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Pneumonia: A Pediatric Clinic, 1938

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Black and white film with sound depicting Isaac A. Abt, MD giving a lecture on childhood pneumonia to a class. A student gives the details and symptoms of the patient, a 28-month-old girl. Abt examines the child, performs a pulmonary examination with percussion on her chest and back, listens to her heart with a stethoscope, and displays an x-ray of her chest. Students are asked to examine the patient, performing the tests Abt demonstrated. Abt then describes the various pneumonias of...
Dates: 1938

Craniotomy on a Dead Fetus, 1930

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Warning: graphic and disturbing content, including images of a dead fetus and a dead infant boy.A dead fetus is removed from the birth canal of a 46-year-old woman in this silent, black and white film, which was produced at Chicago Lying-In Hospital by Joseph B. De Lee, with support of a grant from the Alumni Association. In the delivery room, three examiners confirm there is an absence of fetal heartbeat. A trephine is used to bore a hole in the skull of the fetus, first...
Dates: 1930

Effect of Solutions of Different Electrolyte Content on Living Cells, 1956

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents A silent, color film in which different solutions are added to living cell cultures to observe their effect. Saline solution, methyl alcohol, and fresh nutrient solution are compared. Microscopic views of the solutions being added to the cells are provided. Intertitle cards detail the steps of the experiment throughout. Chemical breakdown of solutions provided at the end of film. Review in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1958;...
Dates: 1956

The Control of Voluntary Muscles (Some Principles of Kinesiology), 1943

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents This silent, color film features a nude male model demonstrating a variety of muscle movements commonly used by aquatic divers. Illustrations and animations identify muscle positions and movements, intertitle cards provide further detail. Reviewed in the Journal of the American Medical Association 1947;134(14):1199. doi:10.1001/jama.1947.02880310057026By Frederic T. Jung, PhD, MD, Department of Physiology, and William H. Lazear, DDS. Produced by...
Dates: 1943

Effects of Direct Interrupted Electro-Shock on Experimental Neuroses, 1950

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Warning: this film includes footage of research animals receiving electro-shock therapy. This silent black and white film details experiments on animals which aim to mitigate experimentally induced neurotic behavior with square-wave (Leduc) electro-shock therapy (EST). Normal behavior animals use as control group, both groups received EST. EST found to mitigate neurotic behavior, but inhibits learning skills and normal behavior overall.Passed by the Committee on...
Dates: 1950

Congenital Anomalies of the Ear; Genesis and Correction, 1953

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Warning: contains graphic images of surgery.This silent, color film shows the embryology of the human ear using a combination of illustrations, animation, intertitles, and real patients. Various types of congenital anomalies that can occur during fetal development are described along with six patient case studies presented with their pre- and post-operative results. Diagnoses discussed include congenital anomaly of incus and stapes, bilateral congenital stapes fixation, Treacher...
Dates: 1953

Splenectomy for Splenomegaly, 1949

 Item — Box: 7
Scope and Contents Warning: graphic surgical content of adult male torso.In this silent, color film, the process for removing an enlarged spleen is demonstrated, intertitle cards detail each step of procedure. Proper suture technique also demonstrated.Passed by the Committee on Medical Motion Pictures, American College of Surgeons, 1949.Film by Raymond W. McNealy, MD, FACS, FICS, Chief Surgeon, Wesley Memorial Hospital, President of Staff, Cook County Hospital, Professor of...
Dates: 1949

Femoral Hernia in the Female, 1949

 Item — Box: 7
Scope and Contents Warning: graphic surgical content of human torso. A silent color film in which Raymond McNealy, MD and unnamed assistants demonstrate surgery of a femoral hernia, first on a female patient with intertitle cards describing each step, then repeated on a male patient without intertitle cards. Incision technique, locating and dissection of the hernia sac, and suture of incision are demonstrated.Passed by the Committee on Medical Motion Pictures of the American College of...
Dates: 1949

Cardiotomy for Removal of Bullet Embedded in Right Ventricle, 1949

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Warning: contains graphic footage of heart surgery.A cardiotomy is performed to remove a bullet in a patient’s right ventricle in this silent, color film. Description of the procedure is given through intertitles. A surgeon makes an incision into the patient’s chest. Once the heart is exposed, it is palpated and explored to locate the bullet. Another incision through the ventricle wall exposes the bullet, and it is extracted with forceps. Finally, the patient is sutured. ...
Dates: 1949