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Northwestern University Club of Chicago


The Northwestern University Club of Chicago was founded in the fall of 1919 after the University's General Alumni Board launched a program to develop a “University consciousness” among its alumni. Alumni Clubs had been established in over thirty cities prior to the founding of the Chicago Club. Several hundred men gathered in Chicago on October 24, 1919 and voted to consitute themselves as the Chicago Club of Northwestern University Men. (This name was changed to the Northwestern University Club of Chicago on January 8, 1924, and later the word University was dropped). Rev. George Craig Stewart, a founder of the General Alumni Board and Mr. Melvin M. Hawley, its secretary, were elected to preside at the initial meeting. At the meeting they were elected as the club's first president and secretary respectively. By the end of the first year membership had grown to 300, and after five years had elapsed membership stood at 1,325. Over the years the Chicago Club has become the largest and most active of all the Alumni Clubs. In 1970, women were made eligible for membership.

The Club's Board of Directors, including the President, Vice President(s), Secretary(s), and Treasurer, meet monthly. At least one officer of the university is usually present as well. The Club's activities include publishing a directory-yearbook and sponsoring social events such as the Harvest Home Football Dinner at the end of each season, a formal ball, a basketball banquet, a golf tournament, weekly fellowship luncheons and special luncheons or dinners featuring distinguished speakers. The Club is also involved in raising funds for student scholarships and other university projects.

Presidents: 1920-1921 George Craig Stewart 1921-1922 Nathan William Mac Chesney 1922-1923 Allan B. Kanavel 1923-1924 Ralph B. Dennis 1924-1925 John H. Cadmus 1925-1926 Fred H. Clutton 1926-1927 Fred H. Clutton 1927-1928 Vernon R. Loucks 1928-1929 Harry L. Wells 1929-1930 Harry L. Wells 1930-1931 Thomas A. Harwood 1931-1932 Thomas A. Harwood 1932-1933 Thomas Z. Hayward 1933-1934 Thomas Z. Hayward 1934-1935 Hardin H. Hawes 1935-1936 Frederic P. Vose 1936-1937 Homer L. Wessling 1937-1938 Graham Penfield 1938-1939 Frank S. Torgenson 1939-1940 Harry P. Baumann 1940-1941 George W. Dixon, Jr. 1941-1942 James L. O'Keefe 1942-1943 James L. O'Keefe 1943-1944 James L. O'Keefe 1944-1945 James L. O'Keefe 1945-1946 Robert A. Thorsen 1946-1947 Paul M. Corbett 1947-1948 Perry R. Pennington 1948-1949 George Herrmann III 1949-1950 Carl E. Owen 1950-1951 Carl E. Owen 1951-1952 Arthur T. McIntosh, Jr. 1952-1953 Arthur M. Jens, Jr. 1953-1954 Robert E. Beisang 1954-1955 Joseph J. Stefan, Jr. 1955-1956 Joseph J. Stefan, Jr. 1956-1957 Russell J. Norins 1957-1958 Charles Don Clawson 1958-1959 Charles Don Clawson 1959-1960 Edwin Lennox 1960-1961 Raymond A. Evans 1961-1962 William B. Miller 1962-1963 William B. Miller 1963-1964 William B. Miller 1964-1965 William H. Thigpen 1965-1966 William H. Thigpen 1966-1967 John H. Perkins 1967-1968 William G. Ericsson 1968-1969 Peter Van Cleave 1969-1970 Anson W. Cameron 1970-1971 Walter D. Scott 1971-1972 Thomas Z. Hayward 1972-1973 D. Jeffrey Baddeley 1973-1974 Daniel E. Budinger 1974-1975 Robert E. Peckenpaugh

Vice Presidents: 1924-1925 Harry I. Allen George I. Bell Fred H. Clutton James F. Oates Ernest Palmer 1927-1928 Thomas A. Harwood R. Malcolm McKerchar James F. Oates Harry E. Weese Charles C. Wells 1928-1929 Thomas A. Harwood R. Malcolm McKerchar James F. Oates Harry E. Weese Charles C. Wells 1930-1931 Henry D. Penfield Irvin H. Fathchild George A. Fry H.H. Anderson Oscar M Brodfuehrer 1931-1932 Thomas Z. Hayward Forrest N. Williams George A. Fry Robert B. Bennett Gordon Anderson 1933-1934 Albert W. Weinberger J. E. Smiley Gordon Anderson Hardin H. Hawes Frederic P. Vose 1935-1936 C. G. Shearon Homer L. Wessling Mark Kemper John Goessele William Tracy Alden 1938-1939 John V. Dodge Sidney B. Meyer Louis R. Rochetto Ernest R. Tonkel Arthur T. McIntosh, Jr. 1939-1940 Robert C. Geigel Reginald D. Hulse Robert C. Brown, Jr. Ernest R. Tonkel E. Jewell Dick 1940-1941 Robert C. Geigel James L. O'Keefe Arthur M. Jens, Jr. George Creal Carl I. Johnson 1941-1942 Robert C. Geigel Albert L. Schwartz Howard B. Carroll Paul M. Corbett Leslie G. Agasim 1942-1943 Robert C. Geigel Albert L. Schwartz Paul M. Corbett Robert Thorsen Perry R. Pannington 1943-1944 Robert C. Geigel Albert L. Schwartz Paul M. Corbett Robert Thorsen Perry R. Pennington 1944-1945 Robert C. Geigel Albert L. Schwartz Paul M. Corbett Robert Thorsen Perry R. Pennington 1945-1946 Paul M. Corbett Robert C. Geigel Sidney B. Meyer John S. Nagel Perry R. Pennington 1946-1947 Robert C. Geigel Robert L. Daly Sidney B. Meyer Robert C. Brown, Jr. 1947-1948 Bruce P. Adams George Herrmann George W. Teuscher Samuel L. Golan Thomas B. Singleton 1948-1949 Carl E. Owen Oliver D. Rogers, Jr. Bruce P. Adams Thomas B. Singleton Arthur M. Jens 1949-1950 Bruce P. Adams Arthur M. Jens J. Dallas Marvel Robert C. Brown, Jr. Don H. McLucas 1950-1951 Bruce P. Adams Arthur T. McIntosh, Jr. Arthur M. Jens Edwin C. Lennox Robert E. Beisang 1952-1953 Walter P. Steffen George D. Potter Robert E. Beisang Henry V. Howland Edwin C. Lennox 1953-1954 Joseph J. Stefan, Jr. Henry V. Howland Walter P. Steffen George D. Potter Edwin C. Lennox 1954-1955 Richard Trenbeth Russell J. Norins Walter P. Steffen Edward M. Spoerer Edwin C. Lennox 1955-1956 Richard Trenbeth Russell J. Norins Walter P. Steffen Edward M. Spoerer Edwin C. Lennox 1956-1957 Walter Steffen Richard Trenbeth Tommy Airth Gilbert McIntosh Thomas B. Singleton 1957-1958 Walter Steffen Edwin M. Hadley Tommy Airth Gilbert McIntosh Richard Trenbeth 1958-1959 Walter Steffen Edwin M. Hadley Tommy Airth James R. Clancy Richard Trenbeth 1959-1960 Gail Clowes Bruce Adams Tommy Airth James R. Clancy Richard Trenbeth Joseph Albaum 1960-1961 Barry McNulty Bruce Adams John A. Rundall James R. Clancy Richard Trenbeth Joseph Albaum 1961-1962 William H. Thigpen 1962-1963 William H. Thigpen 1963-1964 William H. Thigpen 1964-1965 William G. Ericsson 1965-1966 William G. Ericsson 1966-1967 William G. Ericsson 1967-1968 Peter Van Cleave 1968-1969 Anson W. Cameron 1969-1970 Walter D. Scott 1970-1971 Thomas Z Hayward 1971-1972 Sam H. Saran 1972-1973 Patrick G. Ryan 1973-1974 Daniel E. Budinger 1974-1975 Virginia G. Blair

Secretaries: 1920-1921 Melvin M. Hawley 1924-1925 John C. Burg 1927-1928 Oscar M. Brodfuehrer 1928-1929 Oscar M. Brodfuehrer 1930-1931 Murray Hobart 1931-1932 Murray Hobart 1933-1934 C. Lysle Smith 1935-1936 Robert C. L. Price 1938-1939 George W. Dixon 1939-1940 Louis R. Rochetto 1940-1941 Leslie G. Agasim 1941-1942 Reginald D. Hulse 1942-1943 Carl E. Owen 1943-1944 Carl E. Owen 1944-1945 Carl E. Owen 1946-1947 Leslie G. Agasim 1947-1948 Robert C. Geigel 1948-1949 J. Doyle Gray 1949-1950 John A. Patton 1950-1951 Philip R. Davis 1952-1953 Philip R. Davis 1953-1954 Leonard W. Golan 1954-1955 Donald H. Stonesifer 1955-1956 Donald H. Stonesifer 1956-1957 Arthur Littlefield

Executive Secretaries: 1940-1941 John E. Fields 1946-1947 John C. Erwin 1947-1948 John C. Erwin 1948-1949 G. Willard King 1949-1950 G. Willard King 1950-1951 G. Willard King 1952-1953 G. Willard King 1953-1954 G. Willard King 1954-1955 G. Willard King

Correspondening Secretaries: 1924-1925 William J. Farquharson 1927-1928 William J. Farquharson 1928-1929 William J. Farquharson 1930-1931 Paul Teetor 1931-1932 Paul Teetor 1933-1934 Arthur V. Thorsen

Treasurers: 1920-1921 Ralph E. Heilman 1924-1925 George P. Ellis 1927-1928 George P. Ellis 1928-1929 George P. Ellis 1930-1931 George P. Ellis 1931-1932 Harry P. Baumann 1933-1934 Harry P. Baumann 1935-1936 Harry P. Baumann 1938-1939 Harry P. Baumann 1939-1940 Harry Van Petten 1940-1941 Harry Van Petten 1941-1942 Harry Van Petten 1942-1943 Willis D. Gale 1943-1944 Willis D. Gale 1944-1945 Willis D. Gale 1946-1947 Knowles B. Hollowell 1947-1948 Harry Duncan 1948-1949 Gail E. Clowes 1949-1950 Gail E. Clowes 1950-1951 George Dorr Wolf, Jr. 1952-1953 George Dorr Wolf, Jr. 1953-1954 Charles Don Clawson 1954-1955 Albert W. Weinberger 1955-1956 Albert W. Weinberger 1956-1957 Albert W. Weinberger 1957-1958 Albert W. Weinberger 1958-1959 Albert W. Weinberger 1959-1960 Albert W. Weinberger 1960-1961 Albert W. Weinberger 1961-1962 Donald MacRae 1962-1963 Donald MacRae 1963-1964 Donald MacRae 1964-1965 Donald MacRae 1965-1966 Walter F. Gray, Jr. 1966-1967 Walter F. Gray, Jr. 1967-1968 Walter D. Scott 1968-1969 Walter D. Scott 1969-1970 Edward Van Singel, Jr. 1970-1971 Edward Van Singel, Jr. 1971-1972 Eric H. Null 1972-1973 Philip L. Kennedy 1973-1974 Philip L. Kennedy 1974-1975 John C. Berghoff, Jr.

This list was compiled from the Alumni Directories, and is as complete as possible.

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Records of the Northwestern Club of Chicago

Identifier: 32/2/2
Abstract The Northwestern Club of Chicago (founded in 1919 as the Northwestern University Club of Chicago), is the largest and most active of Northwestern Unviersity's alumni clubs. The records of the Northwestern Club of Chicago, covedring the years 1947-1976, include copies of the By Laws and Objectives; records of the Membership Committee; records of the Alumni Directory Committee; records of the Board of Directors; General Correspondence; Financial Records; records of the Program Committee; records...
Dates: 1947-1976