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Box 13


Contains 25 Collections and/or Records:

Michael Fleisher

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 1
Identifier: Folder 1
Scope and Contents Includes "2nd Journal: Attendant Must Be Present," 171pp.
Dates: 1967-2002

Ken Friedman, 1963-1968

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 2
Identifier: Folder 2
Scope and Contents Includes "O.K. Joe Sonata," 10pp.; "Leave It All Behind," 5pp.; miscellaneous poems, graphics, event flyers, 57pp.;
Dates: 1963-1968

Jochen Gerz, 1968-1970

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 3
Identifier: Folder 3
Scope and Contents Includes "Liberte de Parole" (Editions du Soleil Noir, 1969), 4pp.; "Alternative alla memoria," 2pp.; "Footing," 9 photos; "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bourgeois," 1 photo; [12 photos of a demonstration], "No Word Please," 2 photos; "Theory of Mobile Texts," 3 photos; "Six Exhibits," with "329" on verso; "Is There Life on Earth?" 4pp.; "Aktionsraum 1," 2pp.; "Versprechen vergessen," 2pp.; "La situation notoire. . ." 2pp. with translation by Jan Herman, 5pp.; "Un Dictionnaire des...
Dates: 1968-1970

Allen Ginsberg, 1967-1968

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 4
Identifier: Folder 4
Scope and Contents Includes "Genocide," 2pp.; "Pentagon Exorcism," 1p.; "Howl and Other Poems" (City Lights Books, 1967) presentation copy to Jan Herman.
Dates: 1967-1968

John Giorno, 1968

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 5
Identifier: Folder 5
Scope and Contents Includes "Rainbow Fire," 11pp.
Dates: 1968

Jeanne Goosen

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 6
Identifier: Folder 6
Scope and Contents Includes "Poem for 1968," 1p.
Dates: 1967-2002

Ron Gross

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 7
Identifier: Folder 7
Scope and Contents Includes "Kinetic Pop Poem (List of Victims)"; "Material Poem," 1p.; "Practice Drill," 1p.
Dates: 1967-2002

John Haines

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 8
Identifier: Folder 8
Scope and Contents Includes Miscellaneous poems, 16pp.
Dates: 1967-2002

John Hamilton, 1967

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 9
Identifier: Folder 9
Scope and Contents Includes "Manifest" and "Open Letter," 1967, 6pp.; Miscellaneous poems, 8pp.
Dates: 1967

Bernard Heidsieck, 1973

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 10
Identifier: Folder 10
Scope and Contents Includes "Petit machine a Mots," 3pp. collage
Dates: 1973

Piero Heliczer

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 11
Identifier: Folder 11
Scope and Contents Includes "Theres a certain board. . ." 1p.
Dates: 1967-2002

Dick Higgins. "A Book about Love and War and Death" (Nova Broadcast Press, 1969); "Ode to London," 1967, 1p. "Women, Like Horses," 1969, 7pp.; "Four Dangers, a Structure, and a Symphony," 1961, 2pp.; "London," 1963, 1p.; "Snake in the Grass; a variation on Concretion Number Eight," 1p.; "The Tart, or Miss America," 1963, 8pp.; "Two Things," 1p.; "Seven Lectures," 2pp., 1961-1969

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 12
Identifier: Folder 12
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The Jan Herman Archive consists of the files of the NOVA Broadcast Press which published San Francisco Earthquake (1967-1969), a little magazine featuring avant-garde writers and concrete and beat generation poets of the 1960s. Many of them were connected with Fluxus.Included are correspondence, manuscripts, graphics, and photocollages by such authors as Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, Henri Chopin, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Walter...
Dates: 1961-1969

Jack Hirschman

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 13
Identifier: Folder 13
Scope and Contents Includes "Vowel Points," 8pp.
Dates: 1967-2002

Peter Horn

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 14
Identifier: Folder 14
Scope and Contents Includes Miscellaneous poems, 7pp.
Dates: 1967-2002

Bart Huges, 1965-1967

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 15
Identifier: Folder 15
Scope and Contents Includes "Hole Ahead," 50pp.; "Open Letter from Bart Huges to Dr. J. Ariens Kappers. . ." August 23, 1965, 2pp. and December 31, 1965, 2pp.; 1 photograph
Dates: 1965-1967

Dennis Jasudowicz

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 16
Identifier: Folder 16
Scope and Contents Includes "Diarrhoea," 3pp.; "The Insects: Nixon Is President or Goy Bless America," 7pp.
Dates: 1967-2002

Onwuchekwa Jemie, 1966-1967

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 17
Identifier: Folder 17
Scope and Contents Includes "Biafra," 1967, 13pp.; "Voyage," 10pp.; "Time Is Passing Me By and miscellaneous poems," 5pp.; "Tentative Rythmic Prologue," 1966, 6pp.; "Toward a Poetics," 4pp.; "Tentative Rhythmic Prologue to a Nine-Chapter Novel," 1966, 6pp.
Dates: 1966-1967

Wopko Jensma

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 18
Identifier: Folder 18
Scope and Contents Includes Miscellaneous poems, 4pp.
Dates: 1967-2002

Bob Kaufman, 1961

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 19
Identifier: Folder 19
Scope and Contents Includes "African Dream," 1p.; "Golden Sardine" (The Pocket Poets Series, no. 21), presentation copy.
Dates: 1961

Wilhelm Knobel

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 20
Identifier: Folder 20
Scope and Contents Includes Miscellaneous poems, 4pp.
Dates: 1967-2002