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G.H. Cushing to G.V. Black (Dec. 26, 1892)

 Digital Record
Identifier: e4a9fedc-7a21-40ee-807b-ca15931bf2e4

G.H. Cushing to G.V. Black (Dec. 30, 1892)

 Digital Record
Identifier: 13d6007a-155d-42eb-a42e-7dac5896a61d

Group photograph of the participants

 Digital Record
Identifier: ee66da28-9a17-4faa-b372-3c4739d9f1ec

G.V. Black and colleagues

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2e8e2beb-dd60-40a7-8a42-98a2cea3e3a8

G.V. Black and other instructors in the Great Dental Clinic

 Digital Record
Identifier: 31c17771-09a0-4461-9037-bd6f9063d6d1

G.V. Black as a scientist

 Digital Record
Identifier: c37880b9-6abc-4f44-b11a-0cd0d1300efa

G.V. Black as a teacher

 Digital Record
Identifier: 4bf5c3ab-a6cf-41ee-82fc-3ad21b5016c9

G.V. Black as an administrator

 Digital Record
Identifier: bff5c4b1-a3d5-40a6-9b3d-85c2b12428aa

G.V. Black as outdoorsman

 Digital Record
Identifier: bb396a8e-d2aa-44dc-857b-a9ca046f6049

G.V. Black statue

 Digital Record
Identifier: 256a6089-7b9e-4827-a6b3-f937075e4c0b

G.V. Black to A.O. Hunt (Oct. 9, 1892)

 Digital Record
Identifier: d7257a3e-15fc-4917-88f3-24e42c977479

G.V. Black to A.O. Hunt (Oct. 14, 1892)

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2c7ffe3a-0c50-4589-91da-dcddc34b686e

G.V. Black to E. Damain (Mar. 7, 1893)

 Digital Record
Identifier: f8fe22e8-b86a-42d3-abfc-2a8052e4583a

G.V. Black to G.H. Cushing (Dec. 1, 1892)

 Digital Record
Identifier: db0ab8a7-fd94-4aed-8154-4ffa55c0c58c

G.V. Black to H.C. Bolton (Nov. 28, 1892)

 Digital Record
Identifier: 70dde3f7-57a7-4518-9d79-8c43b7469e45

G.V. Black to McKay (Apr. 9, 1915)

 Digital Record
Identifier: cb3d3be7-5b9f-4aea-8c3f-4643b514d55d

G.V. Black to McKay (Apr. 20, 1915)

 Digital Record
Identifier: 77bfec46-4b23-469c-9f36-13563880e07b

G.V. Black to McKay (Apr. 29, 1915)

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1d06bb74-d62a-4162-ba0f-f12bf7c6b5a1

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