note:  <p altrender="italics">Three photographs; letter from "Abigail"; reviews by Alan Katzman and David Sjostedt regarding "The Process".
    • Hand, Alex, 1966-1967Box 2, Folder 19
    • Harris, David W., undatedBox 2, Folder 20
    • Heliczer, Piero, 1965Box 2, Folder 21
        Note:  Catalog: "folding chair of the printing master a catalog of items printed by the dead language 1963." "The Last Rites," 1p. "&amp; i dreamt i shot arrows in my amazon bra," 1959. Wednesday Paper, July 18, 1960.
    • Herman, Jan, 1970-1971Box 2, Folder 22
        Note:  "Fortran shit Storm (ha!) For Carl, December 1968." "The liberationist plot," 3pp. "The black death. Exercise in the 'grand' style. An accumulation of the garbage can," 2pp. Ten photographs. Two sets of corrections for Cut Up or Shut Up, dated 21 November &amp; 3 December 1971. Note from Larry Freifield, Something Else Press to Jan Herman. Flyer for VIIe Biennale de Paris.
    • Higgins, Dick, 1966-1968Box 2, Folder 23
        Note:  4 photographs of demonstrations by Erika Sulzer-Kleinemeier.
    • Hirschman, Jack, 1967Box 2, Folder 24
    • Hooper, Harry, undatedBox 2, Folder 25
    • Horovitz, Michael, 1971Box 2, Folder 26
        Note:  <p altrender="italics">Biography; catalog: New Departures, with "Love Poems" by Michael Horovitz.
    • Jodorowky, Alexandro, 1966Box 3, Folder 1
        Note:  "Theater as a provocation of accidents," 1p.
    • Johnson, Ray, 1966-1971Box 3, Folder 2
        Note:  "Sockramento! Blood of a concrete poet," by Joan Lowndes. Broadside: "Ray Johnson, Mar 30-Apr 15, 1968. Opening Saturday Mar 30. 10-6". Some printed broadsides and drawings.
    • Joris, Pierre, 1970-1971Box 3, Folder 3
        Note:  "The trials of Oz," 6pp outline. Radioplay: "The return of J.C.," 2pp.
    • Kimball, George, 1967Box 3, Folder 4
        Note:  Poems included.
    • Knowles, Alison, 1968-1971Box 3, Folder 5
        Note:  Includes letters to Jan Herman from Alison Knowles. Broadside: "House of Oust: Alison Knowles; documentation of a work in progress." "The Big Book," by William S. Wilson, Decollage, October 1967.
    • Kryss, T. L., 1967Box 3, Folder 6
        Note:  Order form: "Lowell Tribute."
    • Kulek, Jerome, 1967Box 3, Folder 7
        Note:  Nexus, Jan/Feb 1967, 2pp.
    • Lane, Brian P., 1968Box 3, Folder 8
    • Lansing, Gerrit, 1965Box 3, Folder 9
    • Legman, G., 1967Box 3, Folder 10
    • Levy, D. A., 1967-1968Box 3, Folder 11
        Note:  Poems included.
    • Lowell, Jim, 1966-1967Box 3, Folder 12
    • Lykiard, Alexis, 1966-1967Box 3, Folder 13
        Note:  "Sacked when the Arts Council discovered what IT is all about," Daily Mail, 15 Feb 1967. Card advertising "Journey of the Alchemist."
    • MacLow, Jackson, 1968Box 3, Folder 14
    • McNamara, Tom, 1966Box 3, Folder 15
    • Malanga, Gerard, 1966Box 3, Folder 16
        Note:  2 photographs, 6 broadsides for various events.
    • Mancusi, undatedBox 3, Folder 17
    • Manganotti, Donatello, 1966-1968Box 3, Folder 18
        Note:  Poem included.
    • Matson, Clive, 1971Box 3, Folder 19
    • Micheline, Jack, 1967-1968Box 3, Folder 20
        Note:  Invitation: ". . .a showing of primitive paintings and drawings by Jack Micheline. . ." Advertisement: "Poets Fight Back: Benefit for John Bryan's 'Open City' and Jack Micheline's Skinny Dynamite," New York Free Press.
    • Mon, Franz, 1966Box 3, Folder 21
    • Mustill, Norman Ogue, 1969-1970Box 3, Folder 22
        Note:  "Hollywood Report," 1p. with collage.
    • Norse, Harold, 1966-1971Box 3, Folder 23
        Note:  Medical test results for Harold Norse from 31 March 1967. Information sheet for Pankreon medication. "Corrections to be made in Jeff Nuttall's 'Bomb Culture,'" 2pp. "Harold Norse Retrospect," Los Angeles Free Press, November 7, 1969. Prayer chain letter. 5 photographs.
    • Nuttall, Jeff, 1965-1967Box 3, Folder 24
    • Paik, Nam June, 1967Box 3, Folder 25
    • Parmar, Shyam, 1969Box 3, Folder 26
        Note:  2 photographs.
    • Pélieu, Claude and Mary Beach, 1966Box 3, Folder 27
        Note:  Miscellaneous drawings and notes included.
    • Pélieu, Claude and Mary Beach, 1967Box 3, Folder 28
        Note:  2 photographs, poems, collages. "Objective galactic time demolition plan 23," April 1967, 2pp. ". . .(petite suite pour Carl Solomon)," 21 September 1961, 2pp. "Rectovision," 3pp. with note "For Dominique De Roux." "Parodie du soir dans l'hiver crue des vibrations," pp.12-13 only. "Rectovision," pp. 564-566. "Open Letter to Time," 28 July 1967, 2pp.
    • Pélieu, Claude and Mary Beach, 1968Box 4, Folder 1
        Note:  "Zodiac Solitude: the horoscope of Claude Pélieu by Mary Beach," 2pp. Fragment from "Letters &amp; sketches for a visa for a bone sky," 1p.
    • Pélieu, Claude and Mary Beach, 1969Box 4, Folder 2
        Note:  Beach Books catalog. "Text composed for 'Other Scenes'," 3pp. "Les cow-boys de l'apocalypse," L'Express, January 1969. Proof for the cover of "Ce que dit la bouche d'ombre dans le bronze etoile d'une tete." Collage.
    • Pélieu, Claude and Mary Beach, 1970Box 4, Folder 3
        Note:  Cartoon: "I want you--you savage."
    • Pélieu, Claude and Mary Beach, 1971Box 4, Folder 4
        Note:  "Claude Pélieu. . .the author's guide," 39pp. "un autre p.s. ou l'alphabet clair de l'orgasme," 1p. "un p.s. habille de froid," 1p.
    • Peters, Robert, 1967Box 4, Folder 5
        Note:  Photograph: "Victim of the Coniston (Lake District, England) fox hunt. . ." Poems included.
    • Picasso, Paloma, 1969Box 4, Folder 6
    • Pursglove, Glyn, undatedBox 4, Folder 7
        Note:  "a parable from luther to my son, not born," for "Reformation Europe" by G.R. Elton.
    • Randall, Margaret, 1966-1967Box 4, Folder 8
    • Requests for sample copies, 1965-1967Box 4, Folder 9
        Note:  <title altrender="italics">Solidarity Bookshop Spontaneous Bulletin</title>, no. 1. Broadsides: "Ztangi demands a fundamental requirement. . ." "Solidarity Bookshop strikes back." "The Avan-Gardists." Order form from New York Public Library.
    • Rosenthal, Irving, 1967Box 4, Folder 10
    • Rot, Diter, 1967Box 4, Folder 11
    • Rothenberg, Jerome, 1968Box 4, Folder 12
        Note:  Broadside: "On March 31st at the Folklore Center. . .Jerome Rothenberg will be reading. . .from Poland/1931."
    • Silver, Jim, 1968-1969Box 4, Folder 13
        Note:  Poems included.
    • Sinclair, John, 1967Box 4, Folder 14
    • Sommerville, Ian, 1967Box 4, Folder 15
    • Tavel, Ronald, 1968Box 4, Folder 16
        Note:  "Biographical data: Ronald Tavel," 1p. Broadside: "2 plays by Ronald Tavel"
    • Tomazos, C., 1965-1966Box 4, Folder 17
        Note:  "Saluta us homo quo vadis in London in July," 1p. "Abridged wine list" by Douro Wine Shops, Ltd.
    • Trent Book Shop, 1966Box 4, Folder 18
        Note:  Program for "Poetry 66" concrete poetry event.
    • Veitch, Tom, 1969Box 4, Folder 19
    • Vigo, Edgardo A., 1967-1968Box 4, Folder 20
    • Von Newkirk, Allen, 1967Box 4, Folder 21
    • Vostell, Wolf, 1967-1970Box 4, Folder 22
        Note:  Broadsides: "Pop Architekture: Dick Higgins, Wolf Vostell." "5 Tage Rennen: 15.-20.10.68." Map: "Plano turistico de Barcelona."
    • Wagner, D. R., 1967Box 5, Folder 1
    • Wagnon, Drew, 1966Box 5, Folder 2
    • Webb, Jon, 1966Box 5, Folder 3
        Note:  Advertisement: "bukowski, talking, Loujon Press," 1966.
    • Wieners, John, 1967Box 5, Folder 4
    • Wilcock, John, 1969Box 5, Folder 5
    • Wilcox, Dick, 1966-1967Box 5, Folder 6
    • Williams, Emmett, 1967Box 5, Folder 7
    • Williams, Heathcote, 1969-1970Box 5, Folder 8
        Note:  "Electronic experiment," Irving Wardle, The Times, May 15, 1970. "AC/DC: an important play," John Ford, Time Out. "Weird, but there's method among all the madness," Daily Mail, May 15, 1970. "Weirdest play?" Evening Standard, May 18, 1970.
  • Typescripts and Graphics
    • Ball, Nelson, 1965Box 5, Folder 9
        Note:  "Flying North," 29 December 1965, 1p.
    • Ballard, J.G., undatedBox 5, Folder 10
        Note:  "The Assassination Weapon," 9pp. "Crash!" from The Atrocity Exhibition. Event sheet, Institute of the Contemporary Arts, February 6th, 1p. "The University of Death," Transatlantic Review, no. 29, 12pp. "You: Coma: Marilyn Monroe," 4pp. "the Death Module [Notes towards a mental breakdown]," 4pp. "The Great American Nude," 5pp. "Summer Cannibals," 5pp. "Tolerances of the Human Face," 26pp. "You and Me and the Continuum," 8pp. "Plan for the assassination of Jackie Kennedy," 3pp. "Love and Napalm," 6pp. "The Generations of America," 2pp. "The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy considered as a downhill motor race," 4pp. "Why I want to fuck Ronald Reagan," 7pp.
    • Bataille, George, undatedBox 5, Folder 11
        Note:  "The blue of the sky: introduction," 6pp., translated by Mary Beach.
    • Beach, Mary, undatedBox 5, Folder 12
        Note:  Photograph. "Fuck Labels," 12pp. Notebook with miscellaneous drafts, 80pp.
    • Bowering, George, undatedBox 5, Folder 13
        Note:  "Divine poem after Donne," 1p.
    • Bukowski, Charles, 1962-1969Box 5, Folder 14
        Note:  "The old brown cross in the graveyard of the undemolished dead," 3pp. Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns, vol. 1 no. 1-2, 1969. Epos, extra issue, 1962 with "Poems and drawings by Charles Bukowski." Notebook of miscellaneous drafts and drawings, 32pp. Drawing: "Bukowski in conversation" with note to Carl on verso. Miscellanous notes, 2pp. Letter to Hugh Fox from Carolyn Kizer, March 24, 1967 regarding National Foundation on the Arts and the Humaniteis grants to writers. Letter from Darnell. "The dirty business of running through fire because there's nothing else to do," 3pp. "The Epistle of Jay Robert Nash the Infantryman to the Child of Darkness: one Charles (Chuck) Bukowski (Buk)," December 20, 1965. "The tongues of my shoes have soles most worthy," 2pp. "Notes upon an afternoon crap," 1p. "The way the dead love," 18pp. 5 photographs and 2 negatives. Photo: "Bukowski, June 67. S. Cherry."
    • Bukowski, Charles, 1966-1967Box 5, Folder 14.20
        Note:  Racing programs from Santa Anita and Hollywood Park.
    • Burroughs, William S., 1969Box 5, Folder 15
        Note:  "23 Skiddoo," 7pp. "Abstract," 1969, 4pp. 6 photographs.
    • Chattopadhyay, Mohit, undatedBox 5, Folder 16
        Note:  "The ancient sages have come back," 2pp.
    • Damen, Herman, undatedBox 5, Folder 17
        Note:  "Contribution to Intermedia '70," 4pp.
    • Dasgupta, Basudeva, 1966Box 5, Folder 18
        Note:  Photograph. Pen drawing of Subimal Basak, 1966. "A section from Life of the Gods," translated by S. Ghosh, 8pp.
    • Dhar, Abani, undatedBox 5, Folder 19
        Note:  "You are lucky," translated by S. Ghosh, 2pp.
    • Georgakas, Dan, 1971Box 5, Folder 20
        Note:  "Revolutionary cinema Italian style," February 1971, 5pp. 6 photographs.
    • Ghosh, Shaileswar, 1968Box 5, Folder 21
        Note:  "A writer and his milieu--a symposium--IV," presented by Shrawan Kumar, Thought, June 22, 1968. "Black Angel: the poet who changed the fate of Bengali poetry. Shaileswar Ghosh: poet and assassin," Subhash Kundoo, "Black sun," 4pp.
    • Ginsberg, Allen, 1973Box 5, Folder 22
        Note:  "Allen Ginsberg, Bericht zur Lage der Nation. Ein Interview von Carl Weissner," WDR Cologne, 3 September 1973 and for Rotterdam/Holland, 20 June 1973, 24pp. "Notes on [Claude] Pélieu."
    • “Hungry Generation”, 1966Box 5, Folder 23
        Note:  "Hungry Generation arranging to present the first demonstration of Topless beauty in India. . .Announcement by Malay Roy Choudhury (Park Street, Calcutta, India)." Letter from the Malay Roy Choudhury Defense Fund, July 1, 1966.
    • Klactoveedsedsteen, 1966-1967Box 5, Folder 24
        Note:  Some issues and production materials for serial with notes, negatives, production notes, scrapbook page with photographs, and miscellaneous prints on foil. "Parenthetically 7 Hertz," by William S. Burroughs, April 23, 1967. Miscellaneous production notes, 4pp.
    • Kundoo, Subhash, undatedBox 5, Folder 25
        Note:  "Greatest Revolution in Indian Literature," 4pp.
    • Micheline, Jack, 1968Box 5, Folder 26
        Note:  "Poem off the top of my Head Drinnking Beer at Carls," April 5, 1968, 1p. "Jail poem to the Lions," 5pp.
    • Mukkerjee, Karuna, 1967Box 5, Folder 27
        Note:  "Metropolitan Birth," Karuna 67.
    • Mustill, Norman Ogue, 1968Box 5, Folder 28
        Note:  7 photographs, including "a series of. . .pillbox poems entitled 'man, who is henceforth a comic being, will have a poetry on the scale of the Univac." "Score I (fragment)," 1968, includes two prints with negatives.
    • Norse, Harold, undatedBox 5, Folder 29
        Note:  "The Rhine under my window," 1p. Miscellaneous notes.
    • O'Gallagher, Liam, 1971Box 5, Folder 30
        Note:  "Anarchy or the interfacial medium," San Francisco, 1971, 3pp.
    • Paris--May 1968, 1968Box 5, Folder 31
        Note:  4 photographs. Le Pave, no. 1, Mai 1968.
    • Pélieu, Claude, 1967Box 5, Folder 32
        Note:  "Objective Galactic Time Demolition Plan 23," April 1967, 2pp. [Untitled typescript] translated by Mary Beach, 22pp. Two fragments from "Here Fast Now," 26pp. "Ula Ula sta. N.P. Station Nylon/Here orange 3/12 Demolition Plan #23," 3pp. Manuscript of "cut ups" in French on an advertising poster. 5 miscellaneous collages. 5 photographs. "War World by Claude Pozo &amp; Chano Pélieu," 7pp. Print: "Fuck mouth to mouth."
    • Randall, Margaret, 1967Box 6, Folder 1
        Note:  Photograph. "A poet looks at cuba, eight years from the triumph of the revolution," 11pp. "Until I tremble motionless," March 25, 1967, 5pp. "So many rooms has a house but one roof," 15pp.
    • Vevi, Sadie, undatedBox 6, Folder 2
        Note:  2 drawings. "Counting weathervanes," 2pp. "Summer camp poems," 1p. "Cry out of time," 1p. "Institutional blues," 1p. "Hag's song," 1p. "Postcard from limbo," 1p. "The first noel," 1p.
    • Vostell, Wolf, 1967-1971Box 6, Folder 3
        Note:  5 photographs of Vostell works and happenings. 2 printed postcards of Vostell exhibits, 1967 &amp; 1971. Miscellaneous event cards in German (no. 5-10). "Rebellion der Verneinung," 1p. "Probedruck," 1967.
    • Watson, John, 1970Box 6, Folder 4
        Note:  "Interview with John Watson, Central Staff, League of Revolutionary Black Workers," Rome/Florence, September 1970, 14pp.
    • Weissner, Carl, 1964-1971Box 6, Folder 5
        Note:  "So who owns death TV?" 2pp. "Cyborg," 1964, 2pp. "Drogen-Archiv," San Francisco, 4 July 1971, 2pp. "Alpha-wellen," 3pp. "The Braille Film," 1967/1968 draft, 92pp.; final draft, 1970, 70pp. Miscellaneous "Fernseh-Tuberkulose" production notes, 2pp. 7 photographs, including cover photos for "Fernseh-Tuberkulose" and photos from "CUT UP magazine", 1969. Scroll: "Kwee Sinh Si: The Ban Nuoc Chieu Incident," 23 November 1971.
    • Williams, Heathcote, 1970Box 6, Folder 6
        Note:  "AC/DC," 75pp. note: "AC/DC translated Oct. 23-Nov.30, 1970 for Kiepenheuer &amp; Witsch publishers, Cologne. Carl Weissner."
    • Unidentifiable and Miscellaneous, undatedBox 6, Folder 7
        Note:  "Telegram of Blood Night Flight. . ." poster.
  • Monographs
      Note:  McCormick Library call numbers included for cataloged volumes.
    • Basak, Subimal. Haabi jaabi. India: Hungry Pub.?, 1970.Box 6
        call number:  20th Cent Ind B297h
    • Blaine, Julien. Essai sur la Sculpturale. Editions Galerie Denise Davy [1972?]Box 6
    • Bory, Jean-Francois. Plein Signe. Approches, vol. 1, 1966.Box 6
    • Bremser, Raymond. Poems of Madness. [1965]Box 6
    • Bukowski, Charles. The Genius of the Crowd. Cleveland: 7 Flowers Press, 1966.Box 6
    • Bukowski, Charles. All the Assholes in the World and Mine. Bensonville: Open Skull Press, 1966.Box 6
    • Burroughs, William and Claude Pélieu and Carl Weissner. Fernseh-Tuberkulose. Nova Press [1969]Box 6
        Note:  German edition of So Who Owns Death TV? 2 copies.
    • Burroughs, William S. and Claude Pélieu and Carl Weissner. So Who Owns Death TV? Beech Books, Texts & Documents [1967]Box 6
        Note:  3 copies, 2 signed by Carl Weissner.
    • Chopra, Ashok. Town Poems. Bombay: A.K. Mehrotra, [196?]Box 6
        Note:  20th Cent Ind C549t
    • Choudhuri, Pradip. Skin Disease. Agartala: Shakhyapallab Aditya, Jathar Publication, 1967.Box 6
        call number:  20th Cent Ind C552s
    • Edition Hansjorg Mayer. Stuttgart: H. Mayer, [1971]Box 6
        call number:  20th cent Ger E235v
    • Edition Hansjorg Mayer. Stuttgart: H. Mayer, [1968]Box 6
        Note:  Catalog of Hansjorg Mayer publications.
    • Gerz, Jochen. Annoncenteil. [1971]Box 6
    • Ghosha, Shaileswar. Janmaniyantran. [Calcutta: Hungry Pub., 196-?]Box 6
        call number:  20th cent Ind G427j
    • Herman, Jan and Jurgen Plorg and Carl Weissner. Cut Up or Shut Up, Agentzia [1972]Box 6
    • Kryss, T. L. Nuclear Roses and Quiet Rooms. S.F., Open Skull Press, 1969.Box 6
    • Manganotti, Donatella. La tirada sacra dagli antichi Aztechi [Italy: s.n., 1966?]Box 6
        call number:  20th Cent It M277t
    • Manifesto for the Grey Generation by Dan Georgakas, Frederike Poessnecker, Carl Weissner. PANic Press, August 1966.Box 6
    • Pélieu, Claude. With Revolvers Aimed …Finger Bowls. Beech Books, Texts & Documents, 1967.Box 6
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    • Weissner, Carl. The Louis Project. San Francisco: Nova Broadcast Press [196-?]Box 6
    • Williams, Emmett. Sweethearts. Edition Hansjorg Mayer [1967]Box 6
  • Tapes
      Note:  Some tapes include recordings from several events.
    • Charles Bukowski reading his poems., February 18, 1967.Box 7
    • Harold Norse reading… Privately recorded in Heidelberg, Germany., March 25, 1967.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-1 Note:  with D-7, side 2
    • William S. William Burroughs reading. Privately recorded in Heidelberg, West Germany., June 6, 1966.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-2
    • Brion Gysin discussing his book The Process with Carl Weissner. Privately recorded in London., February 25, 1970.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-4 Note:  with D-31, side 1.
    • Allen Ginsberg reading... Privately recorded at the Vancouver Poetry Conference.Allen Ginsberg reading... Privately recorded at the University of Buffalo., August 2, 1963. March 1966.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-5
    • Gerard Belart reading the closing section of “Panic Apocalypse” and “Katalystise Hallucinatic”. Privately recorded in Heidelberg, Germany., March 25, 1967.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-7 Note:  with D-1, side 1.
    • Diane DiPrima reading at the Hotel Albert in New York. Privately recorded., October 19, 1966.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-8
    • Carol Berge reading… Privately recorded at Le Metro and the Hotel Chelsea in New York., December 16, 1964 and May 8, 1968.Box 7
    • John Giorno reading his poetry. Privately recorded., February 21, 1967.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-17 #1
    • John Giorno and multiple voices. Privately recorded., 1967.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-17 #2
    • Dick Higgins reading poems and experimental texts. Privately recorded at Something Else Press, New York, April 3, 1968.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-20
    • Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading at St. Mark’s Place, New York. Privately recorded., October 19, 1966.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-29
    • Paul Blackburn reading his poetry. Privately recorded at St. Mark’s Place, New York., September 22, 1966.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-31 Note:  with D-4, side 2
    • Ray Bremser reading his poems- Privately recorded in New York. Bonnie Bremser reading from her book For Love of Ray- Privately recorded in New York., March 3, 1968. May 6, 1968Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-32
    • Mary Beach reading from Electric Banana. Privately recorded.Cut-up experiment with Mary Beach, Claude Pélieu and Carl Weissner reading. Privately recorded., December 12, 1968. December 12, 1968Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-91
    • Ted Berrigan reading... Privately recorded in New York., February 20, 1968.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-97
    • David Antin reading at the Hotel Chelsea in New York. Privately recorded., February 13, 1968.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-98
    • Robert Creeley reading… Privately recorded at the Hotel Albert, New York., February 4, 1968.Box 7
        Cassette No.: D-102
    • Nuttall, Jeff. Jeff Nuttall reading. Privately recorded., 1967.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-19
    • Jim Silver reading from Opus 12 (a novel in progress) and selected poems. Privately recorded in New York., January 16, 1968.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-23
    • Jack Micheline reading at Buffalo University. Privately recorded., December 7, 1967.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-30
    • Newspaper music by Alison Knowles: performed by Jerome and Diane Rothenberg, Alice Hutchins, Dick Higgins, Emmett Williams, and Carl Weissner. Privately recorded at Something Else Press, New York. Proposition No. 2 for Emmett Williams: read by Alison Knowles, Jerome Rothenberg, Alice Hutchins, Dick Higgins, Diane Rothenberg, and Emmett Williams. Privately recorded at Something Else Press, New York., April 3, 1968. April 3, 1968.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-41
    • John Wieners reading at St. Mark’s Place, New York. Privately recorded., January 3, 1968.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-73 Note:  with D-74, side 1
    • Jackson MacLow reading. Privately recorded at the Chelsea Hotel, New York., February 28, 1968.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-74 Note:  with D-73, side 2
    • Jerome Rothenberg reading his poetry at the Hotel Chelsea. Privately recorded., March 19, 1968.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-80
    • Clive Matson reading in New York. Privately recorded., June 15, 1968.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-87
    • Charles Olson reading from The Maximus Poems at the Vancouver Poetry Conference. Privately recorded., August 4, 1963.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-95
    • Ed Sanders reading. Privately recorded May 28, 1968 at his Lower East Side apartment (New York) and on June 4, 1968 at the Peace Eye Book Store in New York., May 28, 1968 and June 4, 1968Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-96
    • Louis Zukofsky reading at the Buffalo Arts Festival, with an introduction by Robert Creeley. Privately recorded., March 4, 1968.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-99
    • Herbert Huncke reading at the Buffalo Arts Festival. Privately recorded in 1966., 1966.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-100 Note:  with D-101, side 1
    • Eugen Gomringer, Ernst Jandle, Franz Mon (Franz Loffelholz), and Lilly Greenham reading selected sound poems. Privately recorded in Bern, Switzerland., May 26, 1966.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-101 Note:  with D-100, side 2
    • Yevtushenko reading at Buffalo University, with an introduction by Leslie A. Fiedler. Privately recorded., November 15, 1966.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-103
    • Ezra Pound reading at Spoleto. Recorded., July 16, 1966.Box 8
        Cassette No.: D-104
    • Klacto/23. William Burroughs, Harold Norse, Jeff Nuttall, Claude Pélieu, Charles Bukowski, Carol Berge, Brion Gysin, Henri Chopin, Francois Dufrene.Box 8
        Cassette No.: E-1
    • Carl Weissner reading. Privately recorded. Die Letzen Worte der Dutch Schultz; a radio play by Carl Weissner. Broadcast by radio station WDR (Cologne). privately recorded by the author., October 5, 1970.Box 8
        Cassette No.: E-3
  • Periodicals
    • Afterimage, no. 1, April 1970.Box 9
    • Amenophis, no. 12, 1971.Box 9
    • And, no. 4. n.d.Box 9
    • Berkeley poets co-operative, no. 2, 1971.Box 9
    • Cahiers de mai, no. 2, July 1-15, 1968.Box 9
    • Dimension, vol. 1 no. 1, 1968.Box 9
    • Entrails, no. 3-4, February-August, 1967.Box 9
    • From a Window, no. 4, February 1966.Box 9
    • Intrepid, no. 10, Spring 1968.Box 9
    • Jargon, no. 38, 1960.Box 9
    • Klactoveedsedsteen, no. 0, 1, 3-5, 1965-1967.Box 9
    • The Little Square Review, no. 2, Spring 1967.Box 9
    • My Own Mag, no. 14, December 1965.Box 9
    • New Measure, no. 6, Summer 1967.Box 9
    • Nova Broadcast, no. 2, 1968.Box 9
    • Ole, no. 5 [1966]Box 9
    • Out of Sight, vol. 1 no. 2, August, 1966.Box 9
    • Poetmeat, vol. 12, Autumn 1966.Box 9
    • A Poetry Newsletter, no. 2, December 1964.Box 9
    • Report to Friends, no. 4, 1971.Box 9
    • Rupambara, vol. 2 no. 7, April-May 1969.Box 9
    • The Runcible Spoon, "vol. loud, no. yes!" [n.d.]Box 9
    • Salted Feathers, vol. 4 no. 1/2 [i.e. 8/9], March 1967.Box 9
    • Something Else Newsletter, vol. 2 no. 1, April 1971.Box 9
    • Stereo Headphones, no. 4, Spring 1971.Box 9
    • Swakal (guest edited by Pradip Choudhury. Cover drawings by Jeff Nuttall from Klacto /4)Box 9
    • Take One, vol. 2 no. 11, May-June 1970.Box 9
    • UFO, June 1971, October 1971.Box 9
    • Undercurrent, vol. 2 no. 1, August 20, 1969.Box 9